WCW Monday Nitro – 11th September 1995 – There’s a PPV on Sunday??

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                   11th September 1995

Venue:                Miami, Florida

Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

Ok so the second ever episode of Nitro is upon us and this one is starting the traditional indoor arena setting for the show. After the success of the first episode, this is the go home show for the Fall Brawl PPV on Sunday, with the main event being quite possibly the most one sided main event ever (more on that later).

For this show, we have the debut of Sabu and the World title is on the line, with Hogan defending against the new addition of Lex Luger. How will this show stack up against the debut show? Let’s find out…

Bischoff announces that Vader has gone AWOL (his words) and is off Team Hogan at the pay per view. The real reason? He had already quit (Not mentioned on camera of course) due to being jobbed out (losing) to Hogan too much in the previous months for the world title. He would debut in the WWF in about 4 months anyway.

We get the recap of Lex Luger challenging Hogan last week.

Sabu v Alex Wright

And here’s Sabu…. yeah I’m not that excited to be fair. He’s all over Wright to start with and he takes Wright over the top rope with a hurricarana. The announcers are putting Sabu over as a crazy lunatic, which is an understatement if you have ever seen any of his matches in ECW. Oh jeeeeez… he launches off a chair straight into the barriers which sounded nasty but he’s ok…. I think.

Wright takes over and a suicide dive over the top on Sabu, as the crowd gets into this. Ok so we have had about three or four high spots in around three minutes so far, which is approaching overkill. They both go up and Sabu hits a forward hurricarana for the pin at 3:59. Slightly climatic but a solid effort.

Rating: B+ This may be overrated a bit but I enjoyed this match. A solid debut by Sabu and another good performance from Alex Wright, who was a talent that had potential but never made it big in WCW… Hogan may have had something to do with that. Oddly enough these two had some good chemistry together, especially in some risk taking.

The fans give a small ovation… oh scrap that as the beating continues. Sabu grabs a table and splashes Wright through it. This causes the referee to reverse the decision and give Wright the victory. Ok WCW rules and everything yes… but that is bullshit in my opinion!

Mean Gene is in the ring to interview Ric Flair as we return. Still styling and profiling as always Ric. Ric talks about how Arn Anderson was not at his side in South Carolina, despite them ruling the world together for years. He talks about the Four Horseman and how he will beat Anderson at Fall Brawl, as Luger comes to the ring. Flair does his usual trick of putting people over, saying Luger will win the World title from Hogan tonight! And then Luger leaves…. errr was that it?? What was the point of Luger out there? At least it was short and to the point of plugging the world title match and the pay per view on Sunday.

Buy Fall Brawl: War Games! A great invention of a match!

US title: VK Wallstreet v Sting

The VK is a dig at Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF. These little digs at the WWF would be normal from Bischoff, who was obsessed with putting them out of business. Sting is just so scarily over and you will hear that a lot from me. Basic stuff to start before dropkicks galore puts VK in the corner. Couldn’t WCW have come up with something better than “WCW: where the big boys play”? There’s been a bit of stalling and slow movement from VK so far which is slightly boring me. Stinger splash connects and a top rope crossbody gets the pin for Sting at 4:17.

Rating: C- A standard title defence for Sting as I don’t believe anyone bought VK Wallstreet winning this. I am thankful this match was short though because it was starting to bore me a little, and most of that can be put on Wallstreet. To be fair, this was not much of a debut for Wallstreet in a losing effort. Foreshadowing much?

Debut of Disco Inferno on this WCW Saturday Night! Wow was his character odd!

Scott Norton v Randy “Macho Man” Savage

McMichael wants a piece of Norton after last week. The less I see of him in the ring the better, he is that awful. Norton jumps Savage before the bell and throws him around with power moves. Savage comes back with a clothesline outside and a takedown from the top rope. Oh its bear hug times not even two minutes in. Ah at least we have some psychology, as Norton targets Savages lower back, as the announcers play up the Dungeon of Doom’s chances against Team Hogan at Fall Brawl. We may come to that pay per view eventually and the laughable main event.

A sweet top rope DDT to Savage and Norton, for a big guy, amazingly goes up but gets faceblasted into the canvas. Savage is selling well out there tonight! And here comes Avalanche, from the Dungeon stable, who gets knocked out accidentally and falls on Norton. Top rope elbow by Savage to a trapped Norton gets the pin at 5:41. Here comes the rest of the dungeon a bit too late as Savage bails out of the ring.

Rating: C A surprisingly good match but the finish is a letdown. Would it have killed WCW to book the Dungeon strongly going into the War Games match on Sunday? At least give people a reason to buy the pay per view to see how Team Hogan would have to win the match? Booking 101 people: the go home show is to sell the pay per view! Simple! This let down that theory.

WCW World Title: Hulk Hogan (c) w/ Jimmy Hart v Lex Luger

A lot of cheap shots at the WWF tonight by Bischoff. They would get worse over the next few years and that would be their downfall. Anyway, both guys pretty equal in the strength area, which is no surprise. WTF?? Hogan did a takedown and an armbar followed by a suplex via a headlock! That has never been seen by Hogan before, seriously folks! Ah never mind, Luger no sold and was immediately up.

A lot of rest holds in the early going, as surely they can’t be tiring out already? Chain wrestling going on (I’m genuinely surprised!) before Luger takes control and signals the Rack! It’s on but Hogan won’t quit! Oh come on Luger why would you let go when you haven’t won it yet? How am I into this match so much?

Hulk up by Hogan and the leg drop make it acade… ah forget it, as the Dungeon come out to beat on Hogan and the match is thrown out at 5:30! Here’s Savage and Sting to save Hogan and it’s all broken down! Hogan no sells as usual and Team Hogan stands tall! WHY WOULD YOU HAVE THE DUNGEON OF DOOM BEATEN DOWN AFTER THEY MADE THE ASSAULT BEFORE A PAY PER VIEW?? Have the Dungeon win and give them a chance for god’s sake!! Not that difficult!!

Rating: B Yes that is overrated for a Hogan v Luger match but come on I didn’t think this would be a good match? The chain wrestling (by Hogan no less!) had me interested because I couldn’t believe this was Hogan doing it! The ending made sense and it set I believe Luger to take Vader’s place on Team Hogan. More on the Dungeon of Doom stuff below.

Overall rating: C- The matches were average to good in my opinion but the booking was horrible. Apart from the War Games match and Flair v Anderson, what else was plugged for Fall Brawl on Sunday? Nothing! And the booking of the Dungeon of Doom here pissed me off. Yes they were an awful stable but dammit give them a chance and at the very least a successful assault to make themselves a legitimate threat! And to make matters worse, it’s the most one sided main event War Games match ever: Team Hogan v a bunch of jobbers essentially! WCW: they may have a new show but they have no logic at times.


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