WWE RAW – 30th July 2012 – This show was on fire! Literally!

Date:                  30th July 2012

Venue:               Cincinnati, Ohio

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

So with the 1000th RAW out of the way now, we can look to the future and hopefully build the card at SummerSlam. With three hour episodes every Monday night from now on, there’s no reason WWE cannot build an effective card for the “hottest event of the summer”. With AJ Lee as the new GM of RAW and Punk seemingly fresh off a heel turn last week, this week will be interesting to say the least. Let’s begin.

The RAW titantron caught on fire earlier that evening as the doors were opening. Luckily, no-one was hurt and part of the titantron is blacked out for this episode.

We recap RAW 1000 last week. Truly an awesome episode filled with nostalgia and long-term progression.

Segment 1: CM Punk explains his actions.

Clearly the fans don’t think Punk is heel, as the fans loudly cheer him. Punk is essentially pissed off at The Rock for stealing his moment last week on RAW 1000. He says all this to Jerry Lawler, who said last week that Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe. Cue Big Show who said he saved Punk’s title last week and now Cena want’s a piece of Show, as he chases him out of the ring. After AJ makes the main event of Cena v Show for tonight, she then adds that the winner will face Punk for the title at SummerSlam. It took a while to get going, but this was a solid promo from Punk, who plays the heel (more of a tweener at the moment) much better than a face. He will get better on the mic, but I don’t think this needed to be fifteen minutes long. Rating: B-

Bryan wants to see AJ but walks away instead.

Segment 2: Alberto Del Rio defeats Santino Marella

No car for Del Rio tonight due to the fire earlier. What is with WWE’s fascination with having their midcard champions lose every week it seems? Fair enough, Santino put up a fight, but the cross armbreaker by Del Rio ends this. Isn’t there anyone else they could have used though? Rating: D+

Del Rio says Santino is beneath him, like Sheamus is too. So Del Rio only wants matches for the world title in future, meaning he won’t compete until Summerslam, starting tonight.

Bryan is still outside AJ’s office.

Segment 3: Brodus Clay and Vickie Guerrero dance.

Who thought it was a good idea for Vickie to dance? Whoever mentioned it should be fired, let alone the person who gave the OK to put it on RAW! Oh thank you, Sandow is here to stop this. He shows us footage of the attack by DX last week, and then attacks Clay, leaving him lying in the ring. I think we have our first feud for Sandow/Clay. Decent stuff here, as Brodus received his first beatdown by someone not named Big Show. Rating: C

Recap of Ziggler talking down to Jericho two weeks ago, before the Codebreaker put Ziggler down and out. Jericho/Christian v Ziggler/The Miz in tag team action tonight.

Bryan FINALLY goes into AJ’s office, but get’s verbally bitchslapped. AJ reckons the guys in white with Bryan last week may be from the mental home (makes sense). Instead, Bryan will face Sheamus tonight… but AJ chants NO to a world title shot request (Why is she stealing that??).

Recap of Triple H/Stephanie/Heyman/Lesnar last week, when the Lesnar v Triple H match was confirmed for SummerSlam.

Segment 4: Street Fight: Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan

This is going to be good. Bryan wants the people to stop chanting yes. Ha, good luck! I was beginning to wonder if the street fight stipulation was needed for this match, but the match quickly picked up with weapons and hard hits by both guys. Brogue kick to Bryan on the steel stairs end this, but damn that was a good match. I really got into this as it went on, and Bryan showed he can stand toe to toe with the World Champion. Good TV match. Rating: B

Recap of Punk’s promo earlier. Why show this again? Back from commercials, and Bryan wants a doctor in the ring for him. This is funny to me for some reason. We then finish the recap of the opening segment earlier in the episode. They are literally killing time here. Wouldn’t a match have sufficed instead?

Segment 5: Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth) v ???

Bryan is still in the ring when Kofi and R-Truth tell him to get out. So Bryan kicks Lil Jimmy out of the ring and tells R-Truth he doesn’t exist. This is getting funnier by the minute somehow. Here come the men in white coats… for Daniel Bryan! According to AJ, Bryan is “mentally unstable tonight” and has to be escorted out. I had to stop my laughter at times, seriously, as I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this madness. No match.

Mr McMahon is to name the new SmackDown GM this Friday. That will be interesting to watch.

Segment 6: Titus O’Neil (w/ AW and Darren Young) defeats Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth)

Oh apparently there is still a match here. Short match which Kofi essentially carried, as Titus is not at the level yet to have longer matches on his own. Distraction by AW and Young allow Titus to hit the spinebuster for the win. At least it looks like they have a chance to win the tag titles in future. That’s how you build suspense for future title matches. Rating: C+

Punk tells Cena he doesn’t wish him luck and he did to Rock what Cena couldn’t do in one year. Nice touch.

Cole apologises for comments made by AW earlier. What comments did he make to warrant an apology?

Segment 7: Heath Slater v ???

Slater challenges any current superstar to a match. So he gets Randy Orton, making his return after his suspension. Clotheslines, powerslam, mid-rope DDT, RKO, pin. HUGE pop for Orton on his return and that was the perfect way to return. Rating: B

Bryan is talking to the doctor about his neck and AJ. Doctor asks him some questions, which starts his YES rant. Oh boy this isn’t going to end very well is it?

Segment 8: Chris Jericho/Christian defeats The Miz/Dolph Ziggler

Interesting fact: Christian and Jericho are former World Tag Team Champions together back in 2002. This match had an old school feel to it and it worked like one too, with Miz and Ziggler dominating and using the traditional heel tactics that are always effective at gaining heat. I was really feeling this one, until Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the pin on Miz. I think Miz/Ziggler would have been better going over here but it’s not the worst result in the world to be honest. Solid match and it was definitely in the right slot on this episode near the top of the card. Rating: B

Ziggler hits Jericho with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He looked deranged just then.

Bryan is still being questioned by the doctor. He answers questions about the pictures he sees. He finally caught up to the fact they are goat faces instead of what he thought they were.

Segment 9: Tensai defeats Tyson Kidd; reversed to a DQ win for Tyson Kidd

This may be filler, but this is a mini feud that has gone on for about a month now. Easy to have a back story isn’t it? Tensai slaps on the claw but that does nothing in the end. Rollup by Kidd does not get the pin like last time however. Baldo Bomb and splash get the pin on Kidd. Albert chants by the crowd aside, this was short and sweet. Rating: C

Tensai attacks Kidd more after the match. Referee reverses his decision, saying Kidd wins by disqualification. I see this continuing and I am all for it. I want to know why Tensai keeps attacking Sakamoto after every match? Is there a point to that?

Doctor declares Bryan sane… until Kane, his “anger management therapist” comes in and attacks him.

We recap the Triple H/Lesnar drama AGAIN! Is there nothing else they can fill this time with?

Segment 10: John Cena defeats Big Show

Hell Yes!! CM Punk is on commentary here, which will be pure comedy gold. Don’t mind if I put Punk quotes here throughout the match. LOUD “Cena sucks” chants in the arena, as Punk slates Lawler’s commentary skills. He should be slating Cole’s skills instead, but I suppose heel on heel doesn’t quite work. Punk to Lawler: “I see you have a lot of notes, just like a Rock promo”. Nice.

As you can tell I have said nothing about this match because it sucked. These two never had good chemistry every time they faced each other. I was merely listening to the commentary the entire time as it was WAY more interesting. The best moment of the match was when Cena went flying into Punk at ringside. Cena loaded the AA afterwards but Punk nails Show I think. Is that a DQ win for Show? Boring match overall really. Rating: D+

Punk declares… no one the winner. I think I know where this one is heading for SummerSlam. AJ comes out and makes Punk v Cena v Big Show at SummerSlam for the title. Thought so, as Punk is livid to end the show.

Overall: B Well, the titantron being on fire may have helped this show, because the first permanent three hour RAW did really well. Several good matches and moments, especially Randy Orton’s return at a time when WWE need him the most, dominated this show, which was great to see. The main event sucked, but it was all about the storyline here and I’m ok with that. Punk’s heel turn takes another step to completion, as I would put him at about tweener status right now. Solid episode tonight and I hope they continue this into next week.


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WCW Nitro – 6th November 1995 – Sting has finally snapped

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                   6th November 1995

Venue:                Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators:  Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

This is the second of two Nitro’s tonight. Only three more Nitro episodes between us and the next WCW PPV, being World War 3 ’95, which I heard which awful but that’s neither here nor there. The pay-per-view was supposed to be the answer to the WWF’s Royal Rumble event and match, but it kind of fell flat. Big time. Anyway, before then we have to solve the WCW World Title picture, as The Giant may not legally be the champion. Hopefully the build to this pay-per-view is more varied than the last one. Let’s begin.

Fans get to pick the main event for the night. Now I know where WWE got the idea from!

Savage is still out with an injury from Halloween Havoc, so he cannot face Luger yet.

Segment 1: WCW World Title: The Giant (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeats Cobra

Believe it or not this is Giant’s debut on Nitro. One chokeslam and that’s it. Is Giant the champion or not here? I am confused! No rating.

We get Gene in the Red locker and Schiavone in the Blue locker, where fans can choose from superstars in each locker room for the main event. Looks good, but I favour Flair v Sting here.

Earlier in the day, Hogan (back in Venice Beach, California) tells Savage to stick by him and they will take down the Dungeon of Doom.

Segment 2: Taskmaster (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeats Renegade

Basic match, but at least it was longer than the first match. Basic match that just shows the dominance of the Dungeon with no Hogan around. I think this was the peak of the Dungeon’s evilness, seeing how they got even more stupid afterwards in the coming months. Crowd was pretty dead for this one too. Rating: D+

Hart washes Renegades facepaint off and tells him he is worth nothing.

Mean Gene interviews Flair, after the lights go off then on again, who goes off on Sting again. These two could never be separated in WCW.

Segment 3: Eddie Guerrero defeats Chris Benoit

This was an excellent, hard hitting match. To me these moves have been done so many times, but back in American wrestling 1995, this was pretty much new to the fans, hence the big shocks and pops. Benoit hits his moves so hard, I am surprised Guerrero didn’t have whiplash. Controversial ending, with Benoit pinned while his feet were on the ropes. The rubber match will be down the line I assume, as its 1-1 between the pair in victories. Rating: B

Call to decide the main event match!

Heenan’s Japanese friends, including Sonny Onoo, have a buffet table to themselves in the audience.

Segment 4: Sting v Ric Flair

What did I say about the main event earlier? I say it a lot, but Sting was SCARILY over in WCW! Sting just went for Flair in this one, until Flair takes over and slaps on the Figure Four leglock. I mention it for the fact Sting powered out of it like he never knew he was in pain. The crowd pop for that was HIGH to say the least! Flair snaps and tries to hit Sting with a chair but the referee pulls it away from him. Brass knuckles from Flair and an elbow gets…. ONLY A TWO?? I know this is a Nitro main event, but this is getting good in a hurry. Comeback by Sting and the Scorpion Death Lock ends this. Except he doesn’t let go of the hold after the match. AWESOME match for Nitro, with me and the live crowd getting into this from the start. Rating: A-

Referees, security and wrestlers try to get Sting off Flair.  He lets go of the hold then puts it back on. Luger comes in…. and manages to get Sting off him by talking to him. Hang on, this is the same man who put Hogan in the Rack eight days before on PPV. Ah their teasing a Sting heel turn, as he and Luger leave together. Shocking events here.

Segment 5: Dungeon of Doom interview

Mean Gene interviews Hart; Taskmaster and Giant. Hart mentions he had the Power of Attorney to make the match with Giant. He then said he included a title change on a disqualification on the contract. That explains a lot of things already.

So they bring in WCW legal (practising) attorney, who says Hart had Power of Attorney, but Giant is not the champion. Apparently, WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel, who says the WCW World Title is vacant. The winner of the 60 man battle royal will be the WCW World Champion. Huge news and a pretty good way to sell a PPV. It smells of de ja vu though, ala WWF Royal Rumble 1992. Jimmy Hart absolutely flips at this decision. Rating: B

McMichael/Bischoff/Heenan closes the show about World War 3.

Overall: A- Simply put, this was the best episode of Nitro to date in this mini series. Two great matches here; teasing a heel turn of Sting and a twist to the World Title picture at the end of the episode. If I was a fan of WCW at this time, I would tune in next week to see what happened next. Brilliant stuff here and I hope they can continue this momentum in the coming weeks.


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WCW Nitro – 30th October 1995 – ‘Not so quite’ Four Horsemen…. yet.

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                   30th October 1995

Venue:                Dayton, Ohio

Commentators:   Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

I decided with so many Nitro episodes to get through, I will be posting two at a time from now on until I finish this section of WCW. I hopefully found episodes up to the end of January 1996, if not around that time, so I may end up just doing a marathon at some point in August with these.

We are FINALLY past Halloween Havoc and we have a new World Champion in The Giant… via DQ. How you ask? Jimmy Hart betrayed Hulk Hogan and apparently managed to get a clause in the match contract that the title changes hands on a Disqualification. Smart but the true answer I believe will be answered tonight: Who is the actual champion? It’s the first time Hogan hasn’t held the belt since July 1994. Let’s begin.

We are going to see the footage from last night at Halloween Havoc between Hogan and The Giant. I wonder if it’s all of it?

Segment 1: Eddie Guerrero defeats Sergeant Craig “Pitbull” Pitman

Guerrero was replacing Randy Savage here (to be shown why later on in the show). I have barely seen Pitman wrestle in my life, but wow has he got some talent on him. Amateur wrestling plus some power moves in his arsenal impressed me some here! Guerrero was his normal self, which was always good to see and him getting the rollup win here was fine for me, as both men could have won this. Good match to kick off Nitro. Rating: B

Segment 2: Shark versus Scott Norton (Double Countout)

Apparently this rivalry dated back to September 11 on Nitro. Why was this not settled before then and not nearly two months later? This was thankfully short and was as basic a match as you could get. Two power guys brawling with each other and then they brawl outside for the countout. The match was there and that was it really. Rating: C-

Heenan was seen making a deal with a businessman over dinner and champagne. How civil.

Segment 3: The beginning (again) of the Four Horseman

Tony Schiavone talks about Sting/Flair versus Anderson/Pillman, where Flair turned on Sting. Surprise, surprise! Flair/Pillman and Anderson come out together, where Pillman says they are closer to reforming the dynasty. Anderson said Sting should not be ashamed for fighting, while Flair acted like he was on crack. He does say though the Four Horsemen will be on Nitro next week. Feels weird to see these three together but a solid promo here. What was Pillman doing crawling on the floor by the way? Rating: B-

Segment 4: Sabu defeats Disco Inferno

Heenan was back on commentary here. Sabu was his normal self with impressive moves here, but Inferno was awful to me. He has nothing which was that impressive to see, as he just came across as an annoying dancing freak. Thankfully, Sabu won this one with a over the top rope leg drop. Rating: C-

Sabu attacked Inferno after the match and tries to put Inferno through the table. Instead of breaking the table, Inferno moves and Sabu does not break the table. This caused him to lose it (legitimately) and basically got him fired a little bit later on. More interesting than the match though.

Segment 5: Meng/Lex Luger v American Males

Jimmy Hart and Luger joined the Dungeon of Doom at Halloween Havoc. Sadly I couldn’t find this match for whatever reason, so we go straight to the post match beatdown, where The Giant has also joined the Dungeon in the ring. I won’t fully decide on it, but I would guess Meng/Luger won the match. No rating as I couldn’t find the match.

We get the footage of last night’s betrayal by Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger. Hogan got racked after the match. When was the last time he got beaten down like that? EVER!

Schiavone interviews the Dungeon, with Giant holding the WCW world title. Hart and Luger explain their actions, while Sullivan acts out a seizure on the canvas. That’s uncomfortable, considering Sullivan had a seizure backstage for real at one time.

Overall: C+ I am sorry to everyone for having only part of this episode, as the rest was missing and I couldn’t find it for whatever reason, which is a shame. I think all that was missed was the tag team match and part of the Halloween Havoc footage, which I will hopefully review soon. The rest of Nitro was solid, with a surprisingly good match between Guerrero and Pitman and the beginning of the Four Horseman reformation. Nitro is becoming better now, but they still needed more than one hour a week. That wouldn’t be for a good while yet.


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WWE SmackDown – 27th July 2012 – Sheamus’ “new” challenger: Del Rio AGAIN!

Date:                  27th July 2012

Venue:               Kansas City, Missouri

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews.

After the awesome show that was RAW 1000, which finished with a somewhat shocking twist, with CM Punk attacking the Rock after losing to Cena by disqualification for the WWE Title, we have the small matter of this week’s SmackDown. A lot happened on Monday, so I’m sure it will be recapped on tonight’s show. Apart from that, I don’t think anything was confirmed so far for tonight so this could go either way. Let’s begin.

We indeed recap all the events from RAW 1000, with Punks heel turn being the moment at the end.

Fatal fourway match for the Number 1 contendership to Sheamus’ world title is tonight’s main event.

Segment 1: The Miz addresses us; IC title: The Miz (c) defeats Christian

Miz won the Intercontinental Title from Christian on RAW 1000 in a surprisingly clean victory. Christian comes down to invoke his rematch clause immediately. It feels refreshing to start SmackDown with the IC title instead of the World title scene, which has been overdone for months.

The match itself was a good back and forth contest, with The Miz looking more like a fighting champion. You could say the thumb to the eye was a cheating move but come on! Miz is a heel, so it’s expected. Great way to kick off SmackDown, especially considering I can’t remember the last time the IC title was defended on this show. Rating: B

Sheamus versus Cody Rhodes announced for tonight.

Segment 2: Ryback defeats Jinder Mahal

Its the weekly squash again. Mahal actually gets some offence in before a Ryback comeback destroys him. At least Mahal had the sense here to leave the ring and lose by countout. At least they are giving Ryback someone to fight back against, so a rematch anyone next week? Rating: C

They reshow the ending to RAW 1000 and Punks heel turn by attacking RAW. Why must WWE insist on showing us THE ENTIRE CLIP? Highlights are fine to see but in small doses!

Bryan receives a wedding gift from Sheamus: A book called “How to last more than 18 seconds”. That made me laugh.

Segment 3: Sheamus defeats Cody Rhodes

A non-title match here. Halfway through the match, Ziggler and Guerrero come out to tease a cash in, as they hang around at ringside. It was your usual TV match for the most part, although Sheamus was pushed here by Rhodes, which was good to see. Brogue kick ends this match. Rating: B-

Dolph looks anxious to cash in that Money in the Bank briefcase, but he backs away. Enter Jericho, who throws Dolph into the Brogue Kick. And that is the official face turn for Jericho right there. Codebreaker to Ziggler keeps him down.

Segment 4: Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) defeats Santino Marella

Cesaro is on and off SmackDown too much for me to care about him yet. Short match with not much here, until Cesaro drops Marella for the win. Maybe we could see a future US champion in Cesaro, if anything to take the title off Marella, who is doing nothing for the belt. Rating: C-

Recap of Lesnar/Triple H segment from RAW 1000. The whole clip AGAIN.

Segment 5: Damien Sandow defeats Yoshi Tatsu

No introduction for either guy. Sandow is such an animal in the ring, he reminds me of Waylon Mercy in 1995 WWF. Look him up on Youtube and Wikipedia. I think Sandow is still pissed from RAW 1000, when he was attacked by D-X. This whole match lasted less than a minute. Fantastic, now get him a worthwhile storyline that I will care about. No rating.

Sandow talks about his attack at the hands of D-X and calls himself a martyr. You’re welcome.

Segment 6: Fatal Fourway No 1 contenders match: Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan, Kane and Rey Mysterio

Winner gets Sheamus for his World Title, most likely at SummerSlam. Solid match with all four guys getting some good time and action in here. Ultimately, it comes down to Del Rio stealing the win after Rodriguez drags Mysterio out of the ring before covering Bryan. Decent match, but I feel it was the worst main event in weeks on this show. Del Rio becoming No 1 contender again is a boring move, yet understandable. I mean, who else could be the No 1 contender at the moment realistically? Mysterio has just returned, Kane is a face as well and Bryan has already lost to Sheamus multiple times. That’s what happens when you have a lack of talent depth to call upon on the roster I guess. Rating: C

Overall: C+ This show had a unique start with the Intercontinental title situation and a few good matches as well, but there are two major problems at the moment. First, WWE really needs to cut down on the recaps of RAW and the length of those clips. They take up far too much time that could be used on matches and promos to further other characters and feuds. Secondly, SmackDown needs some new faces in the main event scene, as Del Rio being No 1 contender AGAIN is just boring to see. I get that Randy Orton is due back next week, but its still boring to see Sheamus/Del Rio for the title for many months on end. Even with Ziggler waiting in the wings with his briefcase to cash in. Average to good show tonight, depending on whether you enjoy the wrestling itself or the highlights from RAW.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 26th July 2012 – A Storm is brewing!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                   26th July 2012

Venue:                Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:   Mike Tenay, Tazz

After the attacks by the Aces & Eights Gang last week, this is going to be an intriguing IMPACT show. Who are the masked men and what do they want? As I said in the last IMPACT review, I hope this does not end up as bad as the Nexus storyline got in WWE, but that’s the beauty of the intrigue. We will watch to find out what happens next. Oh and we continue the soap opera between Claire/AJ/Daniels for some reason. Let’s begin.

We recap the whole AJ saga and the Aces & Eights Gang attacks, as I explained above. What a coincidence! Angle and Sam Shaw, a Gut Check contestant, got attacked last week, as well as Roode and Aries.

James Storm v AJ Styles and Bully Ray v Kurt Angle in the BFGS tonight!

Segment 1: Sting returns!

Sting is back after being attacked by A&E Gang two weeks ago and is the acting General Manager until Hogan returns. After Aries and Kurt Angle come down, the backstabbing begins, courtesy of Roode who accuses Storm of being behind the attacks last week, so Storm comes out and beats the crap out of Roode. Simple promo that did its job and it kept Roode looking like the snivelling heel that he is. Rating: C+

Chavo Guerrero debuts tonight!

Roode heads home with his claims intact.

Segment 2: Gail Kim/Madison Rayne defeats Mickie James/Tara

These knockouts are competing in a fourway match next week to become no 1 contender for the Knockouts Championship. So why not have it tonight then? Normal knockouts match (with some nice double teaming by Mickie and Tara) but the ending was controversial, as it looked like Madison’s and Mickie’s shoulders were down as Earl Hebner counted the three. Actually, Mickie’s shoulder came up before the three. Don’t tell me this Madison/Hebner love story will continue? The match itself meant little here. Rating: C-

AA is asked to give some new advice to new rookies and cut them from tonight’s X Division match.

Video on Gut Check contestant, Sam Shaw, who gets his second chance tonight to impress the judges.

Segment 3: Douglas Williams defeats Sam Shaw (Gutcheck match)

When was the last time we saw Douglas Williams on IMPACT? Joey Ryan (former Gutcheck contestant) goes after Al Snow AGAIN from the audience, who gives chase after him. Shaw starts well, but eventually gets taken down and the Chaos Theory ends this.  Yeah that’s the whole match and it was pointless to me. Not much here to really judge Shaw on to be honest. Rating: D+

AA has to choose who gets to be the Number 1 contender to the X Division, which won’t be Rashad Cameron as he was cut from the decision.

Segment 4: Chavo Guerrero debuts

I think Hector Guerrero, part of the great Guerrero family, is on the Spanish announce team in TNA. Chavo is humbled to be in IMPACT Wrestling and plays to the crowd well, who give him a huge response. Gunner and Kid Kash interrupt and run down the Guererro family before taking him down and Hernandez comes down for the save. It’s good to see Chavo again and I really hope TNA use him better than WWE ever did post-2007. Rating: B

Kurt and James Storm clear the air about whether Storm has any connections with the A&E attacks. Storm denies this (obviously!) and has Angle’s back tonight if they attack again.

Al Snow is pissed off at Joey Ryan for interfering and wants a piece of him. Tazz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard discuss Sam Shaw and his performance.

Another recap of the “AJ is the father” saga. I am getting seriously bored of this one. AJ is joint 8th in the BFGS with 14 points.

Segment 5: BFGS match: AJ Styles v James Storm (No Contest)

Claire Lynch is at ringside for this one. This match started slow but began to pick up pace with a lot more power moves included and back and forth sequences used. We are left wondering who could win this one and that’s all you can ask for in a match most of the time. Unfortunately, we will never know because here comes the freaking Aces & Eights Gang for a beatdown on AJ Styles. Even security gets taken out, which at least makes sense. Poor ending, which drags down the grade somewhat, but it had to happen at some point I guess. Rating: C

It’s noted to Storm that he was the only person not beaten down in the ring by A&E Gang. Storm flips out at the accusation.

Segment 6: Gutcheck decision on Sam Shaw

Will Sam Shaw join the TNA IMPACT roster? AL Snow: No. Bruce Pritchard: Yes. Tazz:… oh wait Sam has to convince Tazz why he should stay. The decision? Yes! Welcome to IMPACT Sam Shaw! We may never see him on the roster but we will see. He could surprise us all one day.

AA has it down to three: Sonjay Dutt; Kenny King and Dakota Darsow. Darsow is cut. Good call there as far as I am concerned

Segment 7: X Division Title: Zema Ion (c) defeats ???

Its Kenny King to get the title shot. This should be a good match and it does not disappoint in terms of action (as I’m writing this as I watching this). King Kenny dominated the action, until Roode shockingly came out and took out Kenny. It is essentially a token title defence, but I would never have seen that ending coming. Solid action and the cheap win for Ion furthers his heel persona, as well as keeps Kenny strong for later down the line. That’s how you book a strong title challenger for the future. Rating: B-

Aries comes out after Roode and fights him off.

Bully has no concern for Aces & Eights and will walk through Angle for 7 points.

Roode/Ion v Aries/King is confirmed in a tag team match next week on IMPACT.

Segment 8: Bully Ray v Kurt Angle

This is a short yet fast paced matchup, with signatures and finishers galore in this one. They beat the crap out of each other and it was fun to watch surprisingly. A series of near falls by both guys had me guessing on the winner, before an Angle Slam ended this one. As a side, it is scary for me when Angle tries and misses a moonsault, due to the neck injuries he has had over the years. Good main event though, even if it needed a few more minutes. Rating: B

Aces & Eights attack Angle after the match, before Sting, Aries and Styles come out for the save. Storm follows as the ring is cleared of the A&E Gang. Angle and Storm argue about Storm coming out late though to end the show.

Rating: C+ So you have two or three good (not great) matches, a solid debut of a famous family name, advancement of a major storyline just and wild accusations between wrestlers. It was a solid episode, with Storm standing accused of the A&E Gang attacks and getting very defensive about it. Could lead to something interesting in the future and more to the point, I hope it does. At least there was little mention of AJ and Claire being pregnant. I cannot stand that storyline any longer! The Bound for Glory Series is starting to hot up a little bit, as my predictions come a step closer to being a reality.

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WWE RAW 1000 – 23rd July 2012 – Past and Present combine for a great night!

WWE RAW 1000

Date:                  23rd July 2012

Venue:               St Louis, Missouri

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

And here we are. The 1000th episode of RAW is here and I am excited to see this. Note I am reviewing this the day after the show and I have no idea what has occurred on this show, so it will all be a nice surprise, I hope. We have nostalgia acts galore, a reunion, an answer to a challenge and two title matches and that’s only the beginning. Let’s begin!

A recap of the main memories of RAW over 999 episodes. A really cool feature! This alone gets me pumped for this episode.

Segment 1: Degeneration X reunion!

Vince McMahon comes out and gets warm “Thank you Vince” chants from the crowd. Oh they pop massively for Degeneration X though. Triple H: “Didn’t there used to be more of us?” The roof comes off this place when X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come out. The catchphrases are done as usual… until Damian Sandow of all people comes out and runs down DX. Yeah I think you know the drill here. After some “planning” by DX, Sweet Chin Music and Pedigree takes Sandow out and a “SUCK IT” ends it. For once, we have an AWESOME promo to kick off RAW, if only for the nostalgia. Rating: A

We go through the list of tonight’s events.

Segment 2: Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara/Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler/Chris Jericho

JR is back on commentary, much to EVERYONE’S delight. Decent six man tag match but it was too short to see the talents from everyone. Sheamus gets the Brogue kick after Ziggler knocks out Jericho. SummerSlam match between these two anyone? Rating: C

JR was only on for one match. Really, only one match?

Charlie Sheen is skyping on RAW from LA. Never seen that feature before and hopefully never again.

Recap of Bryan’s proposal to AJ Lee last week. YES! YES! YES! AJ seems to be in her own world, when she tells Layla the whole WWE is unstable. Yes that includes Mae Young’s hand… I mean son. Oh sweet God! WHY?

Segment 3: Brodus Clay defeats Jack Swagger; return of Dude Love

Have a guess what happens here? OH SHIT HERES DUDE LOVE! It’s been years since I have seen him! Splash by Clay and that’s it for Swagger. Ah who cares, as Mr Socko makes an appearance and takes out Swagger. A nice shocker here with Love returning. Rating: B+

Triple H practices yoga with Trish Stratus and he ends up in front of her as the rest of DX walks in. De ja vu much to any of the older fans?

Segment 4: The wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee

Slick is the reverend for this wedding, which I won’t argue with. For those of you who don’t know or remember, Slick was a manager of many heel wrestlers in the WWF in the 1980’s. AJ looks STUNNING here! We go through the vows until the speak objection part… when no one comes out. The crowd chant NO loudly, as Bryan spews his bullshit about how he loves her. Seriously, I can smell the bullshit from here. AJ says YES…. to another man’s proposal (Slicks face was goddamn funny here!). Enter Vince McMahon (?) who says its not marriage…. AJ is the new GM of Monday Night RAW! YES! All I can say here is Daniel Bryan should grovel and beg for forgiveness from AJ, as his life will be made hell from now on. Awesome moment as the wedding going wrong was pretty much a given. Rating: B-

Segment 5: Punk/Bryan/The Rock

All I can say about that swerve by AJ is Bryan deserved it after the way he treated AJ months ago. Bryan is still in the ring when CM Punk comes out and rubs it in his face. Bryan stated he was the best WWE superstar of all time…. so enter the People’s Champion. The Rock! Major announcement: Whoever the WWE Champion is at the Royal Rumble, will face the Rock for the WWE Title. Imagine this: CM Punk versus The Rock for the title. Gives me shivers thinking about it.

Oh and a Rock Bottom to the oompah… I mean to Daniel Bryan. I tell you what, Punk; Bryan and The Rock in the same promo. I never thought I would see it happen. Rating: A

Segment 6: WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz defeats Christian (c)

Bret Hart is the guest ring announcer for this match. I didn’t like the fact Christian dominated this match, as we didn’t see much of The Miz, but he did good selling of the knee when he had to. What surprises me the most is the fact Miz won cleanly after the Skull Crushing Finale when the knee came into play. Decent match and ring psychology but the crowd was dead for the most part, which saddens me. That is how little the IC title means anymore, but Miz needed this win badly. Rating: C+

Segment 7: Brock/Heyman answers Triple H’s challenge

At least they recap Lesnar’s attack on Triple H THREE MONTHS AGO! The major problem with this whole angle is it has gone on too long with too little interaction between the two of them. After much goading by HHH and Stephanie (who verbally took Heymans manhood by calling him a failure at WCW/ECW and WWE), Heyman says YES to Triple H’s SummerSlam match with Lesnar. Lesnar and HHH brawl to end this promo, with HHH coming out on top. That took about twenty minutes but was pretty damn entertaining throughout, although I can’t understand why Lesnar was not made to look strong here. Rating: B-

RAW Moment: Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon during the late 90’s. That was a monumental rivalry.

Segment 8: No DQ and No Countout match: Lita defeats Heath Slater

Good to see Lita again. She did some protection though…. APA! Slater runs away only for EVERY legend who has faced Slater to throw him back in. Twist of Fate, Clothesline from Hell, moonsault and its over for Slater. Ron Simmons: “DAMN!” Love it! Nostalgia overload, but who cares? Rating: B

Sean Mooney (from the 1st ever RAW!) interviews Bryan. Bryan goes off on one on Charlie Sheen. Ok then.

Rock and Cena face to face, when Rock wishes Cena luck too tonight. Rematch down the road. Book it.

Segment 9: Kane… has no match

Jinder Mahal leads down some other guys, including Hunico; Camacho; Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, to beat down Kane before a match ever happens. BONG! Enter the Undertaker and the beatdown is on, with a double chokeslam and tombstone to Hunico and Curt Hawkins. That didn’t last long and what a moment to see when they both pose. I reckon it will never be seen again.

Charlie Sheen says he will shake the beard off Daniel Bryan’s face. Is this a challenge for SummerSlam? I hope not!

Segment 10: WWE Championship: CM Punk v John Cena

We all knew this would not be as good as Money in the Bank last year, but this was good enough. As expected, a dusty finish occurred when Big Show interfered twice to draw the DQ win for Cena (does that make Cena the first man to fail at cashing in Money in the Bank?). It set up the post match stuff, which is newsworthy enough. Rating: C+

Rock comes in after Big Show as Punk slides away from ringside. Rock goes for People’s elbow… and gets clotheslined by Punk and then the GTS to end it!! That caught me by surprise but it was either him or Cena I guess. In all fairness, is this a full heel turn? Punk looks confused and conflicted to end the show.

Overall: A- With so much nostalgia and future plans made for future RAW’s, how can this show not be considered a success? Going forward, we have a new RAW General Manager, a new IC Champion, Triple H/Brock Lesnar, Bryan’s life to be made a misery and a new heel WWE Champion. The Punk heel turn will be interesting to see over the next few weeks and months but I am willing to wait it out. Awesome show of laughs, drama and great promos. More next week please!


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WWE RAW 1000th Episode Preview

We are almost there. The night that we, the fans, and the WWE have been waiting and preparing for the last few weeks. The historic 1000th episode of WWE RAW!

With so much hype and preparation surrounding this event, it’s easy to forget what’s occurring tonight, so I want to give a quick list of the events and appearances confirmed so far for tonight:

  • Appearances by Bret Hart; Shawn Michaels; Undertaker; Road Dogg and possibly Stone Cold Steve Austin to name a few;
  • The Rock has an announcement for the fans;
  • Brock Lesnar to answer Triple H’s challenge for SummerSlam;
  • D-X reunion to open the show;
  • WWE Intercontinental title match: Christian (c) v ???
  • New RAW General Manager to be unveiled (please not Hornswoggle!);
  • The wedding of AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan;
  • WWE Championship match: CM Punk (c) v John Cena (cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase).

WWE is pulling out all the stops for this historic show, and with rumours of a major summer angle starting also tonight, who knows what will happen! This could be the best RAW in its long near 20 year history, providing everything falls into place.

I hope we all enjoy the show tonight. The past and present; the hopes and nostalgia; the intrigue and the memories, it will all be there tonight.

As always, I will be posting the weekly RAW episode up on here tomorrow, but this week’s I am extremely pumped for. It’s been well hyped and built, so let’s hope it delivers. And I have a feeling it will be memorable.

WWE SmackDown – 20th July 2012 – Average is the word of the day here.


Date:                  20th July 2012

Venue:               San Diego, California

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews.

The final push for RAW 1000 tonight, despite the fact it’s SmackDown, but when has that stopped this company from making this a recap show? I have no idea what has been announced for tonight, so everything here will be a surprise to me. Plus, Rey Mysterio returned on RAW earlier this week, so he may play some part in tonight’s episode. Let’s begin.

Segment 1: Rey Mysterio returns to SmackDown

Mysterio has been out since last August with another serious knee injury. So this promo has Mysterio, Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus argue over who should be the next No 1 contender and then a tag team main event match was made for tonight. Standard opening promo for SmackDown, which we have seen a million times before. Rating: C-

AJ/Daniel Bryan (fiancés now of all things) are on the Peep Show with Christian tonight.

Segment 2: Prime Time Players/Hunico and Camacho defeat Primo/Epico and Kofi Kingston/R-Truth

I think this officially makes the Colon’s a face team then, although no one could care less I think. This was a decent little eight man tag team match, with A.W providing good voice at ringside. Have to love that gimmick he has. Young and O’Neil combined to get the pin on Primo I think. Rating: C+

Big Show comes down after the match and knocks everyone except The Prime Time Players out. Why destroy the tag teams like this?

Raw moment: Jeremy Piven hosting RAW. No. Just no.

We recap Cena’s ENTIRE WEEK from Money in the Bank until RAW and declaring his cash in for the WWE Title at RAW 1000. Did we have to see all that?

Segment 3: Damien Sandow defeats Zack Ryder

Aggressive start by Ryder but that is ended by Sandow. Cross arm neckbreaker by Sandow ends this quick. Too short too rate, but Sandow looks like a madman in the ring.

Segment 4: Peep Show with Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee

Christian hosts this segment. A clip of AJ/Bryan planning the wedding looks so sweet, so its a shame something is likely to happen on RAW 1000 at their wedding (yeah apparently they only need a week to plan it!). Christian looks as though he cannot believe the wedding is happening and gets slapped by AJ for it eventually. Its then announced Bryan has to face AJ’s former boyfriend… KANE (??). Were they EVER together? Good segment here that got to the point and teases a Christian/Bryan feud down the line. Rating: B-

Segment 5: Kane defeats Daniel Bryan (via DQ)

Typical big versus little man match here, as Bryan tried to survive Kane’s attacks. After AJ nearly got knocked over by Kane, Bryan checked to make sure she was ok before a boot to the back of the head. THAT was a little difference to how Bryan treated her before and it appeared genuine. AJ jumps on Kane off the top for the DQ win, which sets up the post match stuff. Rating: C-

Chokeslam for Bryan, as AJ is pulled round to the front of Kane and its de ja vu (RAW 18/06/2012), when AJ kissed Kane. Bryan pulls her out before anything happens. Please say Kane is not gonna go after AJ. I am dreading the wedding now.

Segment 6: Road Warrior Animal defeats Heath Slater

MASSIVE chant for the LOD, which was always good to hear back in the day. SWEET looking powerslam and elbow for the win. Animal is in his 50’s I believe but he looks like he could have a good couple of matches. Rating: B- (for nostalgia)

Rodriguez gets told off by Vickie and responds in Spanish. Oh and Vickie screams. Funny and irritating skit at the same time.

We go over what will take place on RAW 1000.

Segment 7: Sheamus/Rey Mysterio defeats Dolph Ziggler/Alberto Del Rio (via DQ)

Another decent main event tag match, but we have seen the same thing all before. Ziggler looked good out there though, on offence and taking the bumps. As for Mysterio, it looks like he hasn’t missed a step since his injury way back last year. Rodriguez stops the Brogue Kick for the DQ. Rating: C+
Dolph tries to cash in after Del Rio attacks Sheamus, but gets beaten down by Mysterio/Sheamus to end the show. Way to keep your Mr Money in the Bank strong guys.

Overall: C Yeah this was your average run-of-the-mill SmackDown episode. It will be interesting to see if this improves after RAW 1000, but until then, SmackDown is in limbo at the moment. Have to say, it went by quickly though.


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WCW Nitro – 23rd October 1995 – Only Hogan and The Giant matter….

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                   23rd October 1995

Venue:                NASA Test Centre

Commentators:   Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

This Nitro post has been posted a bit early, mainly to finally finish the build up to Halloween Havoc 1995, so I can review that show and also to bridge the gap till I review this week’s SmackDown show from Friday night, which should be up at some point on Sunday.

It’s been a long build up, but this is finally the go home show for Halloween Havoc this Sunday. Problem is, with only a one hour show for Nitro at this time, there was only so much build up they could do in such a short time. Still, they had Saturday Night anyway at this point, so that was still an important show. Let’s begin.

Segment 1: Randy Savage defeats Kurasawa (w/ Colonel Parker)

Kurasawa was from Japan and was known for injuring his opponents, such as the arm of Hawk months before, which is appropriate as Savage reportedly came into this with an injured arm. Kurasawa went after the arm in some good psychology, but then Savage hit a clothesline and the big elbow for the win. So, two moves by Savage and that as it? Decent match up until then. Rating: C

Sting/Luger v Harlem Heat tonight.

Segment 2: Interviews galore

The lights went out and I have no idea who that was ranting on the stage. Not only do I not know his name (I assume someone to do with the Dungeon of Doom) but also I have no idea what he said. Was he drunk? I think he said something about Hogan at Halloween Havoc, so we may find out there.

Mean Gene talks to the Taskmaster and Giant, and the iceberg the other guy bought in (Taskmaster’s Dad??) is the Yeti, who is coming back. Oh God really? Why? Taskmaster says Hogan has snapped and will be taken out this Sunday. We have heard the same thing from these two for weeks now.

Back from break and we hear from the World Champion, Hulk Hogan now. Hogan decides to keep his all-black attire and even has a go at Sting; Savage and Luger about picking his bones. Damn this Hogan is already a lot better than when in the red and yellow! That should cover the Halloween Havoc main event nicely. Rating: C-

Segment 3: Eddie Guerrero/Alex Wright defeats Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit

Alex Wright is injured here, so Mr J.L is replacing him here. You see, when you need to get the crowd awake, you send out four guys who can work well together and watch a good match ensue. Crisp wrestling here and a joy to watch as well. Mr J.L got the win on Malenko with a rollup, so at least it wasn’t a decisive win so they can have more matches down the line. Rating: B-

Pillman attacks Guerrero after the match for some reason.

Segment 4: Sting/Lex Luger v Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri)

Harlem Heat get the tag champions American Males for the tag team titles on WCW Saturday Night. Decent main event tag match here, but why have Harlem Heat lose here if they have a tag title match on Saturday Night? It makes no sense. Anyway, this was mainly to set up the post match stuff in a moment. Rating: C+

Giant and Taskmaster come out and beat down Sting and Luger, so Savage and Hogan come out. Hogan manages to stun the Giant but the Dungeon come out and guess what? They got beat down as well. Typical Hogan fashion.

What the hell is going on with the iceberg near the set? Oh no, the Yeti is “born” as it breaks free from the iceblock. I am so scared. And then the feed cuts out. No seriously, that’s how the show ends.

Overall: C- At this point, it’s too bad if you were not into the whole Hogan v Dungeon of Doom story, because that seems to be the only reason they wanted you to buy the pay-per-view. Everything else got shoved to the side, and again this was a major problem for the early Nitro’s. Everything else was pushed on Saturday Night, which would change drastically within the next year. Average show tonight and why oh why did they introduce the Yeti?


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