TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 30th August 2012 – Bound for Glory Series: The Final Five

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    30th August 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

After the brawl between Aces & Eights and the IMPACT locker room, we continue the story this week, although we are pretty much just waiting for the inevitable Bound for Glory blowoff. Also, the Bound for Glory series is almost at an end, with the final five being determined tonight. Let’s begin.

Aces & Eights v IMPACT again!

In a repeat of last week, A&E is called out by Aries/Sting and Hogan, but they don’t show up until the end of the show. Again, Aries is the one who gets knocked out to end the show, which says Aries could yet lose the World Title soon because of this angle. Speaking of the World Title, is Aries defending the World Title at No Surrender one week from Sunday? Let’s hope for an announcement and something different next week with this angle. Rating: D+

Bound for Glory Series: And then there were five.

With AJ Styles and Kurt Angle losing their must win matches tonight, they are eliminated and the final five are: James Storm (guaranteed his place in the semi-finals after winning his match versus RVD this week); Rob Van Dam; Samoa Joe; Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. I thought AJ Styles was in the mix, but apparently not. This is a pretty good top four for me, with RVD the only one I would consider a surprise. Next week’s BFGS matches are:

Bully Ray v Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe v Jeff Hardy

Interesting times now for the Bound for Glory Series. Rating: C+

Madison Rayne is denied her title rematch

By losing to a returning ODB (when was the last time she had a match on IMPACT anyway?), does that mean Rayne won’t be in the Knockouts Title hunt for a while? I don’t think it will make a difference to be honest.

Lewey: Gutcheck time

Last week, Lewey lost to Gunner in a effort to impress the judges to gain an IMPACT contract. Sadly, that is not the case, as both Taz and Bruce Pritchard said no. I feel this is a good decision, considering Lewey made a number of mistakes in his match and was very basic in his talents and move sets. Rating: C-

Daniels/Kazarian are on notice.

After their recent blackmail attempt on Styles, with Claire Lynch involved, the tag team champions (of the world) are pretty much the most hated people in the IMPACT Zone. Hogan/Sting confirmed that by putting them and their titles on notice. Should be interesting, but they need to lose the belts soon, as they are worthless on the pair of them. Oh and the AJ/Daniels feud is not over yet. Say it with me: AJ Styles v Daniels at Bound for Glory. Again. Rating: C-

Overall: C This week’s episode was more or less dominated by the BFG Series, which is fine but the Aces & Eights Gang angle didn’t get too much promotion, save for the opening and ending segments. Apart from this, this week’s episode didn’t offer much variation in terms of storylines, which is a shame with TNA’s biggest event, Bound for Glory, around the corner. Average show for me this week, which is about the level of recent IMPACT shows anyway.


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WWE SmackDown – 24th August 2012 – Please find someone over than Del Rio!

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  24th August 2012

Commentators:  Michael Cole

The first SmackDown after SummerSlam is upon us and after the controversy of the World Title match, Booker T is expected to address that here. This has been done a few days later than the episode aired so apologies to everyone for that. Let’s begin.

Josh Matthews is recovering from injuries

A noticeable absentee on the commentary table this week is Josh Matthews, who was attacked by Kane after his loss to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, and is still recovering from those injuries. Guest hosts, such as Sheamus and Teddy long, joined Michael Cole all evening for the matches, which was a good thing, as a whole evening of Cole by himself would have sent me mad.

Alberto Del Rio is No 1 Contender? Again?

What is it about Del Rio, apart from him being Mexican and appealing to the fans there, that WWE love so much, so they keep giving him so many World Title matches? The only good thing about this time is he actually beat Randy Orton clean to become the No 1 Contender, in a match made by Booker T, so that already makes him look stronger than last time. I’m still not wild on the impending title match between Del Rio and Sheamus, which just shows the lack of depth on the SmackDown roster right now. Rating: C-

WWE Tag Team Division is looking up

A tag team match on SmackDown is nothing unusual, but a backstage brawl between FIVE tag teams is an unusual site these days. The tag champions (Kingston/R-truth); The Usos; Prime Time Players; Gabriel/Kidd and the Colons. This division is looking better already, so all they need now is some feuds to get going and some segment time to develop themselves as teams. Nice surprise for me and a lot of fans here and I have some optimism about the division now. Rating: B-

Cody Rhodes is obsessed with Sin Cara’s mask.

Is this feud going to end in a mask match, where Sin Cara loses his mask? If so, that match should be made into a big deal, as it is a huge deal in Mexico. Other than that, no reason was given for this feud, which is the norm for WWE today. Rating: C-

Dolph Ziggler fails to cash in

I like how WWE keep teasing that Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Sheamus, but I don’t like how they’re building him up to be a threat in the long run. He’s not winning any matches against the big guys (except Jericho on RAW last week) and he is coming across as a major cheater who can only win on luck. Not a great way to build a world champion for the future if I’m honest, but it’s not the worst build ever. Rating: D

Feed Ryback more!

Now that Ryback has finished with Mahal after beating him this week on SmackDown, how about a title run with either the US or Intercontinental titles? Might bring some relevancy to those titles again.

SmackDown is the new RAW!

Can WWE please stop recapping RAW on SmackDown in such detail! It wastes a lot of time, which could be used on a meaningful promo or more wrestling time, so we as the fans are being royally screwed here (I know it’s free TV but still). We as the fans demand more quality wrestling!

Santino and The Cobra have issues

Watching Santino talk to his sock, The Cobra, reminds me of Mankind and Mr Socko and Al Snow and Head. It just seems weird but normal for Santino, with The Cobra seemingly interested in Aksana (Cesaro’s girlfriend) more than the matches. Ok then. It also seems as his feud with Antonio Cesaro, the new US Champion from SummerSlam, will continue, which is a great way to keep these two busy for a while. Rating: C+ (Weird but watchable)

Overall: C A watchable episode tonight, but apart from the tag team division looking up and Del Rio being named No 1 Contender for the World Title (again. *sighs*), there’s not much here to remember. SmackDown is WAY down on where it was last year, which is a shame, as it was the WWE show to watch for a while. The lack of talent depth has caught up to them, which is a shame to see overall.


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WWE RAW – 27th August 2012 – Game Over?


Date:                    27th August 2012

Venue:                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Commentators:    Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews

Another three hour RAW is upon us, which I am dreading these days as they are such a drag getting through. Punk and Lawler will confront each other tonight and Triple H will address us about whether he will retire or not. As the shows are so long, I think its best just to quickly summarise the main points in as much detail as I can muster at this stage. Ok, so let’s begin.

CM Punks heel push hits a new level

It’s only taken a month, but it looks like CM Punk’s heel turn has finally gotten into full swing. His attack on Lawler last week, running him down and beating him in a cage match this week on RAW gathered him some more decent heat. Oh and his whinging about respect for him as a champion. With his match against John Cena confirmed in Cena’s hometown at Night of Champions, I want to see how they can build more on this rivalry and Punk’s new attitude. Decent stuff here, but they took a while getting to this point. Rating: C+

The Miz loses…. again!

I’m sorry, but does WWE enjoy having their champions lose or something? I know the Intercontinental title is almost worthless nowadays, but at least put it in a feud with some dignity instead of feeding it’s champion to John Cena of all people! His victory over Miz meant nothing and I’m sure there were other wrestlers there for him to face. Poor booking by WWE creative. Are they smoking pot or something these days with these ideas springing up? Rating: D-

Cody Rhodes is squashed again!

So five months ago, Cody was heading to WrestleMania as the Intercontinental champion, but now he is jobbing to Brodus Clay. Where has it gone so wrong for Rhodes? He has a promising career in front of him, but at least he has time and talent on his side to bounce back from this. Let’s hope creative get on his side too very soon. Rating: D+

Kane and Daniel Bryan attend Anger Management Lessons!

Yes you read that right. The skits are actually funny and they build the characters of Daniel Bryan and Kane more, which is always the best thing to do. See, this is a decent way to use some of the three hours every week. Segments that tell a story and take the fans on a ride with the wrestlers themselves to make them feel involved. We saw a continuation of the segments in Bryans match with R-Truth tonight, where Bryan tried to keep a hold of his temper. Good stuff here and I’m hoping to see more of the same in the coming weeks. Rating: B+

Zack Ryder wins a match on RAW.

It seems newsworthy enough. I know Zack is low down the WWE food chain but when was the last time he ever won a singles match on RAW? Help me out here people.

AJ Lee lost it

I know she lost her mind months ago, but this week she attacks Vickie Guerrero in the ring, after Guerrero moaned and complained about AJ (nothing changes there) being in charge. I think I know where this is going. I expect WWE Board of Director’s to get involved here. De ja vu anyone? Rating: C-

Triple H saying farewell?

A huge question has been hanging over Triple H since his loss to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam: Will he retire? He seemed to give a farewell message here, along with all the highlight vignettes of hi career throughout the night by WWE, but WWE have been known to throw a curveball where this is concerned. He seemed legit emotional at the end, which suggests he may indeed retire but we don’t know for sure at the moment. If it is goodbye from The Game, then he has had a magnificent career and has given us many highlights. If that is the case, I only have to say: Thank You Hunter. (No rating here, because how can you rate something like this?)

Overall: C This is the first RAW where I have not been bored after two hours. There has been some good wrestling here, along with some good segments and some story advancement (main event mostly). I just hope WWE continue to use the three hour show time wisely, otherwise this longer show will not last for long. Still, good episode for this new format, so is it too optimistic to hope WWE will continue this next week?


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 23rd August 2012 – Aces & Eights v IMPACT! The Big Brawl!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    23rd August 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

It’s Open Fight Night tonight and already the major Open challenge was made from last week, when Sting called out the entire Aces & Eights Gang for a showdown this week. That one will be interesting, as Hogan returns for this also. The Bound for Glory Series is also drawing to a close soon, so it’s getting close at the top now for a World Title shot at Bound for Glory. This show looks good on paper, so let’s begin.

As last week’s RAW was a quick summary and is a lot more relevant in it’s content, i may be sticking to that format now, where I just summarise the main events and news from the week’s broadcasts. A lot easier for everyone I hope, but let me know any feedback you may have on it.

1)      Aces & Eights bring the attack

So after Sting called out A&E Gang last week for Open Fight Night tonight, we finally get the big showdown between IMPACT and the Gang… except we got teasers all night until the big brawl at the end of the show. Only problem was, more and more A&E members were coming out of the woodwork in the ring and backstage, before they took out Austin Aries (where was he the rest of the show by the way?) by smashing his arm.

Ok, first things first, that arm attack on AA will probably cost him the World Championship no doubt at some point leading to Bound for Glory. Secondly, the A&E Gang grew in strength at the end of this show, meaning they are far from done. But it’s important to notice that the attackers are virtually unknown (except to those who are fans of the independent circuit or internet wrestling fans), which is annoying when you want to know their names. At least this angle is getting some progression though, as this brawl was WAY overdue. Rating: C+

2)      Pope out of Bound for Glory Series and Robbie E finally wins!

Due to the Aces & Eight’s attack on the Pope D’Angelo Dinero at Hardcore Justice, Pope suffered a broken arm, meaning he is out of the Bound for Glory Series (I think they wrote him out for legit injury reasons). As Robbie E; RVD and AJ Styles were yet to face him, they faced each other in a triple threat match for the available BFGS points.

Amazingly, Robbie E won the match, picking up seven points along the way. It made sense to give him the win here, considering the other two are already in the top four and Robbie E is more or less going out, so the result keeps the top four more open and competitive as it stands. Good booking there by the creative team. Rating: B-

3)      New challenger for the Knockouts Championship?

This knockouts division is moving quickly for the last two weeks now. The new champion Miss Tessmacher challenged her mentor Tara to a non-title match… and lost. So I’m guessing Tara is the new No 1 contender for the Knockout’s Championship. I suppose the Madison Rayne situation has been forgotten now? Rating: C

4)      AJ Styles FINALLY has his name cleared!

So….. a lawyer, on behalf of Claire Lynch, reveals to AJ Styles that the whole pregnancy was fake! An attempt by Claire/Kazarian and Daniels to blackmail Styles, dating back to January. Wait, so we wasted months on an angle AND IT WAS ALL FOR BLACKMAIL?? What exactly were they blackmailing him for anyway, unless it’s all about money? So Daniels and Claire don’t earn enough or something? It sounded like a rush job, maybe because creative realised it wasn’t working. This angle annoyed me as it was, but this just made me pissed off. A waste of time this was, but at least it’s ending I suppose! Rating: F+

5)      Gutcheck: Kris Lewie

As the judges will be giving their verdict on Lewie next week on IMPACT, I thought I would give my thoughts on his performance. Lewie bought the intensity against Gunner and despite losing, he put in a solid effort. He did make some noticeable mistakes and his moveset was very basic, but I would put that down to inexperience more than anything. As light thumbs up from me, as I think he has some potential for IMPACT. Rating: C

6)      Mr Anderson has his last singles BFG Series match

Considering this was Mr Anderson’s last match in the series, he badly needed a win to have any chance of wining the entire series. He did win, but considering he still sits eighth with 47 points, I think he is finished for this year. Good match though, with some VERY near falls by both men. An enjoyable main event on IMPACT finally! Rating: B-

Overall: C+ Decent IMPACT this week, with the focus on Aces & Eights which is fine, but it was about time we got to the big brawl between them and the rest of the locker room. Hogan looked absolutely pissed off on his return and beat the hell out of A&E for going after his daughter. The rest of the show was mainly the BFGS, which is finally finishing soon, as that has sucked up a lot of IMPACT time since June. Aries arm injury makes me wonder what will happen to the World Title if he is injured in storyline. It’s starting to get tasty in the IMPACT Zone now.


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Recap summary of SummerSlam and RAW – 19-20th August 2012 – What did I miss?

I’m back and refreshed after holiday, so now I have to catch up on the wrestling that I missed this past week. Judging by the results of SummerSlam and what I saw on RAW, there’s a fair amount to talk about, so let’s get started with a quick recap.

Oh and because I am doing this, there is no full review of RAW for this past week.

1) “The Perfect Storm”: Brock Lesnar triumphs over The Game

Personally, this was a much needed victory for Lesnar at SummerSlam over Triple H, as his loss to John Cena destroyed Lesnar’s credibility in the eyes of some fans. The match itself was not brilliant to say the least, but it showed Lesnar to be what he truly is: a beast! It’s that simple, with Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece.

With this win, it’s interesting to see where WWE will go now with Lesnar/Heyman, but I doubt anything will happen with them in the next few weeks. And that’s a big problem. Lesnar disappears for a few weeks/few months and the fans forget about him for a while until he comes back. So it begs the question: why should we care about him and what he will do next if he won’t stick around?

2) CM Punk heading for WWE Title record?

As of this past week’s RAW episode, CM Punk has been WWE Champion for 275 days, which is now the 13th longest single WWE titles reign in history. That is impressive stuff, considering the company has been known to panic and pull the trigger on putting the belt back on John Cena on a number of occasions in the past.

This current title reign has been pronounced on RAW now for the past couple of months, which makes me wonder whether Punk will break the modern day record for a single WWE Title reign, which is John Cena’s 280 day record set in 2006-2007 (Bruno Sammartino held the belt for 8 years a few decades ago but that’s way to long away to break in the modern era). That record would likely be broken around the December point, providing Punk holds onto the title until then without losing it. With the Rock looming at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title, it could be possible we will see Punk v Rock come January 2013.

3) CM Punk retains title at SummerSlam…. twice!

Somehow, Punk made it out of LA with the WWE title around his waist to continue his long singles title reign. Originally, the match ended with Big Show tapping to the STF from Cena and the Anaconda Vice by Punk at the same time! AJ restarted the match and Cena hit the AA on Show, before Punk threw Cena out and pinned Show.

It showed the resilience of Punk and the faith the booking team have in him to continue to hold the biggest title in the company. This merely backs up my point above about Punk possibly breaking Cena’s 280 day title reign later this year if he holds onto the belt uninterrupted.

4) Prime Time Players are paying for A.W’s stupidity

With Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retaining the tag team titles against the young team of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, you have to wonder the Prime Time Players push is over. With A.W having been fired for his Kobe Bryant comments a few weeks ago on RAW, PTP may be paying the price also for their ex-manager’s stupidity.

It is a shame to see this happen to a team who I felt sure would win the tag team titles at SummerSlam, but after they lost and then lost a six man tag the following night on RAW, I fear for the future of the tag team division yet again.

5) Jericho is gone from WWE…. again!

After Jericho won the big one against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, AJ made a rematch for RAW this week, with some added stipulations: Jericho’s contract versus Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase contract. My first thoughts to this were why did they not make this for the match at SummerSlam or for Night of Champion’s next month?

Either way, we got a great match, with Ziggler getting the clean win that he needed. It also means Jericho’s third stint with the company has ended, for the time being, while he makes his tour with Fozzy in the next few months. Who knows, maybe we will see him back in time for WrestleMania 29 next year.

6) Is Del Rio someone’s favourite at WWE Headquarters?

I know this will be talked about in the SmackDown review again, but I want to make a quick mention of it here. Is there anyone better than Alberto Del Rio out there to challenge Sheamus for his World Title? Apparently not, as the “foot under the rope” angle at SummerSlam means Del Rio will most likely get at least one more title shot against Sheamus. I give up sometimes, I really do. Del Rio is boring in his promos and his matches. What makes the WWE think me and other fans want to watch him?

7) The US Title has changed hands!

Finally, I just want to congratulate Antonio Cesaro for finally ending the wretched reign of Santino Marella as the US Champion, which he had held since March this year. Chances are WWE will still do nothing with the US Title, but hey, hope is hope after all. It’s why some of us are still watching wrestling today, hoping wrestling will improve!

As this summary covered the important parts of wrestling news for SummerSlam and RAW this week, I think this might be a better format. Time will tell, especially if you guys and girls read it and like it. If so, I may keep this format, but we’ll see. TNA IMPACT Wrestling and SmackDown should be up this weekend I hope, so please check back, like, comment and enjoy!

Peace ^^ (been a while since I have said that)


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WWE SummerSlam – Greatest matches in SummerSlam history.

With SummerSlam upon us tonight, I thought a quick visit to the past may get us in the mood for what should be an interesting pay per view. Many great matches and careers have been launched at the hottest event of the summer, which says a lot considering there is 24 years of history at SummerSlam so far.

I just want to give my personal top five of the greatest SummerSlam matches ever, starting with:

5) Steel Cage match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) v Owen Hart – SummerSlam 1994

This one is not just about the match, but the whole story that preceded it. Owen became jealous at his brother Bret, which started at the previous year’s Survivor Series, but they patched things up seemingly over Christmas. Owen then turned on his brother at the Royal Rumble, before they met one on one in one of the greatest matches at WrestleMania X, where Owen pulled off the upset win. This became important, as it looked as though Owen could legit beat his brother in a fair fight, which led to this steel cage match (via Owen becoming King of the Ring two months earlier).

The match itself was simple in it’s idea: escape and become the champion. Considering Owen was desperate to become the champion, it seemed fitting he tried everything possible to escape. Despite that, these battled for half an hour before Bret finally escaped and retained his championship. Despite the post match beat down by Owen and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, the Hart family saved Bret and united as one, save for Owen and Neidhart. It was a tough contest between two brothers and it genuinely left you wondering who would win the title.

4) TLC Triple threat tag team match for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian (c) v Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz

Everyone remembers the TLC match at WrestleMania X-7, but this was the original TLC match for the tag team titles and oh man was it an epic one. This was the first match of its kind at the time, which gave the fans something new and unexpected to see. All six men put their bodies on the line and gave their all to entertain the fans. How they managed to get back up after taking so many bumps through the tables, ladders and chairs was amazing too say the least. Edge and Christian retained their titles amidst the carnage Evidently it was successful, considering they all did the same match seven months later at WrestleMania and it even topped this match! Incredible!

3) Non-sanctioned match: Shawn Michaels v Triple H

This match holds a special place in my memory, as it was the first time I ever saw Shawn Michaels compete, after his initial retirement in 1998. Triple H and Michaels were initially going to reunite as D-X on RAW, but HHH turned on his best friend. After smashing his head through a car window, Triple H accepted Michaels request for a match at SummerSlam. I could only find highlights of this match, so i hope you enjoy them:

These two went to war at SummerSlam, with HHH trying to cripple Shawn, who had only just returned from a four year back injury. Despite that, HBK was impressive, showing no ring rust surprisingly and put on a brilliant display. He won the match but got carried out on a stretcher when Triple H smashed his back in with a sledgehammer afterwards. My hate of Triple H began from that point (not nowadays though) and my admiration for the legend of Shawn Michaels began also.

2) Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Triple H v The Rock (c)

To me, this match has not only stood the test of time, but it has increased in its importance over time, as both the Rock and HHH made their voices heard in this match. A brutal hard fought match, which more or less ended the D-X versus The Nation feud in an epic way. I am not going to say much about this match, as I want you to enjoy it in the video below:

Besides, I am watching it again myself and it still is a great match to watch. It’s also weird to see Rock as part of a stable considering he would be WWF Champion within three months of this match.

1) WWF Intercontinental Championship: Bret Hart (c) v British Bulldog

As ever, I am a sucker for technically brilliant and perfect matches, hence I am a huge fan of Bret Hart’s matches over the years. This match was again based on a family feud, but it was as technically perfect as you could get. The crowd reactions were there and the match showed how important the Intercontinental Championship was back then, considering this was the main event of a pay per view.

In front of over 80,000 fans in London, England, the British Bulldog pulled off the victory via a rollup and what followed was probably the single greatest pop in wrestling history (not including pops for Stone Cold). A simple embrace between the competitors and Bret’s sister and Bulldog’s wife, Diana Smith, and it summed up the occasion perfectly. Awesome match, awesome night, awesome crowd. Ladies and gentlemen, my number one moment in SummerSlam history.

These choices are purely personal, as you may have your own choices. Comment below your personal choices and I may even post a video of those matches on my blog if I can find them. Hope you enjoy SummerSlam tonight folks!


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 16th August 2012 – So you’re saying Storm had nothing to do with Aces & Eights?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                   16th August 2012

Venue:                Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:   Mike Tenay, Tazz

Only one more pay per view to go before we hit Bound for Glory in Pheonix, Arizona, so we are starting to come to the end of the Bound for Glory Series and the whole Aces & Eights angle continues with Storm accused of working with them. Interesting times in this company, but can they pull it off better than WWE and Nexus? Let’s begin.

Three Bound for Glory Series matches tonight. Read on to find out who it involves.

Segment 1: Austin Aries, Hardy and Storm talk about Aces & Eights Gang

Seriously, these show opening promos are becoming the same now since A&E Gang arrived on the scene. Aries talked about how he’s the best after beating Roode, Bully Ray accused Storm of being involved with A&E…. is this starting to sound familiar to everyone? Something new here would be appreciated! Rating: D+

Segment 2: BFGS match: Samoa Joe defeats Magnus

Both of these guys were former tag team champions together earlier this year, so this will have been interesting. With Joe being his usual self, he went for the submission win, but got a rollup instead for the seven points. Nice little twist there, as I don’t think Magnus expected that. Short match, but it was fine for what it was. Rating: C

After the match, Magnus smacks Joe with a chair. What happened to sportsmanship in wrestling today?

Segment 3: Madison Rayne is owned by Brooke Hogan

Madison won the Knockouts title from Miss Tessmacher last Sunday at Hardcore Justice after using the ropes with Hebner seeing. Suspicious, surely? So, the point of this segment was for Brooke to announce that Hebner will no longer referee a Knockouts match (Finally!) and Madison will defend her title tonight in a rematch against Miss Tessmacher. Couldn’t they do this backstage instead? Rating: C-

Segment 4: A&E Gang go for Brooke Hogan and are called out

Ok this continued on from the last segment. Sting and co call out Aces & Eights Gang after they go for Brooke Hogan but get chased away. Just so happens next week is Open Fight Night on IMPACT isn’t it?

AJ is sick of the accusations by Daniels and Kazarian, so he makes a stipulation for tonight’s match: If AJ wins he take a paternity test for Claire’s baby. If he loses, he will accept responsibility for Claire’s baby as a dad. Will it end tonight finally?

Segment 5: BFGS match: AJ Styles defeats Christopher Daniels

Ok, so it hasn’t officially ended, but it’s getting there, which is all I can ask for. These two have been feuding forever, but the crowd was into this match. Daniels did get the win originally, but the match was continued after Kazarian was found out holding AJ’s legs to stop him kicking out from the pin. Kick to the head got the pin for AJ Styles to seal a great back and forth match. But again, they have feuded forever and Daniels has had his ass handed to him each time. Is there a point to this feud anymore? Rating: B-

Hogan returns next week on IMPACT to fight A&E Gang.

Segment 6: Bobby Roode is lost without the World Title

My heart bleeds for him. What does Bobby do next? Easy, he goes back down the ladder and starts again. Instead he blames everyone but himself for his losses. Was there a point to this promo? Rating: C-

Actually, as he can’t have more rematches against Aries, what does Roode do next?

Gut check returns next week, but this video was on the money. Check next week on the man who will run this gut check. Amazing story his journey was though.

Segment 7: Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher defeats Madison Rayne (c)

The special guest referee for this match was…. Tarryn Terrell? I think that’s how you spell her name. Apparently she’s an actress or wrestler. I could care less at this moment. As for the winner, why have Madison do a four day title reign for a storyline that barely got out of the blocks? Or is there a twist to this story? I’ll wait and see. Rating: C

Segment 8: BFGS match Jeff Hardy defeats Bully Ray

James Storm was at ringside to keep an eye out for A&E Gang, who said they had unfinished business tonight. Here’s looking at you Bully Ray. Typical IMPACT main event here, with A&E running in then getting chased out before they did anything (Storm got knocked out by Hardy accidentally by this point). Twist of Fate and rollup by Hardy got the win over Ray, but it was more about the story here, which was fine by me. Rating: CB

After the match, Storm accidentally hits Hardy with the Last Call superkick, which was aimed for Bully Ray for his accusations. A&E came back out… and levelled him with punches! Now everyone may start to believe Storm! It’s taken long enough, but we finally have a twist in the story.

Overall: C Another average episode, but we are getting to the business end of the Bound for Glory Series, as well as the Aces & Eights Gang story. We got another twist in the story there with Storm getting attacked at the end of the show, so next week will be interesting when they are called out on Open Fight Night. It’s also going to be interesting where Bobby Roode is going to go after his defeat to Austin Aries last Sunday, but again, that’s what keeps us fans watching right? Average episode, with nothing spectacular occurring.


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TNA Hardcore Justice 2012 – A show of two halves

TNA Hardcore Justice

Date:                   12th August 2012

Venue:                Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:   Mike Tenay, Tazz

We are firmly on the Road to Bound for Glory now, with this pay per view another stop in that road for all the wrestlers. Three Bound for Glory Series matches with special stipulations added to them; a rematch for the World Title from Destination X between Aries and Roode, as well as the whole Aces & Eights Gang angle in the mix, this pay per view looks good on paper. Let’s begin.

The intro to this show gives a horror film feeling, which I like a lot. The horrors of the BFGS. Could have been better, could have been worse.

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez defeats Kid Kash/Gunner

Chavo’s pay per view debut for TNA here and this is a result of Kash and Gunner interrupting Chavo’s debut on IMPACT a few weeks ago. Oh and Hernandez helped Chavo out, so here we are. The whole purpose of an opening match is to wake the crowd up and get them into the show. This match failed to do that in all aspects. It was boring, formulaic and it showed with the crowd being dead for most of this. Boring match with the frog splash ending this for Chavo/Hernandez. Rating: D

Match 2: Falls count anywhere Bound for Glory Series match: Rob Van Dam defeats Mr Anderson; Magnus and Pope Dinero

Aces & Eights attacked Pope before the match (interesting there), making this match a three way dance essentially. Yes that’s what they call triple threat matches outside WWE in case you didn’t know. This match showed Magnus and Mr Anderson on their own is a plain boring matchup, as there was more action involved with RVD in it. In that sense, RVD winning the match makes sense and was the right move here, but it made for some dead spots in this one. At least the falls count anywhere stipulation was used well enough. Rating: C-

Match 3: TV Title: Devon (c) defeats Kazarian

A bonus match for us and it answers my question (in my head) about whether Kazarian would feature here. This came about from a belt shot by Kaz to Devon in his and Daniels tag title defence on IMPACT last week, so this was about as last minute as you could get. Short match but it amazingly woke the crowd up a bit, which surprised me a little. A few near falls here for both men but the spinebuster ended this for Devon to retain his title. How long has he held that belt for? 6 months? Who is going to end his reign as champion? Rating: C

Match 4: TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne defeats Miss Tessmacher (c)

And yes, Earl Hebner was the referee for this match, who Madison had a crush on for a number of weeks now. Guess how this match went down? Rayne won by holding the ropes but Hebner didn’t see it, to crown a new Knockouts champion. This was a smart decision for the storyline here, but as the crowd was dead for the winning pinfall and the match itself, does anyone even care at all? Rating: C

Match 5: Bound for Glory Series tables match: Bully Ray defeats Jeff Hardy; James Storm and Robbie E

Wait, so Pope Dinero got attacked by A&E earlier, but Robbie E didn’t, so we have to out up with him here? Well that sucks! Robbie E even botched moving a table out of the way so Bully didn’t get suplexed through it by Storm and Hardy. He went through the edge of it, so the referees waved it off. Awkward moment there. Apart from that, A&E interfered fully in this match, aiding Storm by saving him from Hardy and then Bully Ray (They even gave him a thumbs up).  Bully ended up powerbombing hardy through the table for the 20 points. Good match here which used the tables stipulation well, but it also builds on the story of A&E aiding Storm very well. Best match of the night so far. Rating: B-

Jeremy Borash says no-one has an idea where Aces & Eights are hiding or coming from. Maybe try security cameras to see them?

Match 6: X Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) defeats Kenny King

This match seemed a bit obvious in its outcome, but it was a solid enough effort from both these guys, especially Kenny King. He is a future X Division champion in my eyes at the moment and a great credit to the division in TNA. Although we have seen a lot of this stuff before, sometimes you just need to go back to basics for a good match, and that’s what both men did here. Back and forth action had me guessing on who would win but Ion picked up the win after some near falls. Rating: B-

Match 7: Bound for Glory Series Ladder match: AJ Styles defeats Samoa Joe; Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels

The winner was the first man to grab the 20 point envelope above the ring. Now, considering the four talents in the ring for this match, what did you expect for a match? Ok, it was not as great as it possibly have been, but it was a great match full of bumps and use of the ladders. Daniels was more or less used as a piñata throughout the match, even being trapped between the ladder rungs, while AJ Styles grabbed the envelope by springboard from the ropes to the ladder right in front of Samoa Joe. The look on Joe’s face after the match was priceless, but it says how important the BFGS is to all the wrestlers. Creative ending for AJ Styles and a great match to get the crowd into. Rating: B

We got a promo on Austin Aries risking it all (including the X Division title he surrendered last month) to have one shot at the World Title. He beat Roode for the title at Destination X last month and has been called a fluke champion since by Roode. Tonight is the rematch, with the special stipulation that neither man who loses this match, will receive a rematch for the title.

Match 8: TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries (c) defeats Bobby Roode

Ok this match needs to be broken down a little bit. First of all, the fact Aries got the win was a bit surprising, as I was predicting Bobby Roode would main event Bound for Glory against my BFGS pick James Storm in a grudge match. No rematch for him after this loss, so that looks to be out of the window. Secondly, WAY too much stalling at the beginning of the match, as Roode channelled his inner Memphis to annoy AA. And thirdly, after a double pin between the both of them, the match got restarted, as I dreaded a WrestleMania 27 re-run (look at John Cena and The Miz). Rollup got the win for Aries, but the match didn’t feel as good as the original at Destination X. It felt a little overbooked by the end of it all, but otherwise this was your average TNA main event. Rating: C+

Overall: C This pay per view is a tale of two halves. The first half was average and boring, with even the live crowd giving near to zero reactions at times. The second half the show was miles better and showcased several good to great matches. The main event was average and a repeat of last month’s at Destination X, but that is the norm with this company, so I can look past that. If you ignore the first half of this show, it’s a great show to watch, with the best match being the ladder match by far. Solid show, if nothing too spectacular, on the Road to Bound for Glory.


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WWE RAW – 13th August 2012 – Texas is hating Lesnar and Heyman


Date:                   13th August 2012

Venue:                 Dallas, Texas

Commentators:    Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

So we’re finally at the go home show for SummerSlam, so I expect the final push to buy the pay per view in this show and on SmackDown. It most likely won’t be about the wrestling here, which is fine as long as the storytelling and drama hold out. Expect Lesnar to actually show up here, most likely to confront HBK again to piss Triple H off even more. As for Punk/Cena/Show (why is Show even in this match?), I just can’t wait for this match to end this Sunday. Long time since I have said that for a Punk match isn’t it? Let’s begin.

Segment 1: CM Punk defeats Big Show (via DQ)

I would be surprised that a match is kicking off RAW tonight, but this was announced on over the weekend, so I’m not surprised. Needless to say this was a domination for Show (what else was you expecting?), minus a few kicks from Punk.

Tell me, why is Bryan out here now? Oh he wants to be in the WWE title match at SummerSlam but the match went on, until Bryan put Punk into the NO Lock. Jeez that was a touch overbooked but that has to be a surprising start to RAW. Match was watchable to be fair, which says everything for a Big Show match these days. Rating: C

Cena makes the save, before AJ Lee (RAW GM in case you didn’t know) makes the tag team main event of Show/Bryan versus Punk/Cena. How predictable.

JTG complained about how “crazy” it is he isn’t on RAW backstage. AJ Lee heard this and said for JTG to get to the ring for a match. This isn’t going to end well for him.

Segment 2: Ryback defeats JTG

See what I mean? Ryback, with a new theme song, destroys JTG before Musclebuster ends this in short fashion. Those “Goldberg” chants to Ryback are starting to get annoying. “FEED ME MORE” is becoming a bit popular I think.

Jericho, Miz or Dolph Ziggler on Piper’s Pit tonight? You decide as part of RAW active!

Santino Marella v Antonio Cesaro for the US Title is announced for the pre-show this Sunday. Why is this not on the main PPV show?

Segment 3: R-Truth defeats Heath Slater

Is Slater still on RAW? Where’s Kofi Kingston tonight? This was just to let R-Truth get some intensity going before Sunday I assume, when the Tag Team Titles go up for grabs against the Prime Time Players. Lie Detector get’s the win for Truth. Too short too rate but not much of a match to be honest.

PTP, minus a released A.W, come down after the match and attack R-Truth, minus his tag team partner Kofi Kingston for some reason. At least this makes the PTP look strong for Sunday, even if it was two on one.

Pauly D (??) is the social media ambassador tonight on RAW. I can hear the crowd booing in the background. Any more time wasters?

Here’s some more then. Recap of the main event of SmackDown and the beat down by Del Rio and the “police” on Sheamus. Problem is, Booker T cancelled the World Title match at SummerSlam as Del Rio’s punishment. Yeah does anyone believe this will ever stick beyond this week on SmackDown?

Segment 4: Sin Cara defeats Tensai

This was way too short of a match but why is it an upset to beat Albe…. I mean Tensai so much? It’s not like Tensai means a lot anyway. Spinning DDT looked good by Cara though. Another beat down of Sakamoto by Tensai after the match means nothing. Get some anger management lessons dude! Rating: D

Michaels wants to know when HHH get’s to the arena.

Segment 5: Piper’s Pit

And the guest is…. Y2J Chris Jericho! Pretty obvious when you think about it. This whole segment pretty much covered what we have heard between Jericho and Ziggler lately, but there is more intensity to Jericho here, which is good with SummerSlam around the corner. The crowd was HOT for this segment, cheering Y2J loudly and booing the hell out of Guerrero/Ziggler. I don’t know why Miz got involved here or what Piper rambled about most of the time (was he drunk in all seriousness??), but I enjoyed this promo time. It reinforces my belief this match will be match of the night at SummerSlam, hands down. Rating: B

Segment 6: Triple Threat match: Dolph Ziggler defeats Chris Jericho and The Miz

Well this is a surprise: triple threat non-title match (Miz is the IC champion). You see, when a match get’s time to flourish between three talented guys, this usually results in a great match. There were so many near falls and false finishes between these three, it was amazing to watch. Certainly a great TV match and the fact Ziggler got the pin on Jericho (with Guerrero’s help) makes me and all the other fans believe Ziggler can finish the job against Jericho on Sunday. Great TV match here. Rating: B+

Contract signing tonight between Lesnar and Triple H. Yet Triple H isn’t here yet. Whatever, this rivalry has not been worth the hassle but that’s a different topic for later.

Punk tells Cena he won’t stab anyone in the back tonight, until SummerSlam. He want’s it to be all about him. I say watch those words this Sunday.

Segment 7: Layla/Kaitlyn defeats Eve Torres/ Beth Pheonix

When was the last time Beth Pheonix was on RAW? Month’s ago? No offence to the ladies here, but I could not care less about the Diva’s division at the moment. There is no storyline in this division I care about and until that is sorted out by the creative team, I shall not bother to care. Beth is beaten by a roll up by Kaitlyn.

Recap between Lesnar and Triple H over the last few months. This storyline has been badly botched to me, seriously.

Segment 8: John Cena/CM Punk defeats Big Show/Daniel Bryan

This match is about a tale of two teams who cannot get along. Punk and Show eventually walk out on their partners to ringside, while Cena finished off Bryan with the AA. A preview of Sunday really with Bryan mixed in tonight, but Cena and Punk could not trust each other enough, except to win this match. Saying that, it’s funny seeing Punk steal Cena’s Five Moves of Doom, until Cena tagged himself in. Decent match which wasted a good fifteen to twenty minutes, so I’m happy with that. Rating: C+

Cena refuses to shake CM Punk’s hand. Classy.

Segment 9: Damien Sandow defeats Christian

First Cesaro, now Sandow for Christian. Can’t say there is no variety in WWE at the moment in certain matches. Brodus Clay returned to look on, as Sandow ended this match with the cross arm neckbreaker, known as the Illumination. Shock win for me, but it builds Sandow up as more of a threat in his feud with Clay. Right about now, I wouldn’t mind seeing a SummerSlam match between these two, seeing as they have something to do. Rating: C

Segment 10: Contract signing between Lesnar and Triple H (??)

Apparently, Triple H is still not here for the contract signing. More to the point, why are contract signings left to the episode BEFORE the pay per view? It seems stupid really. After Heyman insulted the entirety of Texas to huge boos, HBK and Triple H (who finally made it) come to the ring and sign the contract. Brock signs and leaves. No, seriously that’s it. What a waste of ten minutes! I think that’s the first contract signing I have seen without a punch up at the end! Rating: D

The next five minutes are recaps of the episode; interviews and twitter, which I have no interest in. What a waste of time.

Actually, that last interview cuts away to Brock grabbing Michaels from his car and beating him down, while the camera is knocked out. Wait, so no-one saw a damn thing? What about Matt Striker, who was SEEN RUNNING TO THE SCENE OF THE ATTACK?? This company does my head in at times! With Lesnar breaking Michael’s arm with the Kimura Lock, this is pretty smart to be honest, considering this is in Michael’s home state of Texas, Lesnar and Heyman drew MAJOR heat for their actions here. Good final build to HHH/Lesnar on Sunday, but is it too late? Rating: B-

Overall: C Like I said, it was supposed to be about the storylines and the final build to SummerSlam tonight, which it was. Aside from the triple threat match earlier on, all the matches were short but most of them served a purpose. The big main events for this Sunday got pushed pretty well, while I am looking forward to Jericho/Ziggler the most. Despite this, three hours of RAW every week is still a chore to sit through. There is not enough here to keep the viewers interested for that length of time. Sure, there are snippets of interest but aside from that, fans will struggle for the entire show at times.


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