WCW Nitro – 25th December 1995 – A lousy Xmas present for the fans

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                   25th December 1995

Location:             Augusta, Georgia

Commentators:   Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

Merry Christmas!! 1995 style! Considering it’s Christmas Day for Nitro, this show was taped seven days in advance after the previous Nitro episode. WCW’s present to the fans is a World Title match between the champion Randy Savage and Ric Flair, just two days before Starrcade. Seems a bit weird they had a pay per view on a Wednesday but it’s not the first time it had been done. Let’s begin.

Apparently, Hogan has been suspended until the end of 1995 for his attack on Flair last week. So he’s gone for less than a week? Oh right he also misses the biggest PPV WCW can offer, Starrcade. Apparently.

Segment 1: Lex Luger def Scotty Riggs

Another warm up match for Luger for Starrcade, which was a formality in its result. Despite that, this was a fairly competitive match, as Riggs gave a fair amount of offense. Of course, no one bought that he had a chance against Luger, and the Rack ended this pretty quickly. Solid match, if not spectacular. Rating: C-

Sting is tired of being asked about him and Luger being friends. Ithink we should find out in a few episodes.

Segment 2: Sting def Big Bubba Rogers

Another warm up match, but this one was VERY boring, with a lot of stalling by both men/ Thankfully it was over in short order, but this match is not a fail for the fact Sting was MAJORLY over with the fans at the time. Rating: C-

Sgt Craig Pitman is turned down by Jimmy Hart to be his manager in humiliating fashion. Oh well.

Segment 3: Dean Malenko def Mr J.L

Very entertaining match from these two, as you would expect, but unfortunately this may be the last we see of Mr J.L, as Malenko broke J.L’s arm from a fireman’s carry off the top rope. I’m not sure he had another match on Nitro after that. No rating because of the unfortunate incident, but we have seen this match many times before.

Segment 4: WCW World Title: “Macho Man” Randy Savage def Ric Flair (via DQ)

Interesting fact: this match was one half of the main event at WrestleMania VIII nearly four years before for the WWF Championship. The problem here is this is ANOTHER disqualification in the main event of Nitro, which is getting annoying to see week after week. It sets up potential clashes at Starrcade (especially the clash between Sting and Savage to close the show) based on the triangle match to meet the WCW Champion in the main event, but it’s still annoying to see. Rating: D+

Overall: D+ This was a poor go home show for the company’s biggest pay per view of the year. I haven’t seen the pay per view at all, so I have no idea if it was any good at all or not, but judging by this show alone, I’m not sure if there are enough reasons to want to watch it. Poor ending; poor show and poor promotion of a major pay per view.

Naturally, because WWF RAW was not on at Christmas this year, Nitro won in the ratings. That was one way to get the fans interested in Nitro.


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WWE SmackDown – 21st September 2012 – The Kane & Daniel Bryan Show

WWE SmackDown

Date:                   21st September 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

We are past Night of Champions now, and with six weeks until Hell in a Cell, I expect this show to deal with the fallout from last Sunday, as well as possibly start new feuds for the next pay per view. Let’s begin.

This is the majority of the show: The Tag Team Champions

I never thought I would see this but the majority of the show was showcased around the tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan. The opening segment, which featured the returning Edge, was pure comedy gold. Bryan lost his temper again, Edge was getting angry at both the squabbling champions… while Kane wanted to hug it out with Edge for all he did to him. Seriously, this may seem childish but it sums up the whole storyline perfectly between these two. They are acting so far out of character, that I want to see more of them. Awesome way to start the show.

Both men had singles matches that night, with Kane losing to Damien Sandow and Bryan losing to Cody Rhodes, thanks to interferences by both partners. They continue to argue but they come together later in the night when they have a tag team match later against Sandow/Rhodes and take out the majority of the tag team division with chair shots. This is the way to book your champions as dominant so early in their title reign and it garnered a great reaction from the crowd.

When was the last time the tag team titles were given this much attention? I loved this show for this reason alone! The only concern I have is if they do this too often, it could wear the angle thin in a short time, as fans could get sick of it. For a one time thing though, it was entertaining to watch. Rating: A

Del Rio has no more title shots and Ziggler is pinned again

Now that Sheamus has pinned Del Rio again at Night of Champions (three times in three months), this feud for the World Title should be over now. In a tag team match between Sheamus/Orton versus Del Rio/Ziggler, the Mexican Aristocrat proved nothing about why he should have the title shot, which makes me and the rest of the fans sigh in relief.

Speaking of title contenders, Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler, was the one who took the fall in the tag team match. See, the problem with this is Ziggler has been pinned more times than i care to count by Sheamus, so why should I believe he is a threat to Sheamus’ World Title, unless he cheats? That is what will most likely happen but still, they are wasting a golden opportunity to make Ziggler a main event level star. Rating: C-

Mahal/MacIntyre and Slater together?

So Brodus Clay was attacked by Slater (who he was having a match against); Mahal and MacIntyre. Is there any logical reason for these three to join forces or is it because they have been so easily forgotten for the last two years.

Cesaro dumps Aksana… WHY??

So after Marella pinned Cesaro (because clearly they need to drag out this feud for even longer!) because of the accidental distraction by Aksana, Cesaro (US Champion) says it’s over between them… in five different languages. Wait, so they broke up over Aksana costing him ONE FRAKING MATCH!? It wasn’t even for the title, so you could easily make an angle out of this! The booking team do my head in at times, seriously. Rating: D+

Overall: B+ This show was all about one thing: the tag team titles and the champions. To say it was a success is an understatement, but they can’t do this every show for fear of ruining this angle. As a one off for the show, it was different and refreshing instead of focusing on the same main event level superstars every single week. As far as the rest of the show went, it was pretty boring or difficult to work out why certain things took place. They have six weeks to build up the next pay per view, so hopefully everything will become clearer. Entertaining episode tonight overall.


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New posts imminent…

Thanks to travelling and getting drunk, plus a hangover today, I have obviously put no new posts up this weekend. Luckily, I have watched this weeks SmackDown (which was epic by all standards!), so that should be up tomorrow morning at the latest. I would say definitely check it out, as this weeks show was so different in what they focused on (NOT the World Title for once!)

Along with a couple of other posts, tomorrow may be very busy for this site. Hope you all enjoy the new posts ^^.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 20th September 2012 – Why is Shaq O’Neal here again?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    20th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

We continue the build to Bound for Glory, with the Aces & 8’s story set to continue and the World Title match between Hardy and Aries set. Apparently Shaquille O’Neal will be here tonight to have Hogan’s back, whatever that means. Let’s begin.

Oh and it’s Open Fight Night, although no one really cares.

Hardy is the hunted by Aries; Bully Ray def Austin Aries

Ok, so last week Hardy was made to look like an underdog somewhat, but now this week Aries is saying he is after what Hardy has. Sounds a little confusing, or is it just me? Either way, both men have the respect of each other, but Aries has a lot more about him in terms of personality. See, this is why Hardy was such a shock to win the Bound for Glory Series, as he doesn’t seem to have the aura of a main eventer, even if it’s in TNA.

The night’s main event was an OFN call out by Aries to Bully Ray (who Hardy beat twice in the last two weeks) to prove he is better than Hardy. Shockingly, Bully Ray pulled out the win (albeit with the use of his chain) in a nice twist, although it will be interesting to see how this ties into the World Title picture or not over the next few weeks. Saying that, it took till near the end for the World Title story to be mentioned even once in this show. Rating: C+

Aces & 8’s get a lawyer

So teasing Joseph Park’s big find on Aces & 8’s for this week led to him getting kidnapped by the A&E Gang and his laptop smashed. How charming of them, but this story is getting a bit desperate now. Hogan is invited to their “Clubhouse” next week, which sounds like de ja vu from his WCW days (anyone remember the Dungeon of Doom?). When is this story going to progress to the ring in the form of a match or series of matches? More to the point, what is the Gang’s purpose for all this, which is yet unexplained? Rating: C-

Oh by the way, what was the point of Shaquille O’Neal being here? Apart from showing up in the intro, he did  nothing the whole episode!

New TV Champion next week

Now that Devon has left the company (although he is still the recognised TV Champion), a new TV Champion will be determined next week on IMPACT. And not a single care was given.

Daniels/Kaz’s tag title reign is numbered

After causing the match between Guerrero/Hernandez versus Kurt Angle/AJ Styles to be thrown out, Daniels/Kaz were informed by Hogan they will defend the tag titles against the same two teams in a triple threat match at Bound for Glory. This outcome was pretty obvious after last week’s outcome, but it is still sensible booking and a good way to get some interest into the tag team titles. Seriously, they have obsolete for a long time now that they are easy to forget along with the champions. Rating: B-

Roode versus Storm just got tastier

Let’s see. Open Fight Night, call out by Storm and a huge brawl ending in a no contest only says this match will go to Bound for Glory. Of course, that makes sense and I look forward to it, considering this brawl was a lot of fun to watch. I mean come on, even the fans lifted up their shoes for Storm to ram Roode’s head into and another fan got some free beer from under the ring. Fantastic segment and it only furthers the hate between these two. I say let them fight in a street fight at Bound for Glory and let the madness unfold. Rating: B+

Tara calls out…. Christy Hemme?

After last week’s heel turn by Tara, she calls out ring announcer Christy Hemme to teach her some respect. Uh, any point to this at all? Miss Tessmacher comes out to save Hemme, but this just seemed a little pointless overall. Unless Tara is going to adopt a psycho gimmick like her old Victoria character in WWE. I’m all for that. Rating: C-

TNA Gutcheck: Evan Markopoulos

This weeks Gutcheck is 18-year old Evan Markopoulos, who faced Douglas Williams this week. Good start for Evan, who got the crowd behind before the match got started. Good effort at the start, but he faded towards the middle and end of the match sadly. Plus the experience and skills of Williams was too much to handle for him.

My verdict: No contract.

Overall: B- All things considered, this was a good episode, with a lot of build up to Bound for Glory taking place tonight. The World Title picture and Aces & 8’s took a while to be mentioned and sporadically at times, but apart from that a lot of feuds/stories were advanced here, which is all you can ask for on the build-up to the biggest show in the company’s year. Solid episode.

I still don’t get the point of advertising Shaquille O’Neal on this show if he did nothing the entire night.


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WWE RAW – 17th September 2012 – When was the last time I was this excited for tag team matches?


Date:                    17th September 2012

Venue:                 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Commentators:    Michael Cole, Jim Ross, JBL

Considering everyone was writing about how Night of Champions was a throwaway pay per view last night, it turned out to be an excellent event, headlined by the fantastic WWE Championship match between Cena and Punk. While the match ended in a draw, it allows for a rematch later on, which i won’t mind. The question is can the WWE continue the momentum with a great TV show tonight? Let’s find out.

Update on Jerry Lawler

First things first, after Jerry Lawler’s unfortunate heart attack last week, Cole updated us at the start of the show that Jerry is back home in Memphis after a week in hospital. There will also be a live interview with Jerry next week on RAW via satellite, which will be good to see. Kudos to WWE for their handling of this whole situation and Cole has shown he has class in him for his professionalism with updating us of Jerry’s condition.

For tonight, we have Jim Ross and JBL (just like last night at Night of Champions) taking to the commentary table until Jerry Lawler is fit enough to return. JBL was awesome on the PPV last night, so I expect another strong showing by him here.

We hope to see you soon Jerry. Fantastic to hear you are on the mend.

More controversy over WWE Championship

After the WWE Title match ended in a draw last night, Heyman and Punk demanded respect for walking out of Cena’s hometown still with the gold. Until Cena pinned Punk in a tag team match later on….. when Punk’s leg was on the rope. This is only going to result in another title match down the road anyway, most likely at Hell in a Cell, so it’s a necessary evil I suppose to use this controversy angle. Then again, these two tend to have good matches and chemistry against each other, so I can’t complain either way. I just hope this match will be in Hell in a Cell, as this rivalry needs to be settled once and for all. Rating: C+

Tag team division is on the mend

There is certainly a growing interest in the tag team division in recent months, with the Prime Time Players being given a huge push especially. They made a huge statement after the tag team match between Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio and Primo/Epico, where they took out Cara/Mysterio, before declaring they will take what they want from now on. I sense a bigger push for these guys on their way to becoming tag team champions in the future, which would do the division some good over the coming months.

As for the tag team champions, Daniel Bryan and Kane, they defeated Kingston/Truth in a rematch from Night of Champions. They are MAJORLY over at the moment so putting the tag team title belts on them was the best decision they made. It will be interesting to see how long this team can co-exist for though and how long they last as the tag team champions. Credit to the WWE for giving the tag team division some life again. Rating: B+

Eve Torres conspiracy theory

After Eve won the Divas Title from Layla at Night of Champions, after Kaitlyn was attacked by someone “unknown”, the conspiracy theories have been flying around that Eve was the one who attacked her. Not only is that predictable, but does anyone really care about this division at the moment? The WWE has shown they do not care about this division, and making this switch at the last minute proves that. Fair enough, Eve is the most interesting diva in the division at the moment and deserves to be champion, but that alone does not make me interested in the Divas. Except for their good looks. But that’s it. Rating: D-

Brodus Clay’s first feud?

So Brodus Clay defeats Heath Slater here and now has the full attention of Antonio Cesaro, the US Champion, for attacking him last week? I’m all for that. Give them both a story and give the US Title some on TV to remind the fans it is still there every now and again. I don’t think Brodus Clay has had a feud up until this point unless you count Damien Sandow. Rating: C+

MizTV is born!

It was about time they gave the Miz his on talk show, to follow in the footsteps of Shawn Michaels, Edge and Roddy Piper to name a few. After successfully defending the Intercontinental Title at Night of Champions in a fatal fourway match and humiliating his first guest on the show, Booker T, he got confronted by Ryback. Now this would be an interesting feud, which is a legitimate challenge for both men. Ryback is unbeaten in WWE and Miz is a former WWE Champion, so it would be a big test for Ryback to see what he is made of. Make it happen WWE, and it looks like it could happen. Rating: B-

Overall: B This show had a nice blend of the fallout from Night of Champions and the start and continuity of feuds for the next few weeks or even months. Even the secondary titles are looking to get some feuds going, which is a fresh feeling for us fans. Hell in a Cell PPV is in five weeks, so that gives the WWE some time to get some major rivalries going, with this show being a solid start on that road.

Saying that, I am immensely excited about the tag team division at the moment, with some feuds looking to draw the crowds in. With Kane/Bryan as the champs, that will put the focus on the tag team belts, which is the right thing to do at this moment in time. The Prime Time Players are also looking good, and could enter into a rivalry with Cara/Mysterio if that is the case. I, and all the other fans, hope this continues into the future, as this revival is what we have been clamouring for for years.


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WWE SmackDown – 14th September 2012 – Why bother with the US and Intercontinental titles anymore?

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  14th September 2012

Location:            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

The final show before Night of Champions is upon us, so let’s get this done, as there are a few things to address here. First off, what final pointers will be given in the World Heavyweight Championship feud, regarding the now-banned Brogue Kick? Who will challenge for the Intercontinental and US Championships this Sunday night? How will Bryan and Kane co-exist as a tag team this Sunday? Let’s begin.

The Brogue Kick case continues

After the Brogue kick was banned before, during and after matches by SmackDown GM Booker T, Otunga and Del Rio even brought in Christian via satellite (recovering from shoulder surgery) to say the Brogue Kick should be banned permanently. This whole angle has been much better than what we have seen between Del Rio and Sheamus over the last few months, yet it is still being slightly botched. With Sheamus using the Texas Cloverleaf, especially by defeating Bryan on SmackDown this week, it just looks like a small inconvenience to Sheamus, nothing more nothing less. They could have waited until Night of Champions for him to debut that move at least. Rating: C

Intercontinental title match determined

After the IC Champion, The Miz, lost to Sin Cara this week, it was determined that Miz would defend the title against Cody Rhodes (who attacked Miz on RAW this week); Mysterio (who pinned Miz on SmackDown last week) and Sin Cara (who pinned him moments before) in a fatal fourway match this Sunday. This is a crossover of feuds, but does anyone care about them enough to want to see a title match between these four? Should be a good match regardless though. Rating: C

Bryan and Kane to take the Tag Team Titles Sunday?

With Kane defeating Kofi Kingston on SmackDown this week, Bryan/Kane (Team Friendship if you want) have a good chance to win the tag team titles on Sunday. In all honesty, they need to win the titles, as not only would it keep their anger management storyline going, but it would also aid the restoration of the tag team division in the long-term. Solid stuff by the booking team here, but they need to keep it going with the right result on Sunday for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Rating: B

Does Ziggler really have a chance against Orton?

Another failed sneak attack from Ziggler this week really drove the question home to me this week. Does Ziggler even have a chance of defeating Orton at Night of Champions this Sunday? If the company can’t even trust or allow Ziggler to gain an advantage over Orton (he isn’t even that big of a star in the company recently, let’s be honest), then how can we as fans be expected to believe Ziggler is a threat to Orton? This is going to end badly I reckon this Sunday, for Ziggler mostly. Rating: D

Wade Barrett is still in business – What is this “product” he is on about that will be sampled by someone next week on SmackDown?

US Champion made to look weak

Just by reading that subheading, I am not surprised by this. Antonio Cesaro, the US Champion, get’s squashed in a promo by Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay, in a bid to make the audience and the kids happy. How is this meant to build a champion up for a surprise match this Sunday? WWE booking ladies and gentlemen. Rating: D

They are sort of trying with Kaitlyn

After the wrong diva won the battle royal a few weeks ago on RAW (Eve Torres should have won) and WWE decided not to change it, Kaitlyn has been built up slowly leading to her title match with Layla on Sunday. The whole angle has been turned into an underdog story, with Beth Pheonix (this week) and Natalya to name a few falling victim to Kaitlyn recently. Good way to build her up before Sunday, with her lack of ring experience it seems unlikely Layla will lose the title at Night of Champions. Unless Eve Torres is added into the match at the very last minute. Good effort at least here. Rating: C

Overall: C+ Aside a few booking issues as far as the IC and US Titles went (WWE do not care about them either way) this was a solid go-home show to Night of Champions. The World Title match has some intrigue to it; the Tag Team Title match has a lot of interest in it from the fans and the card has essentially been filled out. Ziggler could have been built up better over the last few weeks to face Orton as an equal, but such is the nature of WWE booking. The pay per view on Sunday has the potential to be good, if not spectacular, so let’s hope it delivers.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 13th September 2012 – Hardy as a World Title underdog?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    13th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

So finally, we’re past No Surrender and the Bound for Glory Series is over after three gruelling months of it dominating IMPACT. The winner? Jeff Hardy!

I didn’t watch the pay per view last Sunday, so when I heard this, I was in complete shock when he beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray AND was attacked by Aces & 8’s in one night. That’s what you call a busy shift. The worst part was James Storm (who dominated the BFGS) didn’t even make the final two, as Bobby Roode smashed a beer bottle over his head to cost him his match. Anyway, the build to Bound for Glory continues tonight, so let’s begin.

Respect from Austin Aries; Bully Ray wants Hardy’s title shot

Aries didn’t defend the title on Sunday (having an unofficial fight with Aces & 8’s instead), but he offer’s major respect to Hardy for his victories last Sunday. Either this will be a respect feud or it will get more personal over the coming weeks until Bound for Glory. Bully Ray came out and claims says he was cheated, so he gets a rematch with Hardy tonight. Why must wrestling companies put the rematches on mere days AFTER a pay per view? No wonder TNA fans won’t buy their pay per views, because they can see everything for free on TV.

Later in the night, Bully goads Hardy into putting his title shot on the line in the match later on. At least this rematch has some purpose then, so that alone makes it slightly intriguing. Decent opening sequence, but it has been done so many times in TNA. Rating: C

Another day, another X Division title defence

Zema Ion retained his title in ANOTHER rematch from last Sunday (seriously TNA, at least wait a few weeks!), as he continues to impress and wait for Jesse Sorensen, I assume for a personal title match to end their feud. Can’t really say Ion is a transitional champion at this point, especially if he holds the title for a long time. Rating: C

Bobby Roode and James Storm: Destined for Bound for Glory?

I predicted when Storm returned in June, that he would win the Bound for Glory Series and challenge bobby Roode for his World Title at Bound for Glory. Well, it looks like I am half right, as based on this week’s events between them; they could face off at Bound for Glory, but without the World Title as a prize. Roode explained on IMPACT if he can’t have the title, then neither can his ex-partner Storm, which actually makes sense because that’s how the rivalry started. Storm came out for a brawl, which escalated to the back before being split up. I still think it would have been a better idea to have the match for the World Title, but oh well. Rating: C+

Tag team titles under the spotlight

With Hogan placing the tag team champions (of the world), Daniels and Kazarian in singles matches tonight, the tag team titles would be on the line to those who could beat Kaz and Daniels in singles matches. Guess what happened? AJ Styles beat Kazarian and Chavo Guerrero defeated Daniels to get tag team title shots for their respective teams. So chances are, we could see a triple threat match for the titles at Bound for Glory. Count me in for that, as the tag team division has been virtually non-existent in the last few years in TNA. Rating: B-

Tara makes this personal

After losing to Miss Tessmacher at No Surrender with the Knockout’s Title on the line, Tara presented her “best friends” championship to Tessmacher. I say that, because afterwards Tara levelled the champion with a clothesline. Everything just got personal here, but it seemed way too predictable and forced. Rating: C-

Hogan locks out Aces & 8’s out…. or in?

Hogan claims to have locked out Aces & 8’s, after their repeated attacks over the last few months. Problem is, A&E Gang claim they will always be inside, due to an insider betraying TNA. Yeah this storyline needs to pick up pretty quickly, as the attacks are becoming way too old now. Set up a match for Bound for Glory already!

Hardy retains his Bound for Glory title shot

Based on the fact Hardy beat Bully Ray with his title shot on the line, the booking team is trying to make Hardy look like an underdog in his hunt for the World Title. To be fair, he was the last person I expected to win the Bound for Glory Series and he is going up against Austin Aries, but Hardy can more than hold his own in the ring. Still, it’s a decent way for the story to go, especially as this is the last scenario many of us expected. Good main event here, with Bully Ray coming close to the win on numerous occasions, which I cannot complain about too much. Rating: B-

Overall: C+ This episode started the final push to Bound for Glory in a solid fashion. The World Title was emphasised well, the Aces * 8’s angle needs to progress more now and the fallout from No Surrender is setting up undercard matches for Bound for Glory nicely. I just wish TNA would stop putting rematches from pay per views on TV days after the event itself.


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WCW Nitro – 18th December 1995 – A WWF title belt disgraced

WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                    18th December 1995

Location:              Augusta, Georgia

Commentators:    Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

It’s almost Christmas…. 1995 that is. With Starrcade only 9 days away, the WCW World Champion, Randy Savage will have a busy time defending his World Title until then, starting tonight against The Giant. Also, I think a famous moment occurs here with a defection from the WWF and one of their titles. Long time wrestling fans know what I mean here. Let’s begin.

Segment 1: The debut of Madusa from the WWF

And yes we start with the famous moment of the program: Madusa (formerly Alundra Blayze in the WWF) debuts with the WWF Women’s Championship, as she was still recognised as the champion. So what was her first action? Dumping her title belt in the trashcan. On live TV! Classy move, don’t you think? That one move sparked the Monday Night Wars into life even more, as it was a statement of intent by WCW. It hit Vince McMahon where it hurt the most: his pride in his company and its tradition. Rating: B-

Segment 2: Ric Flair defeats Eddie Guerrero

This was the first of three warm up matches for those competing in the triangle (Flair, Sting and Luger). A competitive match here, but Flair (in the style only he can do so well) cheated to win in the Figure Four leglock. Eddie is getting better reactions each time he goes out there, so it’s a shame he was never used to his full potential in WCW. Rating: B-

Dungeon of Doom come out after the match and threaten the Four Horseman about Brian Pillman attacking one of their guys. I think this was where their year long feud originated.

Segment 3: Lex Luger defeats Marcus Bagwell

Second of three warm up matches tonight. Just above a squash here, with Bagwell submitting to the Rack by Luger. No rating here, but Luger looked ready for Starrcade.

Segment 5: Sting defeats Earl Robert Eaton

The third and final warm up match tonight. Total squash in the end, with a Stinger Splash and Scorpion Deathlock ending Eaton. There was some doubt before the match about whether Sting was a good or bad guy, due to his affiliation with Lex Luger recently.

Segment 6: WCW World Title: The Giant defeats Randy Savage (c)

This match was given some good time, which was mostly dominated by The Giant, as was to be expected. The announcers were smart to push The Giant as having a chance of him winning the title, but did anyone believe the title would change hands here? I should have expected this, but Giant won by disqualification after Hogan interfered and took out everyone in his path. Surprise, surprise. Rating: C-

Hogan want’s his title shot at Savage, who agrees to it. Providing he gets past Ric Flair next week (another World Title match two days before Starrcade?) and through the Starrcade pay per view. This may be overkill on the World Title scene but I suppose they needed to keep the audience tuning in over Christmas.

Overall: B- This episode was mainly a warm up for the triangle match and a TV World title match, because this is WCW after all. I think the World Cup of Wrestling was mentioned once throughout the show, which is not the way to promote a pay per view effectively. The opening segment was a shocker at the time, with the tradition of the WWF slapped in the face on live WCW TV. Decent show tonight with a great opening scene.


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WWE RAW – 10th September 2012 – Wishing a speedy recovery to Jerry “The King” Lawler


Date:                    10th September 2012

Venue:                 Montreal, Canada

Commentators:    Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

Apologies for the lateness of this review, it’s been a hectic couple of days and I have also been checking reports over the condition of Jerry Lawler.

Normally, I would say let’s begin with the go home show for the next pay per view, but after what happened with Jerry Lawler on RAW, it’s difficult to talk about a lot of happenings this week. This review will touch upon the big news out of RAW regardless, but none of them are bigger than the health of Lawler. Let’s do this.

Jerry Lawler suffers heart attack and is taken to hospital

This is the biggest news here, with Jerry Lawler suffering a heart attack during the Kane/Bryan versus Prime Time Players tag team match. He was rushed backstage and given CPR, with reports stating he was clinically dead for 20 minutes. He thankfully responded and was taken to a nearby hospital in Montreal.

All our prayers and thoughts are with Jerry and his family at this time. We all hope Jerry can pull through this and recover in time. He is a huge credit to the wrestling industry, regardless of any criticism of him over the last few years, with many legendary matches throughout his career. In my opinion, WWE not doing commentary for the rest of RAW out of respect for Jerry was a class move.

Please get well soon Jerry.

CM Punk/Bret Hart and John Cena interview

In order to push the WWE title match some more and gain some extra buys, WWE may have done just that with this final segment. With Bret Hart conducting an interview, in his home country where he is worshipped, with John Cena, Punk came out to throw some truth at the Cenation leader. When the tables got turned and the truth thrown back at CM Punk, it gave us a glimpse into how Punk has developed since that infamous promo of his back in June 2011. And it’s true. Punk became a big star for himself since then and now the fans hate this whiny version of the Second City Saint. Fantastic end segment to RAW, helping what should be a great match for this Sunday at Night of Champions. Rating: B+

I wonder how Paul Heyman will factor into this Sunday’s title match, if at all?

Kane and Daniel Bryan for the tag team titles?

FINALLY! For the last few weeks, these two have been involved in an anger management angle, involving classes and an in-ring hug. Now they are tag team partners, which is the best way for them to go. After they beat the Prime Time Players on RAW, they have the No 1 Contenders spot this Sunday for the WWE tag team titles. Rating: A

Unfortunately, Lawler had his heart during this match, which is the fault of no one, meaning this match went largely unnoticed for good reason.

Sheamus sued by Rodriguez/Otunga.

The skits showing Sheamus being sued by Rodriguez and Otunga in a tribunal case was fantastic to see. It showed Otunga in a typical setting for his character (he is a Harvard graduate after all) and it furthered the “Brogue Kick is dangerous” angle. Brilliant to see, although I felt Sheamus was a bit too jokey, ridiculing Otunga to the point of overkill.

To drive home the point later on, Sheamus brogue kicked Otunga after beating him with the Texas Cloverleaf (huge push on that move to put it over), before Booker T threatened to strip him of the title if that move is used again by Sheamus. The World Title match between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio just got more interesting (I never thought I would say that), as the match has a few outcomes available to go with. Rating: B

US Title and Intercontinental title challengers

A pre show battle royal to determine a challenger to the US Title will take place before this Sunday’s pay per view. As for the Intercontinental title, I reckon a triple threat match will take place between Miz (champion); Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes defeated Mysterio on RAW with the help of Miz, but Rhodes then laid out Miz with the Cross Rhodes finisher. You couldn’t make this more last minute if you tried. Oh wait, it’s normal with these belts now isn’t it? Rating: C-

Overall: B+ This RAW has two sides to it. The great side, which pushed the Night of Champions pay per view this Sunday very well indeed with great storyline advancement (heck, even the tag team titles match has a story to it). Unfortunately, Lawler having a heart attack halted the atmosphere, but again that is the fault of no one. WWE handled the situation with class (Cole earned my respect by professionally giving updates on Lawler’s condition) and hopefully Jerry can continue to recover in hospital and eventually at home. Entertainment wise, excellent episode tonight, but our thoughts remain with Lawler and his family.


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