TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 4th October 2012 – TNA need a Bully!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    4th October 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

This is the second of my catch up posts for TNA IMPACT. We’re closer and closer to Bound for Glory now with most of the stories and matches set for the biggest event of the TNA year. Yeah WrestleMania is still bigger. Anyway, Aces & 8’s beckon for Sting and a partner of his choosing (thankfully not Hogan), while Aries and Hardy get ready for the World Title clash. Let’s begin. Continue reading


TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 27th September 2012 – Samoa Joe is Champion!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    27th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

As I have neglected TNA recently, this will be a marathon of IMPACT reviews leading up to the Bound for Glory pay per view (which happened last Sunday). Hopefully I’ll have two of them up today so bear with me. Continue reading

WWE RAW – 8th October 2012 – It wasn’t only McMahon who got a slap in the face….

The lack of posts I do these days….. blame that on my university. Its killing me!

Anyway, I know I have a lot to catch up on in terms of WWE and TNA TV and pay per views. I aim to do all those in a short space of time, but its more difficult at the moment. I just want to give a rundown of the RAW and SmackDown episodes from 8th and 12th October (last week), before getting to this weeks episodes in WWE. This one focuses on RAW last week.

Oh and for those wondering when I will post the TNA IMPACT and Bound for Glory shows, I will be posting them at some point I hope. As long as I can find them in good time.

Anyway, on with RAW to start with… Continue reading

WWE RAW and SmackDown – 1st to 5th October 2012 – I’m sorry WWE, what’s that about Anti-bullying?

WWE RAW – 01/10/2012

So another week where I have barely been able to sit down and actually watch some wrestling, but last week was… well, pretty weak for wrestling. Still, I’m only covering the top stories here and there’s plenty for that, so let’s begin.

Punk heel push just went into overdrive

I can understand that WWE wants Punk to be a major heel in the company and a complete opposite to John Cena. I can understand that he wants respect as the WWE Champion. But the fact they are trying to do this by bullying JR AGAIN (in his own home state of Oklahoma) makes me cringe.

Why does Vinnie Mac hate JR so much? He’s one of the best announcers in this great industry, yet McMahon has embarrassed him constantly for nearly 20 years. It’s a shame this has happened again, but you could feel the heat and the hate for Punk from the crowd. Hell, even I hated Punk fully for the first time ever on that night. The heat-seeking tactic worked in that sense, but the way it was done was in poor taste.

By the way, does that whole segment not go against the WWE’s Anti-bullying stance? Rating: D

WWE really needs to stop the politics in the ring

Ok, so with the US Presidential Elections round the corner (makes no difference to me anyway), we had a debate between the World Champion Sheamus and the challenger the Big Show. I have one thing to say about this debate…


It wasn’t a debate. It was another bullying segment, with the Big Show on the receiving end this time. Sheamus is not even taking Show as a serious threat, so why should we buy him as a legit threat to the world title at Hell in a Cell? Fair enough, there’s more than enough reasons not to buy him as a threat (WrestleMania joke, can’t beat Cena, etc), but this merely adds another reason on top. Oh and as for Sheamus, he needs to get serious for a change. His character is too jokey for a champion (I know it’s part of a storyline, but still) and he needs a little depth in character right now.

Is this feud going to be worse than Del Rio? Rating: D-

Tag team tournament

Mysterio/Cara went through to the semi-finals after beating the Colons (Epico/Primo), but with the Prime Time Players watching, I sense a feud between these two teams in the future (maybe even at Hell in a Cell). Either way, this tournament has some good teams in there, so it will be interesting to see where it all leads to (except an obvious title challenge for the winners). Good stuff to see the tag team division being revived again. Rating: B

WWE SmackDown – 05/10/2012

Sheamus, Y so unserious?

Sheamus continues to disrespect Big Show. Look back at my RAW review above for my thoughts on this, because I am sick of this rivalry already. Grow up Sheamus!

Tag team tournament continues

This week, Prime Time Players defeated Kingston/Truth to set up a semi-final clash with Mysterio/Cara, I assume for RAW on Monday coming. What did I say about these two meeting in the near future? (Ok it goes by tournament bracket, but still give me some credit!) The final four in the tournament looks like this:

Prime Time Players ———I


Mysterio/Cara————– I                  I


Rhodes Scholars————I                  I



Rating: B

Kingston and Truth go their separate ways

After losing to Prime Time Players in the tag team tournament, it’s worth noting during an interview on, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth decided to continue their singles careers and split up. They helped re-light the tag division originally, so good luck to both men in their singles careers.

Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk put on a show

The main event here was a rare treat, as WWE Champion CM Punk faced off against Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. After a back and forth match, Punk gets the GTS for the win (meaning Ziggler jobs AGAIN!), before saying he will NOT face John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

I suppose with Cena’s injury and a six week build to Hell in a Cell, they need to fill in the time with a story I guess? Great main event on SmackDown this week. Rating: B.

Team Hell No still get the job done

After beating Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga in a tag team match on SmackDown, Kane and Bryan are still going at it.


The grammar police will hate that one. These two are so over with the fans, it’s amazing to see week in week out. At least they are helping put the focus on the tag team division again. They face the winners of the tag team tournament at Hell in a Cell for the tag team titles. Rating: C+

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WWE RAW and SmackDown – 24th/28th September 2012 – Finally some stories from the week!


I know this is VERY late, but here are the top stories from RAW and SmackDown from last week. Note these are the top stories only, instead of a full blown review, as I still have this week’s RAW to do as well.

As for last week’s TNA IMPACT, that will be on a separate post on Thursday/Friday along with this week’s IMPACT show. It keeps the flow going in a way. Let’s get this done.

CM Punk is approached by Cena, Foley…. and Ryback??

So with Punk expected to face Cena at Hell in a Cell, inside the said cell, there is one problem here. Cena has had elbow surgery, meaning he will be out for four to six weeks, which is about the time Hell in a Cell will take place, on 28th October. With no guarantee that Cena will be ready for the PPV, they need a backup. So out of all the options they have, who do they decide to use? Ryback!

First off, this is not a smart move at this time. Ryback is still developing as a character and is not ready to challenge, let alone win, the WWE Championship. Also, it would do CM Punk no favours to lose the title to Ryback, which would make his heel turn over the last couple of months pointless. Likewise for Ryback, as if he loses, he will lose all momentum he has built since his debut in April and he would be viewed as just another guy. In a year’s time, maybe this will be a good feud, but for now it’s the worst move WWE could make.

Earlier in the night, Foley challenged Punk to face Cena at Hell in a Cell in order to create a moment, and not to rely too much on statistics. To me, this sounds like they are setting Punk up for something big (provided he faces Cena at Hell in a Cell) and maybe  career defining moment. In all honesty, I think Punk’s title reign needs that at this moment in time.

The Show is back!

Big Show returned to knock out Tensai and Brodus Clay during their match. I don’t care so much, but this is news in itself anyway. Big Show is back!

Bryan/Kane anger management skits

More funny comedy from the Tag Team Champions. From Kane depicting a man called “Gerald” to a parody of When harry met Sally, I think it’s best to watch these videos below to appreciate this segment.

For the record, the WWE Universe decided the tag team name of Kane/Bryan shall be “Hell No” via Twitter.

WWE SmackDown

Big Show is No 1 contender to World Heavyweight Title

I know we have all been moaning about how Alberto Del Rio has been having chance after chance at Sheamus’ World Title, but now the WWE have put Big Show (or Big Slow depending on your feelings for him) in the title hunt. Seriously WWE, have you got no other younger wrestlers who deserve a shot at the title to put in front of Sheamus? It would give them credibility for their future careers to have a shot at the World Title. Heck, even Ziggler would have been a good option and he’s lost to Sheamus way too many times before. I am dreading this World Title match at Hell in a Cell as it stands. Horrible booking decision.

Tag Team Title Tournament

With the growing number of tag teams in WWE at the moment, it makes good sense to hold a tournament, in order to give more exposure to the tag team division and to see what the teams are made of. This week saw Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) defeat The Usos to send them into the semi-finals of the tournament. Short match, but this tournament is only just beginning. I’m interested to see where this whole thing will go from here and how Team Hell No (the tag team champions, Kane/Bryan) will tie into this.

Beth Pheonix’s ticket out of WWE?

With Beth Pheonix leaving the company at the end of the month after her release from her contract, she has been involved with the Kaitlyn assault story and even blamed for the attack by the Divas Champion, Eve Torres. I sense a Loser Leaves Town match at Hell in a Cell between these two for the Divas Title, which coincides with Beth’s exit from the company. Coincidence? Surely not.

Speaking of this story, when was the last time WWE ever had a story for the Divas division?

That is a recap of the top stories from WWE last week. Again, apologies for the lateness and out of date information here, but time issues have not helped me in the last couple of weeks. This week’s RAW will hopefully be up later today, so keep checking back folks.


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This is not how I planned it….

To all my viewers and followers of my blog, group, Twitter (or all three even), I apologise for absolutely zero posts in the last week. I have recently restarted at university, so time will very tight for me now over the next eight months or so.

Despite this, I will continue putting up posts whenever I can. I obviously have all of last weeks Raw, IMPACT and SmackDown to watch yet, so I will have a post up summarising the top stories of all three episodes by tomorrow morning. It will only be one post though for this week.

Oh yes and last nights RAW Will be up by Thursday morning due to time issues.

To those who still read my blog thank you to you all for sticking with it. There will be other posts up as well between now and the end of this weekend so keep checking back everyone.

For now, its time to catch up on the wrestling that I missed. This will be enjoyable!