WCW Monday Nitro – 8th January 1996 – No, it’s still Hogan Country.

nitro3WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                    8th January 1996

Location:             Charleston, South Carolina

Commentators:   Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

We’re in Flair country this week, so it’s a homecoming for the World Champion! Until you realise that Hogan is in the main event this week versus Flair in a tag team match, so it’s not going to go well. Other than that, nothing else has really been announced, which is standard fare at this time. Oh, Clash of the Champions is two weeks away in Las Vegas. Brilliant. Let’s do this. Continue reading


WCW Monday Nitro – 1st January 1996 – All the Horsemen and Hogans men.

nitro3WCW Monday Nitro

Date:                 1st January 1996

Location:           Atlanta, Georgia

Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Steve McMichael

Happy New Year… 1996 Nitro style! This is the year where WCW finally took it to the WWF and would help revolutionise pro-wrestling forever. Unfortunately, that would not be for another 6 months or so, so we still have to wade through six months of awful to mediocre storylines, featuring Hulkamania versus the world. Starrcade has come and gone, with Ric Flair now a 12 time World Champion. Yes, the older guys are still dominating and it would only get worse. Let’s do this. Continue reading

WWE Network Delayed… AGAIN!

WWE-Network-6Not the headline I wanted to write or even read.

But a mere TWENTY MINUTES before the launch of WWE Network in the UK on Monday Night, WWE sent that message across their website, Facebook and twitter feeds. To say this has infuriated the UK WWE fans is an understatement. This is old news, but it messed up my plans for future reviews. Continue reading

WWE Network: It’s coming!!

WWE-Network-6Wow this blog has has more comebacks than Terry Funk.

But FINALLY the WWE Network is set to debut in the United Kingdom on 3rd November, so I can finally check out everything it has to offer. I’ve been excited about the Network since I found out what it would contain in February, so the fact its 24 hours away fills me with happiness! Continue reading