Projo Wrestling Week 3: A Breakthrough!

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingNormally, I would start out by reviewing what happened this week at Projo, but I thought it would be wise to change things up. I decided we needed to get the perspective of another classmate and a good friend of mine, David, who was kind enough to give his views of the course below so far. Like me, he has been a wrestling fan for over a decade and a half, who was all too willing to take part:

“If you had asked me previously, ‘Hey, there’s a wrestling school in London, wanna check it out?’ I probably would of said yes initially but, then backed out at the last minute. I have been a wrestling fan since 1999. Sadly missing out on the Golden Era, The New Generation and watching WCW on its last legs before WWE (then WWF) would take it out back and end it like Ole’ Yeller. 2014 would mark the first WWE event for me, not just any event but Wrestle freaking mania. This would then be followed up a year later with another WrestleMania.

Enough of the intro let’s get talking about PROGRESS. Craig, one of my good pals, managed to find the PROGRESS wrestling School, after talking about learning the art of the squared circle. As soon as we saw on their Facebook page that they were doing a new intake for beginners, we signed up straight away.

Three weeks in and, we have never looked back since.  I have loved every second of being in the Projo (Progress’ training facility). For me it was going to be more of a physical challenge, having dyspraxia and taking on something as demanding as wrestling, on paper seems like a feat originally I would not achieve.

Learning the various rolls (forward, back and shoulder) as well as, taking a bump. For me of all the bumps, the flip bump was the most terrifying (again dyspraxia playing a role) mentally I wouldn’t of thought it was possible for me to do the flip, let alone attempt it. Don’t even get me started on the warms ups, it gets you pumped for the rest of the session but, boy is it grueling. Once it’s done and out the way, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

I just can’t wait to see what new challenges we face in the coming weeks, as the journey to becoming a professional wrestling continues.”

I will definitely agree with David on the flip bump being the most terrifying. We recapped the rolls and bumps this week, with the flip bump being the one I think EVERYONE was most anxious about. For me, it ended being a breakthrough: I  got enough height to be able to rotate and get my back to land first, not my head (Sadly, one person did piledrive themselves – on a crash mat luckily – needless to say we all cringed in concern)!

After this, we all practiced locking up with each other in the ring, into an armbar and then a wristlock. Once I finally figured out the correct positioning of my arms for a lock up (longer than usual), it felt surreal standing in the ring and practicing a wrestling hold! How cool is that?? Not many people have the chance to do this, but myself and other trainees living this moment!

On this course, you cannot say its just another week, because everything changes week by week, lesson by lesson. During the session, waiting on my turn to practice, I had one thought in my mind: I have to ignore ALL of my natural safety instincts in order to commit to these moves and bumps. Its a major mental barrier, but one I feel can be broken through with more practice. #ThisIsProgress.


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