Projo Wrestling Week 5: It just builds up and up

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingLooking back on the first four weeks of this course in the reviews, it feels like I have understated a lot of things that have happened so far. How hard are the bumps? You get used to it. Can you learn certain moves in a few hours? Again, practice and you get used to it. Is cardio really that big a deal? I makes you fitter goddamn it! But this is only part of the story. Before the fifth session, another classmate truly summed up wrestling school for me:

“The pain is inevitable.”

And its true. As much as we all learn wrestling moves and bumps to protect ourselves and those we are working with, a badly done move can happen at any time. That was almost the case for me today, but we will come to that very soon.

We started out with another new dynamic warm up, which involved getting up from our stomachs and backs as quick as possible. Sounds easy enough, but after doing these for several minutes solid at random, you can feel the muscles begin to burn. We repeated the whole 10,9,8 squats/push ups/squats from last week, before moving to the ever so aching neck exercises. Ever tried to hold your neck off the ground but not on your chest while looking up & side to side? We did and without that neck strength, there is only so much time you can last for.

After practicing our rolls again (always good practice), we practiced reversals to wristlocks; waistlocks and armbars, which was kind of fun actually. I found myself doing the reversals in very fast fashion, so myself and my partner kept reversing each other quickly. It forced us to think quicker, which would surely help us greatly in a match scenario. Lockup into wristlock, reverse, waistlock, reverse, armbar, reverse, waistlock, reverse. Fun little chain wrestling session.

The main event (if you will) involved the International wrestling drill we practiced last week, only this time we built it up part by part. The new part for us was finishing on a hip toss, which is a flip bump assisted by your opponent interlocking their right arm with your left arm. My hand is on their hip to give me leverage in going over without landing on my head. And this is where it nearly went wrong for me, as briefly mentioned in the intro earlier. My partner for this exercise gripped my arm wrong and I almost went over on my head sideways (cue the gasp from the watching class outside the ring). Couple this with a missed shoulder tackle earlier in the drill (opponent went to ground before I  bumped him) resulting in me nearly falling and scraping his face with my foot and it did not go as smoothly as I hoped. Then again, no training does I guess.

In a word: aching. That describes how I felt after training this week, but I felt like I had learned something new and was satisfied with my efforts. With much to practice and only two weeks left before the big assessment, the knowledge and the bumps are building up and up. Rolls, bumps, drills, lockups and chain wrestling and hip tosses. Who said wrestling was fake and does not hurt? #ThisIsProgress.


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