Projo Wrestling Week 7: Last Chance.

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingDon’t be confused, this is not the last week yet. This week was merely the last chance for practicing everything we have learnt up to this point before our assessment next week. Its been a grueling, demanding yet enjoyable course, but only a little time left to the end. I, along with everyone else, had to make the most of this practice.

As we got down to our normal conditioning warm up, you could feel the intensity of our class was higher than normal, as we shot through our warm up in a record half the time it normally takes us (usually 45 minutes). As we did this, our coach went over what we will be graded on next week, which goes something like this (not in assigned order):

  • Conditioning;
  • Rolls;
  • Bumps;
  • Rope Running;
  • International Wrestling Drill;
  • Chain wrestling;
  • Strikes.

Every single one of these areas we practiced in this week’s session (minus rope running weirdly enough), but the one that still irritates me is the flip bump. Now, my main problem with this is mentally blocking out what could go wrong (and almost did), which involves spiking my head into the ring. Once I got past that, I just needed the height and to land at the same time without destroying my lower back. Still, went better than another classmate, who jumped, flipped halfway over and drove the top of his head straight into the ring. Well, we assume he did, as NO ONE dared to look at what we saw coming.

The International Wrestling Drill was where the higher intensity started to affect everyone, as we seemed to rush through the moves and the crowd work in record time. Usually, after a shoulder break to your opponent, you would have a few seconds to work the crowd, through taunts or saying a few words. Then you continue the rest of the drill. In other words, slow down and let the crowd get involved a little bit.

This time, the shoulder breaks happened, but then everyone seemed to do a split second taunt and carry on, meaning the crowd (basically the other trainees) had no time to react. Now, you could say we are just getting used to the drill and thinking up crowd taunts, but we did this okay over the previous few weeks and the nerves just seemed to get to many of us this week. Hopefully, this will be fine for next week, but it was an eye opener this week.

The only new part for me this week was learning strikes and chops, which I missed last week because of practicing flip bumps. Pretty simple stuff, using the fleshy part of your forearm to strike the neck of your opponent (forearm); forearm to the chest (uppercut) & chops to the chest (forehand). They ended up somewhere between easier and harder than I thought, but I could not complain too much. At least I had some practice of these before the big grading next week.

I would go through everything we did this week, but as mentioned before, it was already stuff we had covered in previous weeks. This was truly the last chance saloon for practice, save for some private practice between friends (oh, that will be happening). Next week it all ends and I have no idea how this is gonna go for me. At the moment, I have to say I am in the middle, but with some practice, I may be able to swing the grading in my favour.

Last chance. Last week. Last roll of the dice. #ThisIsProgress.


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