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Huge football/soccer fan, supporting Arsenal FC for nearly 20 years. Big wrestling fan for 17 years, with two trips to WrestleMania made and formerly training to be a wrestler in the ProJo Wrestling School.

New Japan Pro Wrestling – THE alternative for the fans.

Regardless of whether WrestleMania is around the corner, or if it is a random “B Level” Pay Per View that they put on twice a month, wrestling fans always moan about something going on in WWE at that moment. Continue reading


NXT Takeover: WarGames – 18th November 2017 – Its finally here!

NXT Takeover: WarGames

I never thought it would happen, but WarGames has arrived in WWE, in the form of a triple team feud, which is showcased here tonght between the Undisputed Era; Sanity and The Authors of Pain/Roderick Strong. The fact WarGames was such a major announcement that it changed the name of his show should tell you everything. Continue reading

WCW Monday Nitro – 22nd January 1996 – Viva Las Hogan and Savage

Date: 22nd January 1996

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Steve McMichael, Bobby Heenan

For once, this feels somewhat of a big show for WCW, as Nitro comes to Las Vegas tonight for the first time, with a main event of Randy Savage challenging Ric Flair for the WCW World Title tonight. Also, Sting & Luger challenge Harlem Heat for the tag team titles. Should be some good action here, so let’s begin. Continue reading

Full Focus: The Wyatt Family Trio

randy-orton-and-the-wyatt-family-won-the-smackdown-tag-team-titles-at-wwe-tlcThere has been a debate between me and my friends as to whether a certain story on SmackDown deserves such big billing at WrestleMania. Step forward Bray Wyatt. The head of The Wyatt Family has been on and off with promises of bigger pushes and championship gold for the last few years, but nothing seemed to be going his way. Until the Brand Split that is. Continue reading

WWF In Your House: Seasons Beatings – 17th December 1995 –

latestWWF In Your House – Season’s Beatings

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler

Location: Hersheypark Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be the best time to focus on a Christmas wrestling show. Sadly I came across this pay per view from 1995, but at least this is a start. The main event here is Bret Hart defending the WWF Championship against the British Bulldog, as they are playing up the rematch of their classic from three years earlier. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Full Focus: Vader

5802255_origLast week, Vader (real name Leon White) tweeted that his doctors had given him only two years to live because of congestive heart failure, which he put down to years of strain from football and wrestling. Not surprisingly, this has come as a big shock and upsetting for the fans and wrestling world alike, as some such as Mick Foley have come out publicly in support of The Mastodon. Continue reading

Projo Wrestling Week 8: The End Is Here.

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingAnd so, it came down to this. Seven weeks of practice and all that remained was the assessment. As mentioned in last week’s review, the seven we were about to be graded on were as follows: Conditioning; Rolls; Bumps; Rope Running; International Drill; Chain wrestling & Strikes. Two classes were put together for this grading, so it was interesting to see how everyone compared in their learning. My main goal though was to pass first time. So did I do it? Continue reading

Projo Wrestling Week 7: Last Chance.

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingDon’t be confused, this is not the last week yet. This week was merely the last chance for practicing everything we have learnt up to this point before our assessment next week. Its been a grueling, demanding yet enjoyable course, but only a little time left to the end. I, along with everyone else, had to make the most of this practice. Continue reading

Projo Wrestling Week 6: Flip Bumps – A body’s worst nightmare.

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingWith only three sessions to go, its easy to think the end is near. But when those sessions are filled with hard bumps and hideous conditioning, you cannot afford to look too far ahead. Two sessions and then assessment week. This is it. The final leg of the course. Continue reading

Projo Wrestling Week 5: It just builds up and up

29-01-14_12-13progress-trainingLooking back on the first four weeks of this course in the reviews, it feels like I have understated a lot of things that have happened so far. How hard are the bumps? You get used to it. Can you learn certain moves in a few hours? Again, practice and you get used to it. Is cardio really that big a deal? I makes you fitter goddamn it! But this is only part of the story. Before the fifth session, another classmate truly summed up wrestling school for me: Continue reading