Sting Debuts!!

StingTime difference aside, this was awesome when it happened! Continue reading


WWE Network Delayed… AGAIN!

WWE-Network-6Not the headline I wanted to write or even read.

But a mere TWENTY MINUTES before the launch of WWE Network in the UK on Monday Night, WWE sent that message across their website, Facebook and twitter feeds. To say this has infuriated the UK WWE fans is an understatement. This is old news, but it messed up my plans for future reviews. Continue reading

WWE Network: It’s coming!!

WWE-Network-6Wow this blog has has more comebacks than Terry Funk.

But FINALLY the WWE Network is set to debut in the United Kingdom on 3rd November, so I can finally check out everything it has to offer. I’ve been excited about the Network since I found out what it would contain in February, so the fact its 24 hours away fills me with happiness! Continue reading

Guess Whos back?

That’s right. I’m back!

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Craig (aka Irishwarrior) and it has been a while since anything has happened with this blog. Until now.

My final year at uni has meant I have been busy since way back last year, but now that’s done, it’s time to revisit what I love most. Wrestling. Continue reading

Get well soon Jerry Lawler

After Jerry Lawler’s heart attack on RAW last night, he was treated at a nearby hospital in Montreal, Canada. Lawler was clinically dead for 20 minutes before being revived according to reports.

As soon as the commentary stopped during the Bryan/Kane versus Prime Time Players match, and the crowd and ring staff looked towards the announcing desk, it became clear something was seriously wrong. The announcing for the final few segments of RAW was stopped out of respect for the legendary announcer.

Michael Cole announced at the end of the show that Lawler had responded to lights, but has not spoken since his heart attack. Apparently, he went under the knife to remove possible blockage around his heart earlier today.

His updated condition is the latest news from various sources (WWE, Twitter and Bleacher Report), but on behalf of myself and every wrestling fan, we wish Jerry Lawler a speedy recovery. He is a great man and a credit to the wrestling world for his work throughout his wrestling and announcing career.