Merry Christmas!! A time of feast and thanks!

St-Mick-Foley-WWETo all my readers, subscribers and any passers-by to this little slice of wrestling heaven, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Continue reading


I didn’t want to do a Ric Flair, but…..

You might have noticed my previous post saying this blog has been retired.

Well that was before I checked the stat’s out of curiosity and saw there is still some interest in this blog, to which I must say a massive thank you to all my readers and subscribers. You truly made the difference to this blog over the last two years. Continue reading

This is not how I planned it….

To all my viewers and followers of my blog, group, Twitter (or all three even), I apologise for absolutely zero posts in the last week. I have recently restarted at university, so time will very tight for me now over the next eight months or so.

Despite this, I will continue putting up posts whenever I can. I obviously have all of last weeks Raw, IMPACT and SmackDown to watch yet, so I will have a post up summarising the top stories of all three episodes by tomorrow morning. It will only be one post though for this week.

Oh yes and last nights RAW Will be up by Thursday morning due to time issues.

To those who still read my blog thank you to you all for sticking with it. There will be other posts up as well between now and the end of this weekend so keep checking back everyone.

For now, its time to catch up on the wrestling that I missed. This will be enjoyable!

New posts imminent…

Thanks to travelling and getting drunk, plus a hangover today, I have obviously put no new posts up this weekend. Luckily, I have watched this weeks SmackDown (which was epic by all standards!), so that should be up tomorrow morning at the latest. I would say definitely check it out, as this weeks show was so different in what they focused on (NOT the World Title for once!)

Along with a couple of other posts, tomorrow may be very busy for this site. Hope you all enjoy the new posts ^^.

Weekend preview :D

Quick note here, that despite a busy weekend coming up for me, I will still be posting this weeks TNA IMPACT Wrestling and WWE Smackdown episodes tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning.

Also, I am happy to announce my first pay per view review will be up tonight as well (or this afternoon or morning depending where you are in the world). Please check back to see which company gets the first honour of my ppv reviews.

Along with a preview of the WWE Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday, I nope this won’t be overload to everyone in terms of posts. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys my blog and feel free to leave any comments or likes at the bottom of the posts, as I will reply to any queries or feedback.

Till later on guys and girls ^^

FINALLY! New name and new motivation!

Hey everyone and apologies again for no new posts for the last week. It’s been a hectic time but I felt it was time for a few updates.

Firstly the title of this blog has changed as shown above. “The Wrestling Ministry” is the name that now matches my Facebook group. I encourage you to join this group if you love talking about wrestling! Meet like-minded fans there who love nothing more than to share opinions and banter about the sport we love.

Secondly, I will be changing up my blogs a little bit now, as I have pretty much only done reviews up to this point. The reviews will still be there, but otherwise I will look to focus on current news; superstars and even include videos of previous classic matches hopefully.

Finally, I hope to actually make some physical changes to the blog itself. To be fair, it looks a bit grim now so I will see what I can add to it. May take some time so we’ll see.

A massive thank you to everyone who has read my blog so far and please keep checking back and encouraging friends/family to read my blog as well.

Until next time guys :D.

A quick note….

Hey guys, because I was out of town and having a few drinks this weekend, I have no new posts sadly. There will be new posts up tomorrow and Tuesday (including this weeks edition of WWE RAW on Tuesday). I should note this post will not be done as a live feed so please check back the next day for the review. I would say the same thing for each episode of SmackDown, which should be up on Saturday’s.

Also, i wanted to find out if there were any particular series of TV shows or Pay per views anyone wished to request. I hope to cover most of them at the very least so please send in your comments if you have a particular one.

Many thanks guys!

Coming soon….

Ok so my blog has now begun, with the first post due up tomorrow I hope. As an ongoing series, I shall be posting up reviews of WCW Monday Nitro twice weekly when I can find episodes of them, from 1995 through 2001.

Also, every week I shall be doing reviews of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown. I will also try and do NXT if possible but that’s no guarantee (does anyone even watch that show anyway?). The other wrestling series I shall also be posting up at regular intervals.

Check back for the first post folks and I hope you enjoy! ^^

And it begins…

One problem with wrestling today is it is not as mainstream in its popularity as it was around 10 years ago. For this reason, a lot of fans have stopped caring about the characters, the stories and the general sports entertainment business. This has been because of the lack of interesting characters and storylines, as well as the entertainment going beyond levels of stupidity (Note certain WWE RAW guest hosts).

But not all of them stopped caring.

Many fans are still passionate about their wrestling, be it for the storylines, the characters or even just the technical wrestling. This has been built up over the years with solid build on TV shows and, most importantly, the pay-per-views. The PPV’s are what earns the wrestling companies their main revenue, with many of these PPV’s succeeding and many others failing to attract their audience or even simply deliver.

I hope to review how some of these PPV’s delivered and how some others didn’t over the years. I will mainly be covering WWE PPV’s and TV shows (due to me being a big WWE fan) going back to the 1980’s, but I will also try to cover other companies past and present to see how they compared, such as WCW, ECW and TNA.

I hope everyone who reads this blog (most likely casual or hardcore wrestling fans) enjoys these posts and please feel free to follow my blog or even leave comments underneath. Feedback is always welcome and I am happy to improve on any of my present or future posts.