TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 11th October 2012 – A tacked on heel turn

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    11th October 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

This is the third of my catch up posts for TNA IMPACT and the go-home show for Bound for Glory. I know I am nearly a month behind on all my posts but there’s only so much I can do. With the card set and looking decent for once by TNA standards, it’s the final push to sell the pay per view. Will Aries turn hell fully? Will Sting and Bully Ray co-exist against Aces & 8’s together on Sunday? Let’s begin… Continue reading


TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 4th October 2012 – TNA need a Bully!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    4th October 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

This is the second of my catch up posts for TNA IMPACT. We’re closer and closer to Bound for Glory now with most of the stories and matches set for the biggest event of the TNA year. Yeah WrestleMania is still bigger. Anyway, Aces & 8’s beckon for Sting and a partner of his choosing (thankfully not Hogan), while Aries and Hardy get ready for the World Title clash. Let’s begin. Continue reading

TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 27th September 2012 – Samoa Joe is Champion!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    27th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

As I have neglected TNA recently, this will be a marathon of IMPACT reviews leading up to the Bound for Glory pay per view (which happened last Sunday). Hopefully I’ll have two of them up today so bear with me. Continue reading

TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 20th September 2012 – Why is Shaq O’Neal here again?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    20th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

We continue the build to Bound for Glory, with the Aces & 8’s story set to continue and the World Title match between Hardy and Aries set. Apparently Shaquille O’Neal will be here tonight to have Hogan’s back, whatever that means. Let’s begin.

Oh and it’s Open Fight Night, although no one really cares.

Hardy is the hunted by Aries; Bully Ray def Austin Aries

Ok, so last week Hardy was made to look like an underdog somewhat, but now this week Aries is saying he is after what Hardy has. Sounds a little confusing, or is it just me? Either way, both men have the respect of each other, but Aries has a lot more about him in terms of personality. See, this is why Hardy was such a shock to win the Bound for Glory Series, as he doesn’t seem to have the aura of a main eventer, even if it’s in TNA.

The night’s main event was an OFN call out by Aries to Bully Ray (who Hardy beat twice in the last two weeks) to prove he is better than Hardy. Shockingly, Bully Ray pulled out the win (albeit with the use of his chain) in a nice twist, although it will be interesting to see how this ties into the World Title picture or not over the next few weeks. Saying that, it took till near the end for the World Title story to be mentioned even once in this show. Rating: C+

Aces & 8’s get a lawyer

So teasing Joseph Park’s big find on Aces & 8’s for this week led to him getting kidnapped by the A&E Gang and his laptop smashed. How charming of them, but this story is getting a bit desperate now. Hogan is invited to their “Clubhouse” next week, which sounds like de ja vu from his WCW days (anyone remember the Dungeon of Doom?). When is this story going to progress to the ring in the form of a match or series of matches? More to the point, what is the Gang’s purpose for all this, which is yet unexplained? Rating: C-

Oh by the way, what was the point of Shaquille O’Neal being here? Apart from showing up in the intro, he did  nothing the whole episode!

New TV Champion next week

Now that Devon has left the company (although he is still the recognised TV Champion), a new TV Champion will be determined next week on IMPACT. And not a single care was given.

Daniels/Kaz’s tag title reign is numbered

After causing the match between Guerrero/Hernandez versus Kurt Angle/AJ Styles to be thrown out, Daniels/Kaz were informed by Hogan they will defend the tag titles against the same two teams in a triple threat match at Bound for Glory. This outcome was pretty obvious after last week’s outcome, but it is still sensible booking and a good way to get some interest into the tag team titles. Seriously, they have obsolete for a long time now that they are easy to forget along with the champions. Rating: B-

Roode versus Storm just got tastier

Let’s see. Open Fight Night, call out by Storm and a huge brawl ending in a no contest only says this match will go to Bound for Glory. Of course, that makes sense and I look forward to it, considering this brawl was a lot of fun to watch. I mean come on, even the fans lifted up their shoes for Storm to ram Roode’s head into and another fan got some free beer from under the ring. Fantastic segment and it only furthers the hate between these two. I say let them fight in a street fight at Bound for Glory and let the madness unfold. Rating: B+

Tara calls out…. Christy Hemme?

After last week’s heel turn by Tara, she calls out ring announcer Christy Hemme to teach her some respect. Uh, any point to this at all? Miss Tessmacher comes out to save Hemme, but this just seemed a little pointless overall. Unless Tara is going to adopt a psycho gimmick like her old Victoria character in WWE. I’m all for that. Rating: C-

TNA Gutcheck: Evan Markopoulos

This weeks Gutcheck is 18-year old Evan Markopoulos, who faced Douglas Williams this week. Good start for Evan, who got the crowd behind before the match got started. Good effort at the start, but he faded towards the middle and end of the match sadly. Plus the experience and skills of Williams was too much to handle for him.

My verdict: No contract.

Overall: B- All things considered, this was a good episode, with a lot of build up to Bound for Glory taking place tonight. The World Title picture and Aces & 8’s took a while to be mentioned and sporadically at times, but apart from that a lot of feuds/stories were advanced here, which is all you can ask for on the build-up to the biggest show in the company’s year. Solid episode.

I still don’t get the point of advertising Shaquille O’Neal on this show if he did nothing the entire night.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 13th September 2012 – Hardy as a World Title underdog?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    13th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

So finally, we’re past No Surrender and the Bound for Glory Series is over after three gruelling months of it dominating IMPACT. The winner? Jeff Hardy!

I didn’t watch the pay per view last Sunday, so when I heard this, I was in complete shock when he beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray AND was attacked by Aces & 8’s in one night. That’s what you call a busy shift. The worst part was James Storm (who dominated the BFGS) didn’t even make the final two, as Bobby Roode smashed a beer bottle over his head to cost him his match. Anyway, the build to Bound for Glory continues tonight, so let’s begin.

Respect from Austin Aries; Bully Ray wants Hardy’s title shot

Aries didn’t defend the title on Sunday (having an unofficial fight with Aces & 8’s instead), but he offer’s major respect to Hardy for his victories last Sunday. Either this will be a respect feud or it will get more personal over the coming weeks until Bound for Glory. Bully Ray came out and claims says he was cheated, so he gets a rematch with Hardy tonight. Why must wrestling companies put the rematches on mere days AFTER a pay per view? No wonder TNA fans won’t buy their pay per views, because they can see everything for free on TV.

Later in the night, Bully goads Hardy into putting his title shot on the line in the match later on. At least this rematch has some purpose then, so that alone makes it slightly intriguing. Decent opening sequence, but it has been done so many times in TNA. Rating: C

Another day, another X Division title defence

Zema Ion retained his title in ANOTHER rematch from last Sunday (seriously TNA, at least wait a few weeks!), as he continues to impress and wait for Jesse Sorensen, I assume for a personal title match to end their feud. Can’t really say Ion is a transitional champion at this point, especially if he holds the title for a long time. Rating: C

Bobby Roode and James Storm: Destined for Bound for Glory?

I predicted when Storm returned in June, that he would win the Bound for Glory Series and challenge bobby Roode for his World Title at Bound for Glory. Well, it looks like I am half right, as based on this week’s events between them; they could face off at Bound for Glory, but without the World Title as a prize. Roode explained on IMPACT if he can’t have the title, then neither can his ex-partner Storm, which actually makes sense because that’s how the rivalry started. Storm came out for a brawl, which escalated to the back before being split up. I still think it would have been a better idea to have the match for the World Title, but oh well. Rating: C+

Tag team titles under the spotlight

With Hogan placing the tag team champions (of the world), Daniels and Kazarian in singles matches tonight, the tag team titles would be on the line to those who could beat Kaz and Daniels in singles matches. Guess what happened? AJ Styles beat Kazarian and Chavo Guerrero defeated Daniels to get tag team title shots for their respective teams. So chances are, we could see a triple threat match for the titles at Bound for Glory. Count me in for that, as the tag team division has been virtually non-existent in the last few years in TNA. Rating: B-

Tara makes this personal

After losing to Miss Tessmacher at No Surrender with the Knockout’s Title on the line, Tara presented her “best friends” championship to Tessmacher. I say that, because afterwards Tara levelled the champion with a clothesline. Everything just got personal here, but it seemed way too predictable and forced. Rating: C-

Hogan locks out Aces & 8’s out…. or in?

Hogan claims to have locked out Aces & 8’s, after their repeated attacks over the last few months. Problem is, A&E Gang claim they will always be inside, due to an insider betraying TNA. Yeah this storyline needs to pick up pretty quickly, as the attacks are becoming way too old now. Set up a match for Bound for Glory already!

Hardy retains his Bound for Glory title shot

Based on the fact Hardy beat Bully Ray with his title shot on the line, the booking team is trying to make Hardy look like an underdog in his hunt for the World Title. To be fair, he was the last person I expected to win the Bound for Glory Series and he is going up against Austin Aries, but Hardy can more than hold his own in the ring. Still, it’s a decent way for the story to go, especially as this is the last scenario many of us expected. Good main event here, with Bully Ray coming close to the win on numerous occasions, which I cannot complain about too much. Rating: B-

Overall: C+ This episode started the final push to Bound for Glory in a solid fashion. The World Title was emphasised well, the Aces * 8’s angle needs to progress more now and the fallout from No Surrender is setting up undercard matches for Bound for Glory nicely. I just wish TNA would stop putting rematches from pay per views on TV days after the event itself.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 6th September 2012 – A lesson in how NOT to push a pay per view

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    6th September 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

Apologies for the lateness of this post, as its been a busy few days again. The SmackDown review for this past week will hopefully follow by tomorrow morning at the latest.

We are one step closer to Bound for Glory, with this being the go home show for the final pay per view on the road to BFG, No Surrender. The only problem is the Bound for Glory Final Four has been pushed for the event, but nothing else has been, including any potential World Title match. Let’s hope that changes in this show, but it will be last minute at best. Let’s begin.

Bound for Glory Series: The Final Five

I’m going to split this part in two because of the two matches on offer here. The first match was a must-win situation for Jeff Hardy against Samoa Joe, which was a pretty predictable affair in terms of the result. What was surprising was the fact Hardy got the win by submission…. against the Samoan Submission Machine! A nice surprise there, which makes Hardy look like a credible threat for the BFGS now (Joe has already qualified for the Final Four this Sunday) through predictable but solid booking. Rating: C+

The second match was between Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam in a winner take all match essentially. This match included a slight doubt about who was going to win this one lingered, which is all you can ask for in a match the majority of the time. In the end, Bully Ray took the final spot in the BFG Series with a Bully Cutter on RVD in the air (similar to Randy Orton in WWE). Good match with another solid ending and the right person won here in my opinion. Rating: C+

Aces & 8’s torture and deals

So after the TV Production crew member smacked Austin Aries around the head last week, he get’s tortured by Aries this week. Yes I said tortured, as he was punched, kicked and nearly had his teeth pulled out with pliers. In the end they exchange “Mike, from New York” (TV guy) for the man who broke Aries hand: The Armbreaker. Seriously, that’s what we have to call him as we don’t know who he is. Aries and The Armbreaker fight this Sunday at No Surrender, which solves the “Aries has nothing to do this Sunday” problem. They left it a bit late to mean much though. Rating: C

Kazarian and Daniels face the music Sunday

Since Daniels and Kazarian are the most hated men on the roster right now (after blackmailing AJ Styles over Claire’s “pregnancy”), Hogan gave  Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez a shot at the World Tag Team Titles this week, with Hernandez looking SCARILY strong throughout the match! It seemed typical for Daniels/Kazarian to cheat to keep their titles, but with Hogan announcing AJ Styles and Kurt Angle as the No 1 contenders for the World Tag titles this Sunday, their reign is most likely going to end. Nice continuation of the angle between AJ and Daniels/Kaz, but the feud is most likely going for a payoff match at Bound for Glory. Rating: C+

Tara warms up for Sunday

With Tara facing Miss Tessmacher at No Surrender for the Knockouts title, her victory over Gail Kim was a mere warm up for Sunday. Nothing special here, but at least the Knockout’s get more time on TV than the WWE divas ever do. Rating: C+

Joey Ryan gets another chance at Gutcheck

For the last few months, Gutcheck reject Joey Ryan has pestered Al Snow for rejecting him, so Snow gave Ryan another chance at Gutcheck… versus him! The problem is no one cares about Gutcheck, so they likely won’t care about Joey Ryan complaining about the stupidity of Gutcheck, as most of the wrestling fans complain about it already. This was a waste of time, so just let Ryan onto the main roster already. Rating: D+

James Storm picks his opponent for Sunday

Storm picked Bully Rau, leaving a rematch between Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe for this Sunday. Somehow this took longer than five minutes, which amazed and bored me to be honest.

Overall: C+ As expected, there was little wrestling on this show, so the pay per view could be pushed for this Sunday. The problem was there was too much on this show about Sunday. Bound for Glory Series aside, too much was pushed for this Sunday at the last minute, when it could have been built up over the last few weeks. Still, with TNA what you see is what you get, so let’s hope Sunday is a good event anyway.


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TNA Bound for Glory Series 2012 Standings

It’s been a while since I have shown the standings of the Bound for Glory Series 2012, so below is the current standings after the 30th August IMPACT Wrestling. At the bottom is Pope D’Angelo Dinero, who was attacked by Aces & 8’s at Hardcore Justice last month, so he is out with a shoulder injury. James Storm and Samoa Joe have qualified for the final matches at No Surrender next Sunday, so the final two places will to Jeff Hardy; Bully ray or Rob Van Dam.

The Bound for Glory Series is hotting up now and I stand by my pick of James Storm winning the whole event and challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory on October 14th in Pheonix, Arizona.

Current standings[64]
Rank Wrestler Points Matches
1 James Storm 73 13
2 Samoa Joe 68 12
3 Bully Ray 55 12
3 Rob Van Dam 55 12
5 A.J. Styles 50 13
6 Jeff Hardy 49 12
7 Kurt Angle 48 13
8 Mr. Anderson 47 12
9 Christopher Daniels 33 13
10 Magnus 28 13
11 Robbie E 12 13
DNF D’Angelo Dinero 7 9

TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 30th August 2012 – Bound for Glory Series: The Final Five

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    30th August 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

After the brawl between Aces & Eights and the IMPACT locker room, we continue the story this week, although we are pretty much just waiting for the inevitable Bound for Glory blowoff. Also, the Bound for Glory series is almost at an end, with the final five being determined tonight. Let’s begin.

Aces & Eights v IMPACT again!

In a repeat of last week, A&E is called out by Aries/Sting and Hogan, but they don’t show up until the end of the show. Again, Aries is the one who gets knocked out to end the show, which says Aries could yet lose the World Title soon because of this angle. Speaking of the World Title, is Aries defending the World Title at No Surrender one week from Sunday? Let’s hope for an announcement and something different next week with this angle. Rating: D+

Bound for Glory Series: And then there were five.

With AJ Styles and Kurt Angle losing their must win matches tonight, they are eliminated and the final five are: James Storm (guaranteed his place in the semi-finals after winning his match versus RVD this week); Rob Van Dam; Samoa Joe; Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. I thought AJ Styles was in the mix, but apparently not. This is a pretty good top four for me, with RVD the only one I would consider a surprise. Next week’s BFGS matches are:

Bully Ray v Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe v Jeff Hardy

Interesting times now for the Bound for Glory Series. Rating: C+

Madison Rayne is denied her title rematch

By losing to a returning ODB (when was the last time she had a match on IMPACT anyway?), does that mean Rayne won’t be in the Knockouts Title hunt for a while? I don’t think it will make a difference to be honest.

Lewey: Gutcheck time

Last week, Lewey lost to Gunner in a effort to impress the judges to gain an IMPACT contract. Sadly, that is not the case, as both Taz and Bruce Pritchard said no. I feel this is a good decision, considering Lewey made a number of mistakes in his match and was very basic in his talents and move sets. Rating: C-

Daniels/Kazarian are on notice.

After their recent blackmail attempt on Styles, with Claire Lynch involved, the tag team champions (of the world) are pretty much the most hated people in the IMPACT Zone. Hogan/Sting confirmed that by putting them and their titles on notice. Should be interesting, but they need to lose the belts soon, as they are worthless on the pair of them. Oh and the AJ/Daniels feud is not over yet. Say it with me: AJ Styles v Daniels at Bound for Glory. Again. Rating: C-

Overall: C This week’s episode was more or less dominated by the BFG Series, which is fine but the Aces & Eights Gang angle didn’t get too much promotion, save for the opening and ending segments. Apart from this, this week’s episode didn’t offer much variation in terms of storylines, which is a shame with TNA’s biggest event, Bound for Glory, around the corner. Average show for me this week, which is about the level of recent IMPACT shows anyway.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 23rd August 2012 – Aces & Eights v IMPACT! The Big Brawl!

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                    23rd August 2012

Venue:                 Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:    Mike Tenay, Tazz

It’s Open Fight Night tonight and already the major Open challenge was made from last week, when Sting called out the entire Aces & Eights Gang for a showdown this week. That one will be interesting, as Hogan returns for this also. The Bound for Glory Series is also drawing to a close soon, so it’s getting close at the top now for a World Title shot at Bound for Glory. This show looks good on paper, so let’s begin.

As last week’s RAW was a quick summary and is a lot more relevant in it’s content, i may be sticking to that format now, where I just summarise the main events and news from the week’s broadcasts. A lot easier for everyone I hope, but let me know any feedback you may have on it.

1)      Aces & Eights bring the attack

So after Sting called out A&E Gang last week for Open Fight Night tonight, we finally get the big showdown between IMPACT and the Gang… except we got teasers all night until the big brawl at the end of the show. Only problem was, more and more A&E members were coming out of the woodwork in the ring and backstage, before they took out Austin Aries (where was he the rest of the show by the way?) by smashing his arm.

Ok, first things first, that arm attack on AA will probably cost him the World Championship no doubt at some point leading to Bound for Glory. Secondly, the A&E Gang grew in strength at the end of this show, meaning they are far from done. But it’s important to notice that the attackers are virtually unknown (except to those who are fans of the independent circuit or internet wrestling fans), which is annoying when you want to know their names. At least this angle is getting some progression though, as this brawl was WAY overdue. Rating: C+

2)      Pope out of Bound for Glory Series and Robbie E finally wins!

Due to the Aces & Eight’s attack on the Pope D’Angelo Dinero at Hardcore Justice, Pope suffered a broken arm, meaning he is out of the Bound for Glory Series (I think they wrote him out for legit injury reasons). As Robbie E; RVD and AJ Styles were yet to face him, they faced each other in a triple threat match for the available BFGS points.

Amazingly, Robbie E won the match, picking up seven points along the way. It made sense to give him the win here, considering the other two are already in the top four and Robbie E is more or less going out, so the result keeps the top four more open and competitive as it stands. Good booking there by the creative team. Rating: B-

3)      New challenger for the Knockouts Championship?

This knockouts division is moving quickly for the last two weeks now. The new champion Miss Tessmacher challenged her mentor Tara to a non-title match… and lost. So I’m guessing Tara is the new No 1 contender for the Knockout’s Championship. I suppose the Madison Rayne situation has been forgotten now? Rating: C

4)      AJ Styles FINALLY has his name cleared!

So….. a lawyer, on behalf of Claire Lynch, reveals to AJ Styles that the whole pregnancy was fake! An attempt by Claire/Kazarian and Daniels to blackmail Styles, dating back to January. Wait, so we wasted months on an angle AND IT WAS ALL FOR BLACKMAIL?? What exactly were they blackmailing him for anyway, unless it’s all about money? So Daniels and Claire don’t earn enough or something? It sounded like a rush job, maybe because creative realised it wasn’t working. This angle annoyed me as it was, but this just made me pissed off. A waste of time this was, but at least it’s ending I suppose! Rating: F+

5)      Gutcheck: Kris Lewie

As the judges will be giving their verdict on Lewie next week on IMPACT, I thought I would give my thoughts on his performance. Lewie bought the intensity against Gunner and despite losing, he put in a solid effort. He did make some noticeable mistakes and his moveset was very basic, but I would put that down to inexperience more than anything. As light thumbs up from me, as I think he has some potential for IMPACT. Rating: C

6)      Mr Anderson has his last singles BFG Series match

Considering this was Mr Anderson’s last match in the series, he badly needed a win to have any chance of wining the entire series. He did win, but considering he still sits eighth with 47 points, I think he is finished for this year. Good match though, with some VERY near falls by both men. An enjoyable main event on IMPACT finally! Rating: B-

Overall: C+ Decent IMPACT this week, with the focus on Aces & Eights which is fine, but it was about time we got to the big brawl between them and the rest of the locker room. Hogan looked absolutely pissed off on his return and beat the hell out of A&E for going after his daughter. The rest of the show was mainly the BFGS, which is finally finishing soon, as that has sucked up a lot of IMPACT time since June. Aries arm injury makes me wonder what will happen to the World Title if he is injured in storyline. It’s starting to get tasty in the IMPACT Zone now.


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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – 16th August 2012 – So you’re saying Storm had nothing to do with Aces & Eights?

TNA IMPACT Wrestling

Date:                   16th August 2012

Venue:                Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

Commentators:   Mike Tenay, Tazz

Only one more pay per view to go before we hit Bound for Glory in Pheonix, Arizona, so we are starting to come to the end of the Bound for Glory Series and the whole Aces & Eights angle continues with Storm accused of working with them. Interesting times in this company, but can they pull it off better than WWE and Nexus? Let’s begin.

Three Bound for Glory Series matches tonight. Read on to find out who it involves.

Segment 1: Austin Aries, Hardy and Storm talk about Aces & Eights Gang

Seriously, these show opening promos are becoming the same now since A&E Gang arrived on the scene. Aries talked about how he’s the best after beating Roode, Bully Ray accused Storm of being involved with A&E…. is this starting to sound familiar to everyone? Something new here would be appreciated! Rating: D+

Segment 2: BFGS match: Samoa Joe defeats Magnus

Both of these guys were former tag team champions together earlier this year, so this will have been interesting. With Joe being his usual self, he went for the submission win, but got a rollup instead for the seven points. Nice little twist there, as I don’t think Magnus expected that. Short match, but it was fine for what it was. Rating: C

After the match, Magnus smacks Joe with a chair. What happened to sportsmanship in wrestling today?

Segment 3: Madison Rayne is owned by Brooke Hogan

Madison won the Knockouts title from Miss Tessmacher last Sunday at Hardcore Justice after using the ropes with Hebner seeing. Suspicious, surely? So, the point of this segment was for Brooke to announce that Hebner will no longer referee a Knockouts match (Finally!) and Madison will defend her title tonight in a rematch against Miss Tessmacher. Couldn’t they do this backstage instead? Rating: C-

Segment 4: A&E Gang go for Brooke Hogan and are called out

Ok this continued on from the last segment. Sting and co call out Aces & Eights Gang after they go for Brooke Hogan but get chased away. Just so happens next week is Open Fight Night on IMPACT isn’t it?

AJ is sick of the accusations by Daniels and Kazarian, so he makes a stipulation for tonight’s match: If AJ wins he take a paternity test for Claire’s baby. If he loses, he will accept responsibility for Claire’s baby as a dad. Will it end tonight finally?

Segment 5: BFGS match: AJ Styles defeats Christopher Daniels

Ok, so it hasn’t officially ended, but it’s getting there, which is all I can ask for. These two have been feuding forever, but the crowd was into this match. Daniels did get the win originally, but the match was continued after Kazarian was found out holding AJ’s legs to stop him kicking out from the pin. Kick to the head got the pin for AJ Styles to seal a great back and forth match. But again, they have feuded forever and Daniels has had his ass handed to him each time. Is there a point to this feud anymore? Rating: B-

Hogan returns next week on IMPACT to fight A&E Gang.

Segment 6: Bobby Roode is lost without the World Title

My heart bleeds for him. What does Bobby do next? Easy, he goes back down the ladder and starts again. Instead he blames everyone but himself for his losses. Was there a point to this promo? Rating: C-

Actually, as he can’t have more rematches against Aries, what does Roode do next?

Gut check returns next week, but this video was on the money. Check next week on the man who will run this gut check. Amazing story his journey was though.

Segment 7: Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher defeats Madison Rayne (c)

The special guest referee for this match was…. Tarryn Terrell? I think that’s how you spell her name. Apparently she’s an actress or wrestler. I could care less at this moment. As for the winner, why have Madison do a four day title reign for a storyline that barely got out of the blocks? Or is there a twist to this story? I’ll wait and see. Rating: C

Segment 8: BFGS match Jeff Hardy defeats Bully Ray

James Storm was at ringside to keep an eye out for A&E Gang, who said they had unfinished business tonight. Here’s looking at you Bully Ray. Typical IMPACT main event here, with A&E running in then getting chased out before they did anything (Storm got knocked out by Hardy accidentally by this point). Twist of Fate and rollup by Hardy got the win over Ray, but it was more about the story here, which was fine by me. Rating: CB

After the match, Storm accidentally hits Hardy with the Last Call superkick, which was aimed for Bully Ray for his accusations. A&E came back out… and levelled him with punches! Now everyone may start to believe Storm! It’s taken long enough, but we finally have a twist in the story.

Overall: C Another average episode, but we are getting to the business end of the Bound for Glory Series, as well as the Aces & Eights Gang story. We got another twist in the story there with Storm getting attacked at the end of the show, so next week will be interesting when they are called out on Open Fight Night. It’s also going to be interesting where Bobby Roode is going to go after his defeat to Austin Aries last Sunday, but again, that’s what keeps us fans watching right? Average episode, with nothing spectacular occurring.


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