Full Focus: The Wyatt Family Trio

randy-orton-and-the-wyatt-family-won-the-smackdown-tag-team-titles-at-wwe-tlcThere has been a debate between me and my friends as to whether a certain story on SmackDown deserves such big billing at WrestleMania. Step forward Bray Wyatt. The head of The Wyatt Family has been on and off with promises of bigger pushes and championship gold for the last few years, but nothing seemed to be going his way. Until the Brand Split that is. Continue reading


WWE Extreme Rules 2013 – Believe in the Shield!

WWE Extreme Rules

Date:                 19th May 2013.

Location:           St Louis, Missouri. 
Commentators:  Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler.Image

My first review back, so I guess I’ll be a bit rusty here so bear with me. We have FINALLY arrived at Extreme Rules after what seemed an age since WrestleMania and the card…. doesn’t look that impressive to me (The Shield matches and the strap match aside). Still I have been surprised before, so we’ll see what Cena/Ryback will throw up especially. Oh and hopefully tonight is the last in the Lesnar/HHH series which has run for over a year now at 1-1. Let’s begin this. Continue reading

WWE SmackDown – 21st September 2012 – The Kane & Daniel Bryan Show

WWE SmackDown

Date:                   21st September 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

We are past Night of Champions now, and with six weeks until Hell in a Cell, I expect this show to deal with the fallout from last Sunday, as well as possibly start new feuds for the next pay per view. Let’s begin.

This is the majority of the show: The Tag Team Champions

I never thought I would see this but the majority of the show was showcased around the tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan. The opening segment, which featured the returning Edge, was pure comedy gold. Bryan lost his temper again, Edge was getting angry at both the squabbling champions… while Kane wanted to hug it out with Edge for all he did to him. Seriously, this may seem childish but it sums up the whole storyline perfectly between these two. They are acting so far out of character, that I want to see more of them. Awesome way to start the show.

Both men had singles matches that night, with Kane losing to Damien Sandow and Bryan losing to Cody Rhodes, thanks to interferences by both partners. They continue to argue but they come together later in the night when they have a tag team match later against Sandow/Rhodes and take out the majority of the tag team division with chair shots. This is the way to book your champions as dominant so early in their title reign and it garnered a great reaction from the crowd.

When was the last time the tag team titles were given this much attention? I loved this show for this reason alone! The only concern I have is if they do this too often, it could wear the angle thin in a short time, as fans could get sick of it. For a one time thing though, it was entertaining to watch. Rating: A

Del Rio has no more title shots and Ziggler is pinned again

Now that Sheamus has pinned Del Rio again at Night of Champions (three times in three months), this feud for the World Title should be over now. In a tag team match between Sheamus/Orton versus Del Rio/Ziggler, the Mexican Aristocrat proved nothing about why he should have the title shot, which makes me and the rest of the fans sigh in relief.

Speaking of title contenders, Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler, was the one who took the fall in the tag team match. See, the problem with this is Ziggler has been pinned more times than i care to count by Sheamus, so why should I believe he is a threat to Sheamus’ World Title, unless he cheats? That is what will most likely happen but still, they are wasting a golden opportunity to make Ziggler a main event level star. Rating: C-

Mahal/MacIntyre and Slater together?

So Brodus Clay was attacked by Slater (who he was having a match against); Mahal and MacIntyre. Is there any logical reason for these three to join forces or is it because they have been so easily forgotten for the last two years.

Cesaro dumps Aksana… WHY??

So after Marella pinned Cesaro (because clearly they need to drag out this feud for even longer!) because of the accidental distraction by Aksana, Cesaro (US Champion) says it’s over between them… in five different languages. Wait, so they broke up over Aksana costing him ONE FRAKING MATCH!? It wasn’t even for the title, so you could easily make an angle out of this! The booking team do my head in at times, seriously. Rating: D+

Overall: B+ This show was all about one thing: the tag team titles and the champions. To say it was a success is an understatement, but they can’t do this every show for fear of ruining this angle. As a one off for the show, it was different and refreshing instead of focusing on the same main event level superstars every single week. As far as the rest of the show went, it was pretty boring or difficult to work out why certain things took place. They have six weeks to build up the next pay per view, so hopefully everything will become clearer. Entertaining episode tonight overall.


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WWE SmackDown – 7th September 2012 – Bye bye to the Brogue Kick

WWE SmackDown

Date:                   7th September 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

Nine days to go until Night of Champions and the World Title is the big match for the blue brand, with Del Rio again the No 1 contender against Sheamus. Change the record (or the wrestler in this case) already! Anyway, big decision to be made tonight based on what happened on RAW (more on that in a moment), so let’s begin.

The Brogue Kick is banned!

After Sheamus put Ricardo Rodriguez in the hospital on RAW this week, after giving him a Brogue Kick to the head and knocking him unconscious, Rodriguez’s new lawyer David Otunga (surprise, surprise) pushed Booker T to ban the move or risk a lawsuit. Seriously, the lawsuit excuse is a copout for the company now! Either way, Booker bans the move (just before Sheamus uses it on David Otunga in the main event) for good, which Del Rio is very happy about. At least this makes the match at NoC more interesting, as Sheamus now has to use other ways (such as his Texas Cloverleaf move) to beat Del Rio. Rating: B-

Intercontinental Champion loses… again!

In a tag team match, Rhodes and Miz (the IC Champion) took on the team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. I don’t get why the champion has to be pinned most of the time, as this is not the first time The Miz has taken a pinfall loss since becoming the champion. Surely there was a better team for Cara and Mysterio to face but still build on the storyline’s of Rhodes/Sin Cara and Miz/Mysterio. Rating: D+

As far as the team of Mysterio/Cara, the word from sources in WWE say they want both of them to have history with each other before a potential WrestleMania match next year. There is even talk of them becoming tag team champions before then, which would be interesting.

Daniel Bryan uses his anger

After snapping because of his anger, Daniel Bryan defeated Zack Ryder with the NO Lock… until the referee reversed the decision when Bryan wouldn’t let go of the hold. This whole anger angle should see Bryan and Kane team up (it makes total sense), but WWE booking will most likely have them fight one more time and then that’s it. We can hope though, but it’s a great story so far. Rating: B-

Tag team title contender’s determined!

Considering the Prime Time Player’s have been the most built up tag team challengers in recent months, it makes sense they became the No 1 Contenders to the tag team titles at Night of Champions. Maybe they will finally defeat Kingston/Truth at the third time of asking. At least the tag team division is getting some good time now and some dignity restored to it. Rating: B-

Sandow on the verge of a great push

It’s no secret that the WWE Management are high on Damian Sandow, so it’s no surprise they are giving him more prominent roles on TV. Another big match versus Randy Orton solidifies that theory this week (although Sandow ran away for a countout loss), but the fact he is getting bigger matches this early in his new gimmick speaks volumes. Let’s just hope WWE do not mess this latest push up or cut it off quickly before the crowd truly get’s into him. Rating: B-

The return of Wade Barrett!

I have waited for this moment for 7 months, as have a lot of fans. Wade Barrett is back, this time with a British bare knuckle fighter gimmick (which is reminiscent of his earlier career before making it big in WWE). What he means by he is open for business is beyond me, but it will be interesting to see what he does in the next few weeks and months. Great to see him back though where he belongs. He can still cut a good promo. Rating: B

Overall: B With progress in the World Title storyline, the continued push of Sandow, the tag team scene getting some good TV time and a new tag team getting pushed as well, this is probably the best episode of SmackDown in a long time. Only the World Title was pushed for Night of Champions, but future feuds have been set up which is promising. Good episode tonight, here’s hoping they can keep it up.


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WWE SmackDown – 31st August 2012 – Will Ziggler ever win a “big” match?

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  31st August 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

Another week, another SmackDown. Forgive me for just saying that, but the show has been below average for months now and there’s no signs of it letting up anytime soon. Especially with Del Rio still the no 1 contender for the World Title at Night of Champions. Orton versus Ziggler is the main event tonight, which should be decent at best. Let’s begin.

Sandow confronts Sheamus… but runs?

Interesting matchup made when Booker T made Sheamus v Damien Sandow, after Sandow ran down the champ and spared him an “intellectual thrashing”. So we got a physical thrashing, with Sandow holding his own…. then running away when Sheamus took over for the countout loss. I know Sheamus is the champion and they want to protect Sandow, but that was a bit too cowardly for my liking. Couldn’t they have just done a Del Rio run in instead for a DQ result? Then again, it was different I suppose. Rating: C-

Ziggler jobs again

I know WWE likes to build someone up slow when they win Money in the Bank (e.g. Edge, Bryan, etc), but it is still frustrating to see Ziggler job to every big star, from Sheamus to Jericho (although he beat him ONCE) and now Orton on SmackDown this week. Why should I take Ziggler seriously if he becomes World Champion if he keeps losing big matches? Let’s hope this changes very soon, otherwise Ziggler’s current push will be seen as a joke overall.

Before anyone say’s: “Oh Edge lost a few matches when he was Money in the Bank as well”, he actually won some good feuds (Matt Hardy for one) and defeated some great talent on the way (Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels) before becoming a WWE Champion. You see the difference a good build up can make to a future World Champion? Fortunately, there is time for Ziggler to turn it around. Rating: D

More RAW recaps take over the show

It’s fine to recap a previous show, but does it need to take up a good seven to ten minutes every show? I’m sure they can find a better use for that time, such as a good promo or another match. Or even give another match more time to develop? Makes little sense to me and brings the whole show down for me. Rating: D

Tag team division given more time to flourish

This week’s match featured the Prime Time Players against Kidd/Gabriel (who are also wearing matching outfits as a sign of unity), with a small Tout promo by the Uso’s on the inset screen. The match was average, but the important thing here is the tag team division is being given time to develop with new teams facing off against each other. It’s about time WWE takes the division seriously, with reports saying this division is Triple H’s special project. Rating: B

Rhodes has a mask obsession… we already knew!

Considering Rhodes spent most of 2011 in a mask (which was FINALLY mentioned on WWE TV by Michaels and Matthews tonight), it seems reasonable Rhodes wants to also unmask other masked wrestlers, like Cara and Mysterio. Problem is, everytime he tries, he loses a match and that happened tonight when Rhodes lost to Mysterio via a rollup. If you think about it, the storyline has some sense, but the execution of it to the audience has been poor so far. For example, what is so important about the masks to the wrestlers? It has been touched on, but not focused on, which is a shame. This angle could have been so much better. Rating: C-

Another announcer is a victim this week

After Lawler got his head kicked in by CM Punk on RAW earlier this week, announcer Josh Matthews is attacked by Kane for a second time (after Kane had apologised for attacking Matthews at SummerSlam). The reason for this attack is after Kane lost to Del Rio this week (well, Del Rio had to show up at some point I suppose), he turned angry and took Matthews out of commission. So much for the anger management classes then, but I am interested in seeing where this angle will go. Rating: C+

Overall: C+ This show is becoming synonymous with average lately. There are a few good moments, such as a good main event and the Kane/Daniel Bryan anger management classes skits (another recap from RAW really) and the tag team division, but otherwise nothing much here. A better show than most recent SmackDown’s, but not by much. Still much work to be done with rising superstars and in particular, Dolph Ziggler.


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WWE SmackDown – 24th August 2012 – Please find someone over than Del Rio!

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  24th August 2012

Commentators:  Michael Cole

The first SmackDown after SummerSlam is upon us and after the controversy of the World Title match, Booker T is expected to address that here. This has been done a few days later than the episode aired so apologies to everyone for that. Let’s begin.

Josh Matthews is recovering from injuries

A noticeable absentee on the commentary table this week is Josh Matthews, who was attacked by Kane after his loss to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, and is still recovering from those injuries. Guest hosts, such as Sheamus and Teddy long, joined Michael Cole all evening for the matches, which was a good thing, as a whole evening of Cole by himself would have sent me mad.

Alberto Del Rio is No 1 Contender? Again?

What is it about Del Rio, apart from him being Mexican and appealing to the fans there, that WWE love so much, so they keep giving him so many World Title matches? The only good thing about this time is he actually beat Randy Orton clean to become the No 1 Contender, in a match made by Booker T, so that already makes him look stronger than last time. I’m still not wild on the impending title match between Del Rio and Sheamus, which just shows the lack of depth on the SmackDown roster right now. Rating: C-

WWE Tag Team Division is looking up

A tag team match on SmackDown is nothing unusual, but a backstage brawl between FIVE tag teams is an unusual site these days. The tag champions (Kingston/R-truth); The Usos; Prime Time Players; Gabriel/Kidd and the Colons. This division is looking better already, so all they need now is some feuds to get going and some segment time to develop themselves as teams. Nice surprise for me and a lot of fans here and I have some optimism about the division now. Rating: B-

Cody Rhodes is obsessed with Sin Cara’s mask.

Is this feud going to end in a mask match, where Sin Cara loses his mask? If so, that match should be made into a big deal, as it is a huge deal in Mexico. Other than that, no reason was given for this feud, which is the norm for WWE today. Rating: C-

Dolph Ziggler fails to cash in

I like how WWE keep teasing that Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Sheamus, but I don’t like how they’re building him up to be a threat in the long run. He’s not winning any matches against the big guys (except Jericho on RAW last week) and he is coming across as a major cheater who can only win on luck. Not a great way to build a world champion for the future if I’m honest, but it’s not the worst build ever. Rating: D

Feed Ryback more!

Now that Ryback has finished with Mahal after beating him this week on SmackDown, how about a title run with either the US or Intercontinental titles? Might bring some relevancy to those titles again.

SmackDown is the new RAW!

Can WWE please stop recapping RAW on SmackDown in such detail! It wastes a lot of time, which could be used on a meaningful promo or more wrestling time, so we as the fans are being royally screwed here (I know it’s free TV but still). We as the fans demand more quality wrestling!

Santino and The Cobra have issues

Watching Santino talk to his sock, The Cobra, reminds me of Mankind and Mr Socko and Al Snow and Head. It just seems weird but normal for Santino, with The Cobra seemingly interested in Aksana (Cesaro’s girlfriend) more than the matches. Ok then. It also seems as his feud with Antonio Cesaro, the new US Champion from SummerSlam, will continue, which is a great way to keep these two busy for a while. Rating: C+ (Weird but watchable)

Overall: C A watchable episode tonight, but apart from the tag team division looking up and Del Rio being named No 1 Contender for the World Title (again. *sighs*), there’s not much here to remember. SmackDown is WAY down on where it was last year, which is a shame, as it was the WWE show to watch for a while. The lack of talent depth has caught up to them, which is a shame to see overall.


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