Full Focus: The Wyatt Family Trio

randy-orton-and-the-wyatt-family-won-the-smackdown-tag-team-titles-at-wwe-tlcThere has been a debate between me and my friends as to whether a certain story on SmackDown deserves such big billing at WrestleMania. Step forward Bray Wyatt. The head of The Wyatt Family has been on and off with promises of bigger pushes and championship gold for the last few years, but nothing seemed to be going his way. Until the Brand Split that is. Continue reading


WWE RAW and SmackDown – 1st to 5th October 2012 – I’m sorry WWE, what’s that about Anti-bullying?

WWE RAW – 01/10/2012

So another week where I have barely been able to sit down and actually watch some wrestling, but last week was… well, pretty weak for wrestling. Still, I’m only covering the top stories here and there’s plenty for that, so let’s begin.

Punk heel push just went into overdrive

I can understand that WWE wants Punk to be a major heel in the company and a complete opposite to John Cena. I can understand that he wants respect as the WWE Champion. But the fact they are trying to do this by bullying JR AGAIN (in his own home state of Oklahoma) makes me cringe.

Why does Vinnie Mac hate JR so much? He’s one of the best announcers in this great industry, yet McMahon has embarrassed him constantly for nearly 20 years. It’s a shame this has happened again, but you could feel the heat and the hate for Punk from the crowd. Hell, even I hated Punk fully for the first time ever on that night. The heat-seeking tactic worked in that sense, but the way it was done was in poor taste.

By the way, does that whole segment not go against the WWE’s Anti-bullying stance? Rating: D

WWE really needs to stop the politics in the ring

Ok, so with the US Presidential Elections round the corner (makes no difference to me anyway), we had a debate between the World Champion Sheamus and the challenger the Big Show. I have one thing to say about this debate…


It wasn’t a debate. It was another bullying segment, with the Big Show on the receiving end this time. Sheamus is not even taking Show as a serious threat, so why should we buy him as a legit threat to the world title at Hell in a Cell? Fair enough, there’s more than enough reasons not to buy him as a threat (WrestleMania joke, can’t beat Cena, etc), but this merely adds another reason on top. Oh and as for Sheamus, he needs to get serious for a change. His character is too jokey for a champion (I know it’s part of a storyline, but still) and he needs a little depth in character right now.

Is this feud going to be worse than Del Rio? Rating: D-

Tag team tournament

Mysterio/Cara went through to the semi-finals after beating the Colons (Epico/Primo), but with the Prime Time Players watching, I sense a feud between these two teams in the future (maybe even at Hell in a Cell). Either way, this tournament has some good teams in there, so it will be interesting to see where it all leads to (except an obvious title challenge for the winners). Good stuff to see the tag team division being revived again. Rating: B

WWE SmackDown – 05/10/2012

Sheamus, Y so unserious?

Sheamus continues to disrespect Big Show. Look back at my RAW review above for my thoughts on this, because I am sick of this rivalry already. Grow up Sheamus!

Tag team tournament continues

This week, Prime Time Players defeated Kingston/Truth to set up a semi-final clash with Mysterio/Cara, I assume for RAW on Monday coming. What did I say about these two meeting in the near future? (Ok it goes by tournament bracket, but still give me some credit!) The final four in the tournament looks like this:

Prime Time Players ———I


Mysterio/Cara————– I                  I


Rhodes Scholars————I                  I



Rating: B

Kingston and Truth go their separate ways

After losing to Prime Time Players in the tag team tournament, it’s worth noting during an interview on WWE.com, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth decided to continue their singles careers and split up. They helped re-light the tag division originally, so good luck to both men in their singles careers.

Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk put on a show

The main event here was a rare treat, as WWE Champion CM Punk faced off against Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. After a back and forth match, Punk gets the GTS for the win (meaning Ziggler jobs AGAIN!), before saying he will NOT face John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

I suppose with Cena’s injury and a six week build to Hell in a Cell, they need to fill in the time with a story I guess? Great main event on SmackDown this week. Rating: B.

Team Hell No still get the job done

After beating Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga in a tag team match on SmackDown, Kane and Bryan are still going at it.


The grammar police will hate that one. These two are so over with the fans, it’s amazing to see week in week out. At least they are helping put the focus on the tag team division again. They face the winners of the tag team tournament at Hell in a Cell for the tag team titles. Rating: C+

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WWE RAW and SmackDown – 24th/28th September 2012 – Finally some stories from the week!


I know this is VERY late, but here are the top stories from RAW and SmackDown from last week. Note these are the top stories only, instead of a full blown review, as I still have this week’s RAW to do as well.

As for last week’s TNA IMPACT, that will be on a separate post on Thursday/Friday along with this week’s IMPACT show. It keeps the flow going in a way. Let’s get this done.

CM Punk is approached by Cena, Foley…. and Ryback??

So with Punk expected to face Cena at Hell in a Cell, inside the said cell, there is one problem here. Cena has had elbow surgery, meaning he will be out for four to six weeks, which is about the time Hell in a Cell will take place, on 28th October. With no guarantee that Cena will be ready for the PPV, they need a backup. So out of all the options they have, who do they decide to use? Ryback!

First off, this is not a smart move at this time. Ryback is still developing as a character and is not ready to challenge, let alone win, the WWE Championship. Also, it would do CM Punk no favours to lose the title to Ryback, which would make his heel turn over the last couple of months pointless. Likewise for Ryback, as if he loses, he will lose all momentum he has built since his debut in April and he would be viewed as just another guy. In a year’s time, maybe this will be a good feud, but for now it’s the worst move WWE could make.

Earlier in the night, Foley challenged Punk to face Cena at Hell in a Cell in order to create a moment, and not to rely too much on statistics. To me, this sounds like they are setting Punk up for something big (provided he faces Cena at Hell in a Cell) and maybe  career defining moment. In all honesty, I think Punk’s title reign needs that at this moment in time.

The Show is back!

Big Show returned to knock out Tensai and Brodus Clay during their match. I don’t care so much, but this is news in itself anyway. Big Show is back!

Bryan/Kane anger management skits

More funny comedy from the Tag Team Champions. From Kane depicting a man called “Gerald” to a parody of When harry met Sally, I think it’s best to watch these videos below to appreciate this segment.

For the record, the WWE Universe decided the tag team name of Kane/Bryan shall be “Hell No” via Twitter.

WWE SmackDown

Big Show is No 1 contender to World Heavyweight Title

I know we have all been moaning about how Alberto Del Rio has been having chance after chance at Sheamus’ World Title, but now the WWE have put Big Show (or Big Slow depending on your feelings for him) in the title hunt. Seriously WWE, have you got no other younger wrestlers who deserve a shot at the title to put in front of Sheamus? It would give them credibility for their future careers to have a shot at the World Title. Heck, even Ziggler would have been a good option and he’s lost to Sheamus way too many times before. I am dreading this World Title match at Hell in a Cell as it stands. Horrible booking decision.

Tag Team Title Tournament

With the growing number of tag teams in WWE at the moment, it makes good sense to hold a tournament, in order to give more exposure to the tag team division and to see what the teams are made of. This week saw Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) defeat The Usos to send them into the semi-finals of the tournament. Short match, but this tournament is only just beginning. I’m interested to see where this whole thing will go from here and how Team Hell No (the tag team champions, Kane/Bryan) will tie into this.

Beth Pheonix’s ticket out of WWE?

With Beth Pheonix leaving the company at the end of the month after her release from her contract, she has been involved with the Kaitlyn assault story and even blamed for the attack by the Divas Champion, Eve Torres. I sense a Loser Leaves Town match at Hell in a Cell between these two for the Divas Title, which coincides with Beth’s exit from the company. Coincidence? Surely not.

Speaking of this story, when was the last time WWE ever had a story for the Divas division?

That is a recap of the top stories from WWE last week. Again, apologies for the lateness and out of date information here, but time issues have not helped me in the last couple of weeks. This week’s RAW will hopefully be up later today, so keep checking back folks.


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WWE SmackDown – 14th September 2012 – Why bother with the US and Intercontinental titles anymore?

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  14th September 2012

Location:            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

The final show before Night of Champions is upon us, so let’s get this done, as there are a few things to address here. First off, what final pointers will be given in the World Heavyweight Championship feud, regarding the now-banned Brogue Kick? Who will challenge for the Intercontinental and US Championships this Sunday night? How will Bryan and Kane co-exist as a tag team this Sunday? Let’s begin.

The Brogue Kick case continues

After the Brogue kick was banned before, during and after matches by SmackDown GM Booker T, Otunga and Del Rio even brought in Christian via satellite (recovering from shoulder surgery) to say the Brogue Kick should be banned permanently. This whole angle has been much better than what we have seen between Del Rio and Sheamus over the last few months, yet it is still being slightly botched. With Sheamus using the Texas Cloverleaf, especially by defeating Bryan on SmackDown this week, it just looks like a small inconvenience to Sheamus, nothing more nothing less. They could have waited until Night of Champions for him to debut that move at least. Rating: C

Intercontinental title match determined

After the IC Champion, The Miz, lost to Sin Cara this week, it was determined that Miz would defend the title against Cody Rhodes (who attacked Miz on RAW this week); Mysterio (who pinned Miz on SmackDown last week) and Sin Cara (who pinned him moments before) in a fatal fourway match this Sunday. This is a crossover of feuds, but does anyone care about them enough to want to see a title match between these four? Should be a good match regardless though. Rating: C

Bryan and Kane to take the Tag Team Titles Sunday?

With Kane defeating Kofi Kingston on SmackDown this week, Bryan/Kane (Team Friendship if you want) have a good chance to win the tag team titles on Sunday. In all honesty, they need to win the titles, as not only would it keep their anger management storyline going, but it would also aid the restoration of the tag team division in the long-term. Solid stuff by the booking team here, but they need to keep it going with the right result on Sunday for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Rating: B

Does Ziggler really have a chance against Orton?

Another failed sneak attack from Ziggler this week really drove the question home to me this week. Does Ziggler even have a chance of defeating Orton at Night of Champions this Sunday? If the company can’t even trust or allow Ziggler to gain an advantage over Orton (he isn’t even that big of a star in the company recently, let’s be honest), then how can we as fans be expected to believe Ziggler is a threat to Orton? This is going to end badly I reckon this Sunday, for Ziggler mostly. Rating: D

Wade Barrett is still in business – What is this “product” he is on about that will be sampled by someone next week on SmackDown?

US Champion made to look weak

Just by reading that subheading, I am not surprised by this. Antonio Cesaro, the US Champion, get’s squashed in a promo by Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay, in a bid to make the audience and the kids happy. How is this meant to build a champion up for a surprise match this Sunday? WWE booking ladies and gentlemen. Rating: D

They are sort of trying with Kaitlyn

After the wrong diva won the battle royal a few weeks ago on RAW (Eve Torres should have won) and WWE decided not to change it, Kaitlyn has been built up slowly leading to her title match with Layla on Sunday. The whole angle has been turned into an underdog story, with Beth Pheonix (this week) and Natalya to name a few falling victim to Kaitlyn recently. Good way to build her up before Sunday, with her lack of ring experience it seems unlikely Layla will lose the title at Night of Champions. Unless Eve Torres is added into the match at the very last minute. Good effort at least here. Rating: C

Overall: C+ Aside a few booking issues as far as the IC and US Titles went (WWE do not care about them either way) this was a solid go-home show to Night of Champions. The World Title match has some intrigue to it; the Tag Team Title match has a lot of interest in it from the fans and the card has essentially been filled out. Ziggler could have been built up better over the last few weeks to face Orton as an equal, but such is the nature of WWE booking. The pay per view on Sunday has the potential to be good, if not spectacular, so let’s hope it delivers.


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WWE SmackDown – 7th September 2012 – Bye bye to the Brogue Kick

WWE SmackDown

Date:                   7th September 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

Nine days to go until Night of Champions and the World Title is the big match for the blue brand, with Del Rio again the No 1 contender against Sheamus. Change the record (or the wrestler in this case) already! Anyway, big decision to be made tonight based on what happened on RAW (more on that in a moment), so let’s begin.

The Brogue Kick is banned!

After Sheamus put Ricardo Rodriguez in the hospital on RAW this week, after giving him a Brogue Kick to the head and knocking him unconscious, Rodriguez’s new lawyer David Otunga (surprise, surprise) pushed Booker T to ban the move or risk a lawsuit. Seriously, the lawsuit excuse is a copout for the company now! Either way, Booker bans the move (just before Sheamus uses it on David Otunga in the main event) for good, which Del Rio is very happy about. At least this makes the match at NoC more interesting, as Sheamus now has to use other ways (such as his Texas Cloverleaf move) to beat Del Rio. Rating: B-

Intercontinental Champion loses… again!

In a tag team match, Rhodes and Miz (the IC Champion) took on the team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. I don’t get why the champion has to be pinned most of the time, as this is not the first time The Miz has taken a pinfall loss since becoming the champion. Surely there was a better team for Cara and Mysterio to face but still build on the storyline’s of Rhodes/Sin Cara and Miz/Mysterio. Rating: D+

As far as the team of Mysterio/Cara, the word from sources in WWE say they want both of them to have history with each other before a potential WrestleMania match next year. There is even talk of them becoming tag team champions before then, which would be interesting.

Daniel Bryan uses his anger

After snapping because of his anger, Daniel Bryan defeated Zack Ryder with the NO Lock… until the referee reversed the decision when Bryan wouldn’t let go of the hold. This whole anger angle should see Bryan and Kane team up (it makes total sense), but WWE booking will most likely have them fight one more time and then that’s it. We can hope though, but it’s a great story so far. Rating: B-

Tag team title contender’s determined!

Considering the Prime Time Player’s have been the most built up tag team challengers in recent months, it makes sense they became the No 1 Contenders to the tag team titles at Night of Champions. Maybe they will finally defeat Kingston/Truth at the third time of asking. At least the tag team division is getting some good time now and some dignity restored to it. Rating: B-

Sandow on the verge of a great push

It’s no secret that the WWE Management are high on Damian Sandow, so it’s no surprise they are giving him more prominent roles on TV. Another big match versus Randy Orton solidifies that theory this week (although Sandow ran away for a countout loss), but the fact he is getting bigger matches this early in his new gimmick speaks volumes. Let’s just hope WWE do not mess this latest push up or cut it off quickly before the crowd truly get’s into him. Rating: B-

The return of Wade Barrett!

I have waited for this moment for 7 months, as have a lot of fans. Wade Barrett is back, this time with a British bare knuckle fighter gimmick (which is reminiscent of his earlier career before making it big in WWE). What he means by he is open for business is beyond me, but it will be interesting to see what he does in the next few weeks and months. Great to see him back though where he belongs. He can still cut a good promo. Rating: B

Overall: B With progress in the World Title storyline, the continued push of Sandow, the tag team scene getting some good TV time and a new tag team getting pushed as well, this is probably the best episode of SmackDown in a long time. Only the World Title was pushed for Night of Champions, but future feuds have been set up which is promising. Good episode tonight, here’s hoping they can keep it up.


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WWE SmackDown – 31st August 2012 – Will Ziggler ever win a “big” match?

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  31st August 2012

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

Another week, another SmackDown. Forgive me for just saying that, but the show has been below average for months now and there’s no signs of it letting up anytime soon. Especially with Del Rio still the no 1 contender for the World Title at Night of Champions. Orton versus Ziggler is the main event tonight, which should be decent at best. Let’s begin.

Sandow confronts Sheamus… but runs?

Interesting matchup made when Booker T made Sheamus v Damien Sandow, after Sandow ran down the champ and spared him an “intellectual thrashing”. So we got a physical thrashing, with Sandow holding his own…. then running away when Sheamus took over for the countout loss. I know Sheamus is the champion and they want to protect Sandow, but that was a bit too cowardly for my liking. Couldn’t they have just done a Del Rio run in instead for a DQ result? Then again, it was different I suppose. Rating: C-

Ziggler jobs again

I know WWE likes to build someone up slow when they win Money in the Bank (e.g. Edge, Bryan, etc), but it is still frustrating to see Ziggler job to every big star, from Sheamus to Jericho (although he beat him ONCE) and now Orton on SmackDown this week. Why should I take Ziggler seriously if he becomes World Champion if he keeps losing big matches? Let’s hope this changes very soon, otherwise Ziggler’s current push will be seen as a joke overall.

Before anyone say’s: “Oh Edge lost a few matches when he was Money in the Bank as well”, he actually won some good feuds (Matt Hardy for one) and defeated some great talent on the way (Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels) before becoming a WWE Champion. You see the difference a good build up can make to a future World Champion? Fortunately, there is time for Ziggler to turn it around. Rating: D

More RAW recaps take over the show

It’s fine to recap a previous show, but does it need to take up a good seven to ten minutes every show? I’m sure they can find a better use for that time, such as a good promo or another match. Or even give another match more time to develop? Makes little sense to me and brings the whole show down for me. Rating: D

Tag team division given more time to flourish

This week’s match featured the Prime Time Players against Kidd/Gabriel (who are also wearing matching outfits as a sign of unity), with a small Tout promo by the Uso’s on the inset screen. The match was average, but the important thing here is the tag team division is being given time to develop with new teams facing off against each other. It’s about time WWE takes the division seriously, with reports saying this division is Triple H’s special project. Rating: B

Rhodes has a mask obsession… we already knew!

Considering Rhodes spent most of 2011 in a mask (which was FINALLY mentioned on WWE TV by Michaels and Matthews tonight), it seems reasonable Rhodes wants to also unmask other masked wrestlers, like Cara and Mysterio. Problem is, everytime he tries, he loses a match and that happened tonight when Rhodes lost to Mysterio via a rollup. If you think about it, the storyline has some sense, but the execution of it to the audience has been poor so far. For example, what is so important about the masks to the wrestlers? It has been touched on, but not focused on, which is a shame. This angle could have been so much better. Rating: C-

Another announcer is a victim this week

After Lawler got his head kicked in by CM Punk on RAW earlier this week, announcer Josh Matthews is attacked by Kane for a second time (after Kane had apologised for attacking Matthews at SummerSlam). The reason for this attack is after Kane lost to Del Rio this week (well, Del Rio had to show up at some point I suppose), he turned angry and took Matthews out of commission. So much for the anger management classes then, but I am interested in seeing where this angle will go. Rating: C+

Overall: C+ This show is becoming synonymous with average lately. There are a few good moments, such as a good main event and the Kane/Daniel Bryan anger management classes skits (another recap from RAW really) and the tag team division, but otherwise nothing much here. A better show than most recent SmackDown’s, but not by much. Still much work to be done with rising superstars and in particular, Dolph Ziggler.


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WWE SmackDown – 24th August 2012 – Please find someone over than Del Rio!

WWE SmackDown

Date:                  24th August 2012

Commentators:  Michael Cole

The first SmackDown after SummerSlam is upon us and after the controversy of the World Title match, Booker T is expected to address that here. This has been done a few days later than the episode aired so apologies to everyone for that. Let’s begin.

Josh Matthews is recovering from injuries

A noticeable absentee on the commentary table this week is Josh Matthews, who was attacked by Kane after his loss to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, and is still recovering from those injuries. Guest hosts, such as Sheamus and Teddy long, joined Michael Cole all evening for the matches, which was a good thing, as a whole evening of Cole by himself would have sent me mad.

Alberto Del Rio is No 1 Contender? Again?

What is it about Del Rio, apart from him being Mexican and appealing to the fans there, that WWE love so much, so they keep giving him so many World Title matches? The only good thing about this time is he actually beat Randy Orton clean to become the No 1 Contender, in a match made by Booker T, so that already makes him look stronger than last time. I’m still not wild on the impending title match between Del Rio and Sheamus, which just shows the lack of depth on the SmackDown roster right now. Rating: C-

WWE Tag Team Division is looking up

A tag team match on SmackDown is nothing unusual, but a backstage brawl between FIVE tag teams is an unusual site these days. The tag champions (Kingston/R-truth); The Usos; Prime Time Players; Gabriel/Kidd and the Colons. This division is looking better already, so all they need now is some feuds to get going and some segment time to develop themselves as teams. Nice surprise for me and a lot of fans here and I have some optimism about the division now. Rating: B-

Cody Rhodes is obsessed with Sin Cara’s mask.

Is this feud going to end in a mask match, where Sin Cara loses his mask? If so, that match should be made into a big deal, as it is a huge deal in Mexico. Other than that, no reason was given for this feud, which is the norm for WWE today. Rating: C-

Dolph Ziggler fails to cash in

I like how WWE keep teasing that Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Sheamus, but I don’t like how they’re building him up to be a threat in the long run. He’s not winning any matches against the big guys (except Jericho on RAW last week) and he is coming across as a major cheater who can only win on luck. Not a great way to build a world champion for the future if I’m honest, but it’s not the worst build ever. Rating: D

Feed Ryback more!

Now that Ryback has finished with Mahal after beating him this week on SmackDown, how about a title run with either the US or Intercontinental titles? Might bring some relevancy to those titles again.

SmackDown is the new RAW!

Can WWE please stop recapping RAW on SmackDown in such detail! It wastes a lot of time, which could be used on a meaningful promo or more wrestling time, so we as the fans are being royally screwed here (I know it’s free TV but still). We as the fans demand more quality wrestling!

Santino and The Cobra have issues

Watching Santino talk to his sock, The Cobra, reminds me of Mankind and Mr Socko and Al Snow and Head. It just seems weird but normal for Santino, with The Cobra seemingly interested in Aksana (Cesaro’s girlfriend) more than the matches. Ok then. It also seems as his feud with Antonio Cesaro, the new US Champion from SummerSlam, will continue, which is a great way to keep these two busy for a while. Rating: C+ (Weird but watchable)

Overall: C A watchable episode tonight, but apart from the tag team division looking up and Del Rio being named No 1 Contender for the World Title (again. *sighs*), there’s not much here to remember. SmackDown is WAY down on where it was last year, which is a shame, as it was the WWE show to watch for a while. The lack of talent depth has caught up to them, which is a shame to see overall.


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WWE SmackDown – 10th August 2012 – The return of Y2J!

Date:                  10th August 2012

Venue:                Houston, Texas

Commentators:   Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews.

Just over a week to SummerSlam now and I am dreading the World Title match between Sheamus and Del Rio. I know some news has come out about the World Title match after SmackDown but I will get to that a little later on. You know, just to keep you guys reading, because that’s how I roll. Speaking of rolling, I have no idea what is planned for this show, as that is the way of this show nowadays. Anyway, let’s begin.

Segment 1: Booker T in front of his home town crowd, World Title match made!

This is Booker’s hometown, so he gets a nice reception, which gets a Spinarooni! I dig that sucka! This whole rivalry between Del Rio and Sheamus just got intense in a hurry, with Del Rio filing a report with the police about Sheamus about him stealing his car on RAW. As Sheamus can’t defend the title if he is being charged, they face each other tonight for the World Title, with Del Rio looking pissed enough to say yes! Its SummerSlam come early, but is that a good thing for me or a bad thing? We’ll see. At least it didn’t drag on for a long time like other promos. Rating: C+

Segment 2: Sin Cara defeats Cody Rhodes

This is a different idea for a Sin Cara match: Rhodes trying to rip the mask off Cara’s head. Aside from Sin Cara Negro last year, no one else has done this I believe. Decent match with Cara flying all over the place, and the rollup win for Cara makes the victory look lucky. Not a big fan of Rhodes losing here though, and I have to wonder where he goes from here. Rating: C

Bryan shouting NO backstage. Why are they intent on making him look stupid?

Wade Barrett promo. Hurry up and come back please.

Segment 3: AJ Lee manipulates both Kane and Bryan…. again!

This is to further the story between Bryan and Kane, who meet one on one at SummerSlam as they have nothing better to do, and AJ Lee (strange to see her back on SmackDown). I think it was safe to say there is no sportsmanship between these two and their anger issues are big here. Simple story, with AJ playing both guys against each other and it works to an extent. Who would have thought a story could be built up so simply? Rating: C+

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are told to step up by Booker T. Then put them into the tag team division, it speaks for itself.

Segment 4: Jinder Mahal defeats Two Jobbers

Mahal wanted two guys tonight so he can beat them faster than Ryback. Ok then. Camel clutch ends this quickly and then a DOUBLE CAMEL CLUTCH on both guys! Impressive! Ok I may be exaggerating a bit. Ryback comes out after and Musclebuster’s both guys at the same time. Rough night for the jobbers but at least Mahal and Ryback have a feud going on to keep them busy. Rating: C+

Segment 5: Jericho’s Highlight Reel

The Highlight Reel is back but where’s the set? It’s just a screen. Tonight’s guest is Dolph Ziggler…. actually it’s Vickie Guerrero, who takes his place. After all the Vickie insults and the catchphrases, Y2J is back baby!! Damn I have always wanted to say for a long time! Cue the beatdown by Ziggler and a slap by Vickie and there is legitimate doubt about whether Jericho can beat Ziggler at SummerSlam. That is what a story should do, create anticipation and doubt in the fans eyes about whether the good guy can beat the bad guy. Again, its Booking 101. Solid stuff here and the match is finally officially made. Rating: B

Recap of the opening segment. Moving on.

Segment 6: No 1 contenders tag team match: Prime Time Players (w/ A.W) defeats The Colons (via DQ)

Ok first things are first:

1) Why are we having a No 1 Contenders match for the Tag Team Titles, when the PTP are the challengers? I know they had a match a few weeks ago for the titles, but considering PTP and Truth/Kingston have a feud going on, why bother?

2) Its weird seeing A.W here, considering he has now been released by WWE. A.W Promotions are no more.

This match is thrown out early anyway as Truth and Kingston attack A.W for throwing water on them. Oh wait… the PTP win by disqualification!? Ok that was a genius move by A.W there. A pity he won’t be around to see it when they have the match. Rating: C-

Segment 7: Christian defeats Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana)

Now this is proper competition for Cesaro here. Even the announcers are saying Cesaro deserves a US Title match against Santino after beating him two weeks straight, so watch this space. This match is showing the skills Cesaro has, which is fine as it gives him more exposure to the audience. He had Christian looking at the lights a good two or three times for the win but Christian pulled off the win with a spear. Entertaining stuff, with us fans doubting Christian could win, which is the idea. I don’t get why Cesaro lost here but he can bounce back I’m sure. Rating: C+

Booker T makes Kaitlyn versus Eve Torres for next week, with the winner becoming his Assistant on SmackDown. Oh everyone is looking forward to that I’m sure.

Segment 8: Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz

Non-title match here. Apparently, Miz blames his fans for them picking Mysterio to face CM Punk on RAW, hence we get this match. Simple backstory but it’s better than nothing. Miz is in transition at the moment, which is shown in his moveset and slightly different look, but he is looking more of a threat to me. However, I am not a fan of him losing here like Cesaro, but it was by a rollup for Mysterio, so it isn’t a definitive victory. Decent match, with both men looking pretty good out there.

Don’t be a bully!

Segment 9: World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) v Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) (No Contest)

This match starts with about five minutes left, so this will be short. Actually scrap that, as “police officers” (hired heavies by Del Rio) come down and help Del Rio beat up Sheamus to end the show. As I think about it, that is a smart plan by Del Rio. Yeah ok, we got screwed out of a World Title match, but that will be for the pay per view, although we have seen the same attacks from Del Rio time and again. It still doesn’t make me want to see the match either way though. Rating: C

Or will the match happen? An exclusive on WWE.com has a video showing Booker T calling off the world title match between Sheamus and Del Rio as Del Rio’s punishment. My prayers have been answered! I highly doubt it though, as there will be a World Title match at SummerSlam (the second biggest pay per view of the year dammit!) and it’s too late to build another match with about a week to go. It will be interesting to see what happens next week on SmackDown though (or even RAW, but I doubt it).

Overall: C A better episode this week with solid TV matches and some storylines being built more for SummerSlam, most notably Jericho and Ziggler. The World Title feud had an interesting twist tonight, but it was the exclusive news after the show that built the intrigue for next week. Not a great show tonight, but certainly it kept me awake and gave me a few moments. Oh I have to say it: Y2J is Back Baby!!

PS: there was a RAW recap in there but I will not bother mentioning it from now on.


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WWE SmackDown – 3rd August 2012 – The perfect episode to fall asleep to

Date:                  3rd August 2012

Venue:               Indianapolis, Indiana

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews.

Another week, another SmackDown and most likely more squash matches (I’m thinking of Ryback in most of these cases now) and Del Rio screen time. That in itself makes me dread watching this episode. Still, onwards and upwards, and that is the only way this show can go now really. Let’s begin.

SmackDown officially has the new titantron it seems now. Oh yes, I forgot, a new GM for SmackDown is to be announced tonight!

Segment 1: Vince McMahon names the new SmackDown GM

When was the last time McMahon was on SmackDown? Straight to the point here, the new SmackDown GM is….. Booker T! I like this a lot, as I feel he will do a better job here than on commentary. Unfortunately, Del Rio destroys the moment by showing his face and sucking up to the boss. He sucked the life out of this building more like. After Sheamus joins us, Booker announces matches for Del Rio and Sheamus, despite Del Rio saying he won’t compete until SummerSlam. He get’s Randy Orton tonight. Solid promo that thankfully didn’t drag on too long, but we still saw Del Rio sadly. Sheamus’ match is up next with….Rating: C

Segment 2: Sheamus defeats Tensai

Tensai cut a promo earlier on in Japanese. Cheap heat, but effective. The idea of this match was simple, with Tensai offering Sheamus’ a beating while the champion tried to survive. Quick Brogue Kick from nothing gets the win for Sheamus, but it was nice to see him in trouble against a power guy like Tensai, which is the type of guy he rarely faces at the moment. Rating: C

Teddy Long is hired as Senior Advisor to the SD GM. Eve Torres get’s left hanging and storms out.

Segment 3: Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) defeats Santino Marella

This is a rematch from last week on SmackDown and I have no idea why this isn’t a title match. Antonio needs to take that belt off Santino soon. Cobra is countered but not the second time but Cesaro’s leg was under the rope. The Gotch Style Neutralizer (I’ll call it GSN for short) gets the pinfall victory. Short match and not much here, but Cesaro needs and deserves that US title shot soon. Rating: C-

Kane/Jericho/Christian v Miz/Ziggler/Bryan in a six man tag match later tonight. We recap Bryan’s night from hell on RAW when he was given a psychiatric evaluation by the doctor’s. I really feel for him right now. Bryan now has a NO t-shirt for his new catchphrase! Give me a break.

Segment 4: Miz/Ziggler/Bryan defeats Kane/Jericho/Christian

Oh that match is now it seems. I enjoy watching the matches between these guys, as you know nine times out of ten; you’re going to get a solid match. The end looked like a rehash of RAW at one point, with Jericho taking out Ziggler and then the Lionsault to Bryan. But Ziggler breaks it up and takes a Codebreaker for his troubles. Rollup by Bryan for the pin on Jericho, before Bryan screams NO at a fan in the audience. Ok then. Good match but it felt like the same old thing from RAW, only with two men extra in the ring this time. Rating: C+

Randy Orton is happy to be back from his “layoff”.

Segment 5: Ryback defeats Jinder Mahal by DQ

Apparently, WWE management are high on Mahal as a main event heel character. He will need to improve his character and in-ring skills first to get there and convince everyone he deserves it. BREAKING NEWS: Ryback cut his first promo earlier today! He says welcome to the food chain and feed him more. It’s a start at least. Basic squash until Mahal smashes a microphone over Ryback for the DQ loss. Too short to rate but at least these two have something to do right now.

Prime Time Players want their own t-shirts for sale on merchandise. That would work.

Segment 6: Darren Young (w/ A.W and Titus O’Neil) defeats R-Truth (w/ Kofi Kingston)

Let’s hope A.W makes no more comments like those on RAW this past week. Short match but it showed that the Prime Time Players are ready for their title shot and A.W is key to their future success. I’m enjoying the push of this tag team and hopefully they may win the belts at SummerSlam from Kingston/Truth. Match was nothing of note, but it was an important win for the momentum of PTP. Rating: C+

Recap of Punk/Show/Cena from RAW this week. Why must we get the extended version of this EVERY week? Cena v Show v Punk for the WWE title in a triple threat match at SummerSlam was made official.

Recap of Booker T being announced as the new GM for SmackDown earlier tonight. Booker T announces Cody Rhodes versus Sin Cara next week. I was beginning to wonder where Rhodes was recently.

Segment 7: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeats Randy Orton

Orton receives a HUGE ovation on his return to SmackDown. There’s not long left in the show, so this is going to be a fairly short main event compared to recent weeks. The action for this match was fine but DANG was it boring! It was clear no one was going over clean in order to protect both guys and I watched the Olympics cycling instead half the time. This was the worst main event in a long time on SmackDown. Rating: D+

Sheamus throws Del Rio back in the ring for an Orton RKO to end the show.

Overall: C- This show was a bore to me. I can count about three times I nearly fell asleep (I am tired lately because of poor sleep but still, it’s only early evening here)! The matches themselves are fine, but we have seen the same thing all before. The main event rarely ends with someone going over cleanly, the opening segment is usually a long promo followed by the other matches in between. I’m bored of seeing this every single week, and so are many other fans. SmackDown needs a reset of sorts and the new GM in Booker T will hopefully provide this.


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WWE SmackDown – 27th July 2012 – Sheamus’ “new” challenger: Del Rio AGAIN!

Date:                  27th July 2012

Venue:               Kansas City, Missouri

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews.

After the awesome show that was RAW 1000, which finished with a somewhat shocking twist, with CM Punk attacking the Rock after losing to Cena by disqualification for the WWE Title, we have the small matter of this week’s SmackDown. A lot happened on Monday, so I’m sure it will be recapped on tonight’s show. Apart from that, I don’t think anything was confirmed so far for tonight so this could go either way. Let’s begin.

We indeed recap all the events from RAW 1000, with Punks heel turn being the moment at the end.

Fatal fourway match for the Number 1 contendership to Sheamus’ world title is tonight’s main event.

Segment 1: The Miz addresses us; IC title: The Miz (c) defeats Christian

Miz won the Intercontinental Title from Christian on RAW 1000 in a surprisingly clean victory. Christian comes down to invoke his rematch clause immediately. It feels refreshing to start SmackDown with the IC title instead of the World title scene, which has been overdone for months.

The match itself was a good back and forth contest, with The Miz looking more like a fighting champion. You could say the thumb to the eye was a cheating move but come on! Miz is a heel, so it’s expected. Great way to kick off SmackDown, especially considering I can’t remember the last time the IC title was defended on this show. Rating: B

Sheamus versus Cody Rhodes announced for tonight.

Segment 2: Ryback defeats Jinder Mahal

Its the weekly squash again. Mahal actually gets some offence in before a Ryback comeback destroys him. At least Mahal had the sense here to leave the ring and lose by countout. At least they are giving Ryback someone to fight back against, so a rematch anyone next week? Rating: C

They reshow the ending to RAW 1000 and Punks heel turn by attacking RAW. Why must WWE insist on showing us THE ENTIRE CLIP? Highlights are fine to see but in small doses!

Bryan receives a wedding gift from Sheamus: A book called “How to last more than 18 seconds”. That made me laugh.

Segment 3: Sheamus defeats Cody Rhodes

A non-title match here. Halfway through the match, Ziggler and Guerrero come out to tease a cash in, as they hang around at ringside. It was your usual TV match for the most part, although Sheamus was pushed here by Rhodes, which was good to see. Brogue kick ends this match. Rating: B-

Dolph looks anxious to cash in that Money in the Bank briefcase, but he backs away. Enter Jericho, who throws Dolph into the Brogue Kick. And that is the official face turn for Jericho right there. Codebreaker to Ziggler keeps him down.

Segment 4: Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) defeats Santino Marella

Cesaro is on and off SmackDown too much for me to care about him yet. Short match with not much here, until Cesaro drops Marella for the win. Maybe we could see a future US champion in Cesaro, if anything to take the title off Marella, who is doing nothing for the belt. Rating: C-

Recap of Lesnar/Triple H segment from RAW 1000. The whole clip AGAIN.

Segment 5: Damien Sandow defeats Yoshi Tatsu

No introduction for either guy. Sandow is such an animal in the ring, he reminds me of Waylon Mercy in 1995 WWF. Look him up on Youtube and Wikipedia. I think Sandow is still pissed from RAW 1000, when he was attacked by D-X. This whole match lasted less than a minute. Fantastic, now get him a worthwhile storyline that I will care about. No rating.

Sandow talks about his attack at the hands of D-X and calls himself a martyr. You’re welcome.

Segment 6: Fatal Fourway No 1 contenders match: Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan, Kane and Rey Mysterio

Winner gets Sheamus for his World Title, most likely at SummerSlam. Solid match with all four guys getting some good time and action in here. Ultimately, it comes down to Del Rio stealing the win after Rodriguez drags Mysterio out of the ring before covering Bryan. Decent match, but I feel it was the worst main event in weeks on this show. Del Rio becoming No 1 contender again is a boring move, yet understandable. I mean, who else could be the No 1 contender at the moment realistically? Mysterio has just returned, Kane is a face as well and Bryan has already lost to Sheamus multiple times. That’s what happens when you have a lack of talent depth to call upon on the roster I guess. Rating: C

Overall: C+ This show had a unique start with the Intercontinental title situation and a few good matches as well, but there are two major problems at the moment. First, WWE really needs to cut down on the recaps of RAW and the length of those clips. They take up far too much time that could be used on matches and promos to further other characters and feuds. Secondly, SmackDown needs some new faces in the main event scene, as Del Rio being No 1 contender AGAIN is just boring to see. I get that Randy Orton is due back next week, but its still boring to see Sheamus/Del Rio for the title for many months on end. Even with Ziggler waiting in the wings with his briefcase to cash in. Average to good show tonight, depending on whether you enjoy the wrestling itself or the highlights from RAW.


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