WWF In Your House: Seasons Beatings – 17th December 1995 –

latestWWF In Your House – Season’s Beatings

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler

Location: Hersheypark Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be the best time to focus on a Christmas wrestling show. Sadly I came across this pay per view from 1995, but at least this is a start. The main event here is Bret Hart defending the WWF Championship against the British Bulldog, as they are playing up the rematch of their classic from three years earlier. Let’s get started. Continue reading


WWE RAW -20th May 2013 – Three’s a crowd.

WWE RAW – 20th May 2013

imagesThis may be a couple of days late (I apologise again for that), but instead of doing a full on review of each RAW and SmackDown each week, I have decided to change things up a little bit. I mean why not, since many of us have lives to lead and offices to occupy for eight hours a day.

Anyway, here are the main talking points from RAW this past Monday night: Continue reading

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 – Believe in the Shield!

WWE Extreme Rules

Date:                 19th May 2013.

Location:           St Louis, Missouri. 
Commentators:  Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler.Image

My first review back, so I guess I’ll be a bit rusty here so bear with me. We have FINALLY arrived at Extreme Rules after what seemed an age since WrestleMania and the card…. doesn’t look that impressive to me (The Shield matches and the strap match aside). Still I have been surprised before, so we’ll see what Cena/Ryback will throw up especially. Oh and hopefully tonight is the last in the Lesnar/HHH series which has run for over a year now at 1-1. Let’s begin this. Continue reading

WWE RAW – 27th August 2012 – Game Over?


Date:                    27th August 2012

Venue:                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Commentators:    Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews

Another three hour RAW is upon us, which I am dreading these days as they are such a drag getting through. Punk and Lawler will confront each other tonight and Triple H will address us about whether he will retire or not. As the shows are so long, I think its best just to quickly summarise the main points in as much detail as I can muster at this stage. Ok, so let’s begin.

CM Punks heel push hits a new level

It’s only taken a month, but it looks like CM Punk’s heel turn has finally gotten into full swing. His attack on Lawler last week, running him down and beating him in a cage match this week on RAW gathered him some more decent heat. Oh and his whinging about respect for him as a champion. With his match against John Cena confirmed in Cena’s hometown at Night of Champions, I want to see how they can build more on this rivalry and Punk’s new attitude. Decent stuff here, but they took a while getting to this point. Rating: C+

The Miz loses…. again!

I’m sorry, but does WWE enjoy having their champions lose or something? I know the Intercontinental title is almost worthless nowadays, but at least put it in a feud with some dignity instead of feeding it’s champion to John Cena of all people! His victory over Miz meant nothing and I’m sure there were other wrestlers there for him to face. Poor booking by WWE creative. Are they smoking pot or something these days with these ideas springing up? Rating: D-

Cody Rhodes is squashed again!

So five months ago, Cody was heading to WrestleMania as the Intercontinental champion, but now he is jobbing to Brodus Clay. Where has it gone so wrong for Rhodes? He has a promising career in front of him, but at least he has time and talent on his side to bounce back from this. Let’s hope creative get on his side too very soon. Rating: D+

Kane and Daniel Bryan attend Anger Management Lessons!

Yes you read that right. The skits are actually funny and they build the characters of Daniel Bryan and Kane more, which is always the best thing to do. See, this is a decent way to use some of the three hours every week. Segments that tell a story and take the fans on a ride with the wrestlers themselves to make them feel involved. We saw a continuation of the segments in Bryans match with R-Truth tonight, where Bryan tried to keep a hold of his temper. Good stuff here and I’m hoping to see more of the same in the coming weeks. Rating: B+

Zack Ryder wins a match on RAW.

It seems newsworthy enough. I know Zack is low down the WWE food chain but when was the last time he ever won a singles match on RAW? Help me out here people.

AJ Lee lost it

I know she lost her mind months ago, but this week she attacks Vickie Guerrero in the ring, after Guerrero moaned and complained about AJ (nothing changes there) being in charge. I think I know where this is going. I expect WWE Board of Director’s to get involved here. De ja vu anyone? Rating: C-

Triple H saying farewell?

A huge question has been hanging over Triple H since his loss to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam: Will he retire? He seemed to give a farewell message here, along with all the highlight vignettes of hi career throughout the night by WWE, but WWE have been known to throw a curveball where this is concerned. He seemed legit emotional at the end, which suggests he may indeed retire but we don’t know for sure at the moment. If it is goodbye from The Game, then he has had a magnificent career and has given us many highlights. If that is the case, I only have to say: Thank You Hunter. (No rating here, because how can you rate something like this?)

Overall: C This is the first RAW where I have not been bored after two hours. There has been some good wrestling here, along with some good segments and some story advancement (main event mostly). I just hope WWE continue to use the three hour show time wisely, otherwise this longer show will not last for long. Still, good episode for this new format, so is it too optimistic to hope WWE will continue this next week?


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Recap summary of SummerSlam and RAW – 19-20th August 2012 – What did I miss?

I’m back and refreshed after holiday, so now I have to catch up on the wrestling that I missed this past week. Judging by the results of SummerSlam and what I saw on RAW, there’s a fair amount to talk about, so let’s get started with a quick recap.

Oh and because I am doing this, there is no full review of RAW for this past week.

1) “The Perfect Storm”: Brock Lesnar triumphs over The Game

Personally, this was a much needed victory for Lesnar at SummerSlam over Triple H, as his loss to John Cena destroyed Lesnar’s credibility in the eyes of some fans. The match itself was not brilliant to say the least, but it showed Lesnar to be what he truly is: a beast! It’s that simple, with Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece.

With this win, it’s interesting to see where WWE will go now with Lesnar/Heyman, but I doubt anything will happen with them in the next few weeks. And that’s a big problem. Lesnar disappears for a few weeks/few months and the fans forget about him for a while until he comes back. So it begs the question: why should we care about him and what he will do next if he won’t stick around?

2) CM Punk heading for WWE Title record?

As of this past week’s RAW episode, CM Punk has been WWE Champion for 275 days, which is now the 13th longest single WWE titles reign in history. That is impressive stuff, considering the company has been known to panic and pull the trigger on putting the belt back on John Cena on a number of occasions in the past.

This current title reign has been pronounced on RAW now for the past couple of months, which makes me wonder whether Punk will break the modern day record for a single WWE Title reign, which is John Cena’s 280 day record set in 2006-2007 (Bruno Sammartino held the belt for 8 years a few decades ago but that’s way to long away to break in the modern era). That record would likely be broken around the December point, providing Punk holds onto the title until then without losing it. With the Rock looming at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title, it could be possible we will see Punk v Rock come January 2013.

3) CM Punk retains title at SummerSlam…. twice!

Somehow, Punk made it out of LA with the WWE title around his waist to continue his long singles title reign. Originally, the match ended with Big Show tapping to the STF from Cena and the Anaconda Vice by Punk at the same time! AJ restarted the match and Cena hit the AA on Show, before Punk threw Cena out and pinned Show.

It showed the resilience of Punk and the faith the booking team have in him to continue to hold the biggest title in the company. This merely backs up my point above about Punk possibly breaking Cena’s 280 day title reign later this year if he holds onto the belt uninterrupted.

4) Prime Time Players are paying for A.W’s stupidity

With Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retaining the tag team titles against the young team of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, you have to wonder the Prime Time Players push is over. With A.W having been fired for his Kobe Bryant comments a few weeks ago on RAW, PTP may be paying the price also for their ex-manager’s stupidity.

It is a shame to see this happen to a team who I felt sure would win the tag team titles at SummerSlam, but after they lost and then lost a six man tag the following night on RAW, I fear for the future of the tag team division yet again.

5) Jericho is gone from WWE…. again!

After Jericho won the big one against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, AJ made a rematch for RAW this week, with some added stipulations: Jericho’s contract versus Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase contract. My first thoughts to this were why did they not make this for the match at SummerSlam or for Night of Champion’s next month?

Either way, we got a great match, with Ziggler getting the clean win that he needed. It also means Jericho’s third stint with the company has ended, for the time being, while he makes his tour with Fozzy in the next few months. Who knows, maybe we will see him back in time for WrestleMania 29 next year.

6) Is Del Rio someone’s favourite at WWE Headquarters?

I know this will be talked about in the SmackDown review again, but I want to make a quick mention of it here. Is there anyone better than Alberto Del Rio out there to challenge Sheamus for his World Title? Apparently not, as the “foot under the rope” angle at SummerSlam means Del Rio will most likely get at least one more title shot against Sheamus. I give up sometimes, I really do. Del Rio is boring in his promos and his matches. What makes the WWE think me and other fans want to watch him?

7) The US Title has changed hands!

Finally, I just want to congratulate Antonio Cesaro for finally ending the wretched reign of Santino Marella as the US Champion, which he had held since March this year. Chances are WWE will still do nothing with the US Title, but hey, hope is hope after all. It’s why some of us are still watching wrestling today, hoping wrestling will improve!

As this summary covered the important parts of wrestling news for SummerSlam and RAW this week, I think this might be a better format. Time will tell, especially if you guys and girls read it and like it. If so, I may keep this format, but we’ll see. TNA IMPACT Wrestling and SmackDown should be up this weekend I hope, so please check back, like, comment and enjoy!

Peace ^^ (been a while since I have said that)


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WWE SummerSlam – Greatest matches in SummerSlam history.

With SummerSlam upon us tonight, I thought a quick visit to the past may get us in the mood for what should be an interesting pay per view. Many great matches and careers have been launched at the hottest event of the summer, which says a lot considering there is 24 years of history at SummerSlam so far.

I just want to give my personal top five of the greatest SummerSlam matches ever, starting with:

5) Steel Cage match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) v Owen Hart – SummerSlam 1994

This one is not just about the match, but the whole story that preceded it. Owen became jealous at his brother Bret, which started at the previous year’s Survivor Series, but they patched things up seemingly over Christmas. Owen then turned on his brother at the Royal Rumble, before they met one on one in one of the greatest matches at WrestleMania X, where Owen pulled off the upset win. This became important, as it looked as though Owen could legit beat his brother in a fair fight, which led to this steel cage match (via Owen becoming King of the Ring two months earlier).

The match itself was simple in it’s idea: escape and become the champion. Considering Owen was desperate to become the champion, it seemed fitting he tried everything possible to escape. Despite that, these battled for half an hour before Bret finally escaped and retained his championship. Despite the post match beat down by Owen and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, the Hart family saved Bret and united as one, save for Owen and Neidhart. It was a tough contest between two brothers and it genuinely left you wondering who would win the title.

4) TLC Triple threat tag team match for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian (c) v Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz

Everyone remembers the TLC match at WrestleMania X-7, but this was the original TLC match for the tag team titles and oh man was it an epic one. This was the first match of its kind at the time, which gave the fans something new and unexpected to see. All six men put their bodies on the line and gave their all to entertain the fans. How they managed to get back up after taking so many bumps through the tables, ladders and chairs was amazing too say the least. Edge and Christian retained their titles amidst the carnage Evidently it was successful, considering they all did the same match seven months later at WrestleMania and it even topped this match! Incredible!

3) Non-sanctioned match: Shawn Michaels v Triple H

This match holds a special place in my memory, as it was the first time I ever saw Shawn Michaels compete, after his initial retirement in 1998. Triple H and Michaels were initially going to reunite as D-X on RAW, but HHH turned on his best friend. After smashing his head through a car window, Triple H accepted Michaels request for a match at SummerSlam. I could only find highlights of this match, so i hope you enjoy them:

These two went to war at SummerSlam, with HHH trying to cripple Shawn, who had only just returned from a four year back injury. Despite that, HBK was impressive, showing no ring rust surprisingly and put on a brilliant display. He won the match but got carried out on a stretcher when Triple H smashed his back in with a sledgehammer afterwards. My hate of Triple H began from that point (not nowadays though) and my admiration for the legend of Shawn Michaels began also.

2) Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Triple H v The Rock (c)

To me, this match has not only stood the test of time, but it has increased in its importance over time, as both the Rock and HHH made their voices heard in this match. A brutal hard fought match, which more or less ended the D-X versus The Nation feud in an epic way. I am not going to say much about this match, as I want you to enjoy it in the video below:

Besides, I am watching it again myself and it still is a great match to watch. It’s also weird to see Rock as part of a stable considering he would be WWF Champion within three months of this match.

1) WWF Intercontinental Championship: Bret Hart (c) v British Bulldog

As ever, I am a sucker for technically brilliant and perfect matches, hence I am a huge fan of Bret Hart’s matches over the years. This match was again based on a family feud, but it was as technically perfect as you could get. The crowd reactions were there and the match showed how important the Intercontinental Championship was back then, considering this was the main event of a pay per view.

In front of over 80,000 fans in London, England, the British Bulldog pulled off the victory via a rollup and what followed was probably the single greatest pop in wrestling history (not including pops for Stone Cold). A simple embrace between the competitors and Bret’s sister and Bulldog’s wife, Diana Smith, and it summed up the occasion perfectly. Awesome match, awesome night, awesome crowd. Ladies and gentlemen, my number one moment in SummerSlam history.

These choices are purely personal, as you may have your own choices. Comment below your personal choices and I may even post a video of those matches on my blog if I can find them. Hope you enjoy SummerSlam tonight folks!


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WWE RAW – 30th July 2012 – This show was on fire! Literally!

Date:                  30th July 2012

Venue:               Cincinnati, Ohio

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

So with the 1000th RAW out of the way now, we can look to the future and hopefully build the card at SummerSlam. With three hour episodes every Monday night from now on, there’s no reason WWE cannot build an effective card for the “hottest event of the summer”. With AJ Lee as the new GM of RAW and Punk seemingly fresh off a heel turn last week, this week will be interesting to say the least. Let’s begin.

The RAW titantron caught on fire earlier that evening as the doors were opening. Luckily, no-one was hurt and part of the titantron is blacked out for this episode.

We recap RAW 1000 last week. Truly an awesome episode filled with nostalgia and long-term progression.

Segment 1: CM Punk explains his actions.

Clearly the fans don’t think Punk is heel, as the fans loudly cheer him. Punk is essentially pissed off at The Rock for stealing his moment last week on RAW 1000. He says all this to Jerry Lawler, who said last week that Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe. Cue Big Show who said he saved Punk’s title last week and now Cena want’s a piece of Show, as he chases him out of the ring. After AJ makes the main event of Cena v Show for tonight, she then adds that the winner will face Punk for the title at SummerSlam. It took a while to get going, but this was a solid promo from Punk, who plays the heel (more of a tweener at the moment) much better than a face. He will get better on the mic, but I don’t think this needed to be fifteen minutes long. Rating: B-

Bryan wants to see AJ but walks away instead.

Segment 2: Alberto Del Rio defeats Santino Marella

No car for Del Rio tonight due to the fire earlier. What is with WWE’s fascination with having their midcard champions lose every week it seems? Fair enough, Santino put up a fight, but the cross armbreaker by Del Rio ends this. Isn’t there anyone else they could have used though? Rating: D+

Del Rio says Santino is beneath him, like Sheamus is too. So Del Rio only wants matches for the world title in future, meaning he won’t compete until Summerslam, starting tonight.

Bryan is still outside AJ’s office.

Segment 3: Brodus Clay and Vickie Guerrero dance.

Who thought it was a good idea for Vickie to dance? Whoever mentioned it should be fired, let alone the person who gave the OK to put it on RAW! Oh thank you, Sandow is here to stop this. He shows us footage of the attack by DX last week, and then attacks Clay, leaving him lying in the ring. I think we have our first feud for Sandow/Clay. Decent stuff here, as Brodus received his first beatdown by someone not named Big Show. Rating: C

Recap of Ziggler talking down to Jericho two weeks ago, before the Codebreaker put Ziggler down and out. Jericho/Christian v Ziggler/The Miz in tag team action tonight.

Bryan FINALLY goes into AJ’s office, but get’s verbally bitchslapped. AJ reckons the guys in white with Bryan last week may be from the mental home (makes sense). Instead, Bryan will face Sheamus tonight… but AJ chants NO to a world title shot request (Why is she stealing that??).

Recap of Triple H/Stephanie/Heyman/Lesnar last week, when the Lesnar v Triple H match was confirmed for SummerSlam.

Segment 4: Street Fight: Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan

This is going to be good. Bryan wants the people to stop chanting yes. Ha, good luck! I was beginning to wonder if the street fight stipulation was needed for this match, but the match quickly picked up with weapons and hard hits by both guys. Brogue kick to Bryan on the steel stairs end this, but damn that was a good match. I really got into this as it went on, and Bryan showed he can stand toe to toe with the World Champion. Good TV match. Rating: B

Recap of Punk’s promo earlier. Why show this again? Back from commercials, and Bryan wants a doctor in the ring for him. This is funny to me for some reason. We then finish the recap of the opening segment earlier in the episode. They are literally killing time here. Wouldn’t a match have sufficed instead?

Segment 5: Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth) v ???

Bryan is still in the ring when Kofi and R-Truth tell him to get out. So Bryan kicks Lil Jimmy out of the ring and tells R-Truth he doesn’t exist. This is getting funnier by the minute somehow. Here come the men in white coats… for Daniel Bryan! According to AJ, Bryan is “mentally unstable tonight” and has to be escorted out. I had to stop my laughter at times, seriously, as I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this madness. No match.

Mr McMahon is to name the new SmackDown GM this Friday. That will be interesting to watch.

Segment 6: Titus O’Neil (w/ AW and Darren Young) defeats Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth)

Oh apparently there is still a match here. Short match which Kofi essentially carried, as Titus is not at the level yet to have longer matches on his own. Distraction by AW and Young allow Titus to hit the spinebuster for the win. At least it looks like they have a chance to win the tag titles in future. That’s how you build suspense for future title matches. Rating: C+

Punk tells Cena he doesn’t wish him luck and he did to Rock what Cena couldn’t do in one year. Nice touch.

Cole apologises for comments made by AW earlier. What comments did he make to warrant an apology?

Segment 7: Heath Slater v ???

Slater challenges any current superstar to a match. So he gets Randy Orton, making his return after his suspension. Clotheslines, powerslam, mid-rope DDT, RKO, pin. HUGE pop for Orton on his return and that was the perfect way to return. Rating: B

Bryan is talking to the doctor about his neck and AJ. Doctor asks him some questions, which starts his YES rant. Oh boy this isn’t going to end very well is it?

Segment 8: Chris Jericho/Christian defeats The Miz/Dolph Ziggler

Interesting fact: Christian and Jericho are former World Tag Team Champions together back in 2002. This match had an old school feel to it and it worked like one too, with Miz and Ziggler dominating and using the traditional heel tactics that are always effective at gaining heat. I was really feeling this one, until Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the pin on Miz. I think Miz/Ziggler would have been better going over here but it’s not the worst result in the world to be honest. Solid match and it was definitely in the right slot on this episode near the top of the card. Rating: B

Ziggler hits Jericho with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He looked deranged just then.

Bryan is still being questioned by the doctor. He answers questions about the pictures he sees. He finally caught up to the fact they are goat faces instead of what he thought they were.

Segment 9: Tensai defeats Tyson Kidd; reversed to a DQ win for Tyson Kidd

This may be filler, but this is a mini feud that has gone on for about a month now. Easy to have a back story isn’t it? Tensai slaps on the claw but that does nothing in the end. Rollup by Kidd does not get the pin like last time however. Baldo Bomb and splash get the pin on Kidd. Albert chants by the crowd aside, this was short and sweet. Rating: C

Tensai attacks Kidd more after the match. Referee reverses his decision, saying Kidd wins by disqualification. I see this continuing and I am all for it. I want to know why Tensai keeps attacking Sakamoto after every match? Is there a point to that?

Doctor declares Bryan sane… until Kane, his “anger management therapist” comes in and attacks him.

We recap the Triple H/Lesnar drama AGAIN! Is there nothing else they can fill this time with?

Segment 10: John Cena defeats Big Show

Hell Yes!! CM Punk is on commentary here, which will be pure comedy gold. Don’t mind if I put Punk quotes here throughout the match. LOUD “Cena sucks” chants in the arena, as Punk slates Lawler’s commentary skills. He should be slating Cole’s skills instead, but I suppose heel on heel doesn’t quite work. Punk to Lawler: “I see you have a lot of notes, just like a Rock promo”. Nice.

As you can tell I have said nothing about this match because it sucked. These two never had good chemistry every time they faced each other. I was merely listening to the commentary the entire time as it was WAY more interesting. The best moment of the match was when Cena went flying into Punk at ringside. Cena loaded the AA afterwards but Punk nails Show I think. Is that a DQ win for Show? Boring match overall really. Rating: D+

Punk declares… no one the winner. I think I know where this one is heading for SummerSlam. AJ comes out and makes Punk v Cena v Big Show at SummerSlam for the title. Thought so, as Punk is livid to end the show.

Overall: B Well, the titantron being on fire may have helped this show, because the first permanent three hour RAW did really well. Several good matches and moments, especially Randy Orton’s return at a time when WWE need him the most, dominated this show, which was great to see. The main event sucked, but it was all about the storyline here and I’m ok with that. Punk’s heel turn takes another step to completion, as I would put him at about tweener status right now. Solid episode tonight and I hope they continue this into next week.


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WWE RAW 1000 – 23rd July 2012 – Past and Present combine for a great night!

WWE RAW 1000

Date:                  23rd July 2012

Venue:               St Louis, Missouri

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

And here we are. The 1000th episode of RAW is here and I am excited to see this. Note I am reviewing this the day after the show and I have no idea what has occurred on this show, so it will all be a nice surprise, I hope. We have nostalgia acts galore, a reunion, an answer to a challenge and two title matches and that’s only the beginning. Let’s begin!

A recap of the main memories of RAW over 999 episodes. A really cool feature! This alone gets me pumped for this episode.

Segment 1: Degeneration X reunion!

Vince McMahon comes out and gets warm “Thank you Vince” chants from the crowd. Oh they pop massively for Degeneration X though. Triple H: “Didn’t there used to be more of us?” The roof comes off this place when X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come out. The catchphrases are done as usual… until Damian Sandow of all people comes out and runs down DX. Yeah I think you know the drill here. After some “planning” by DX, Sweet Chin Music and Pedigree takes Sandow out and a “SUCK IT” ends it. For once, we have an AWESOME promo to kick off RAW, if only for the nostalgia. Rating: A

We go through the list of tonight’s events.

Segment 2: Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara/Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler/Chris Jericho

JR is back on commentary, much to EVERYONE’S delight. Decent six man tag match but it was too short to see the talents from everyone. Sheamus gets the Brogue kick after Ziggler knocks out Jericho. SummerSlam match between these two anyone? Rating: C

JR was only on for one match. Really, only one match?

Charlie Sheen is skyping on RAW from LA. Never seen that feature before and hopefully never again.

Recap of Bryan’s proposal to AJ Lee last week. YES! YES! YES! AJ seems to be in her own world, when she tells Layla the whole WWE is unstable. Yes that includes Mae Young’s hand… I mean son. Oh sweet God! WHY?

Segment 3: Brodus Clay defeats Jack Swagger; return of Dude Love

Have a guess what happens here? OH SHIT HERES DUDE LOVE! It’s been years since I have seen him! Splash by Clay and that’s it for Swagger. Ah who cares, as Mr Socko makes an appearance and takes out Swagger. A nice shocker here with Love returning. Rating: B+

Triple H practices yoga with Trish Stratus and he ends up in front of her as the rest of DX walks in. De ja vu much to any of the older fans?

Segment 4: The wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee

Slick is the reverend for this wedding, which I won’t argue with. For those of you who don’t know or remember, Slick was a manager of many heel wrestlers in the WWF in the 1980’s. AJ looks STUNNING here! We go through the vows until the speak objection part… when no one comes out. The crowd chant NO loudly, as Bryan spews his bullshit about how he loves her. Seriously, I can smell the bullshit from here. AJ says YES…. to another man’s proposal (Slicks face was goddamn funny here!). Enter Vince McMahon (?) who says its not marriage…. AJ is the new GM of Monday Night RAW! YES! All I can say here is Daniel Bryan should grovel and beg for forgiveness from AJ, as his life will be made hell from now on. Awesome moment as the wedding going wrong was pretty much a given. Rating: B-

Segment 5: Punk/Bryan/The Rock

All I can say about that swerve by AJ is Bryan deserved it after the way he treated AJ months ago. Bryan is still in the ring when CM Punk comes out and rubs it in his face. Bryan stated he was the best WWE superstar of all time…. so enter the People’s Champion. The Rock! Major announcement: Whoever the WWE Champion is at the Royal Rumble, will face the Rock for the WWE Title. Imagine this: CM Punk versus The Rock for the title. Gives me shivers thinking about it.

Oh and a Rock Bottom to the oompah… I mean to Daniel Bryan. I tell you what, Punk; Bryan and The Rock in the same promo. I never thought I would see it happen. Rating: A

Segment 6: WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz defeats Christian (c)

Bret Hart is the guest ring announcer for this match. I didn’t like the fact Christian dominated this match, as we didn’t see much of The Miz, but he did good selling of the knee when he had to. What surprises me the most is the fact Miz won cleanly after the Skull Crushing Finale when the knee came into play. Decent match and ring psychology but the crowd was dead for the most part, which saddens me. That is how little the IC title means anymore, but Miz needed this win badly. Rating: C+

Segment 7: Brock/Heyman answers Triple H’s challenge

At least they recap Lesnar’s attack on Triple H THREE MONTHS AGO! The major problem with this whole angle is it has gone on too long with too little interaction between the two of them. After much goading by HHH and Stephanie (who verbally took Heymans manhood by calling him a failure at WCW/ECW and WWE), Heyman says YES to Triple H’s SummerSlam match with Lesnar. Lesnar and HHH brawl to end this promo, with HHH coming out on top. That took about twenty minutes but was pretty damn entertaining throughout, although I can’t understand why Lesnar was not made to look strong here. Rating: B-

RAW Moment: Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon during the late 90’s. That was a monumental rivalry.

Segment 8: No DQ and No Countout match: Lita defeats Heath Slater

Good to see Lita again. She did some protection though…. APA! Slater runs away only for EVERY legend who has faced Slater to throw him back in. Twist of Fate, Clothesline from Hell, moonsault and its over for Slater. Ron Simmons: “DAMN!” Love it! Nostalgia overload, but who cares? Rating: B

Sean Mooney (from the 1st ever RAW!) interviews Bryan. Bryan goes off on one on Charlie Sheen. Ok then.

Rock and Cena face to face, when Rock wishes Cena luck too tonight. Rematch down the road. Book it.

Segment 9: Kane… has no match

Jinder Mahal leads down some other guys, including Hunico; Camacho; Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, to beat down Kane before a match ever happens. BONG! Enter the Undertaker and the beatdown is on, with a double chokeslam and tombstone to Hunico and Curt Hawkins. That didn’t last long and what a moment to see when they both pose. I reckon it will never be seen again.

Charlie Sheen says he will shake the beard off Daniel Bryan’s face. Is this a challenge for SummerSlam? I hope not!

Segment 10: WWE Championship: CM Punk v John Cena

We all knew this would not be as good as Money in the Bank last year, but this was good enough. As expected, a dusty finish occurred when Big Show interfered twice to draw the DQ win for Cena (does that make Cena the first man to fail at cashing in Money in the Bank?). It set up the post match stuff, which is newsworthy enough. Rating: C+

Rock comes in after Big Show as Punk slides away from ringside. Rock goes for People’s elbow… and gets clotheslined by Punk and then the GTS to end it!! That caught me by surprise but it was either him or Cena I guess. In all fairness, is this a full heel turn? Punk looks confused and conflicted to end the show.

Overall: A- With so much nostalgia and future plans made for future RAW’s, how can this show not be considered a success? Going forward, we have a new RAW General Manager, a new IC Champion, Triple H/Brock Lesnar, Bryan’s life to be made a misery and a new heel WWE Champion. The Punk heel turn will be interesting to see over the next few weeks and months but I am willing to wait it out. Awesome show of laughs, drama and great promos. More next week please!


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WWE RAW – 2nd July 2012 – Is AJ awesome? YES!


Date:                  2nd July 2012

Venue:               Laredo, Texas

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

Another episode of RAW and another episode closer to the 1000th episode of RAW, which WWE never fails to tell us at every opportunity. I cannot remember if anything was advertised for tonight, so what does that tell you. Let’s do this.


What a clusterfuck of an opening promo! It’s bad enough with Cena starting the show and delivering an awkward promo, but then you have Punk/Bryan and Jericho mocking the YES chant and delivering their catchphrases (minus Punk). Kane and Big Show come out for the big brawl at the end, but with a dead crowd for this and an annoying tendency to repeat YES a lot meant this was dead weight to start RAW.

Rating: D-

Prime Time Players/Cody Rhodes and David Otunga v Kofi Kingston/R Truth/Christian and Santino Marella

One team is full of champions and the other team is not. You figure out who is going to win. Not very often we’re seeing the Prime Time Players these days but they are still the No 1 contenders to the tag titles. Solid action here, until PTP and Rhodes abandon Otunga, then its open season as Otunga takes the Cobra for the pin. Brodus Clay even gets in on the action and the winners dance afterwards. Light hearted match here but not much to remember in about ten minutes or so.

Winners: Kingston/Truth/Christian/Marella

Rating: C

Alberto Del Rio is the No 1 contender to the World title against Sheamus at Money in the Bank. For now he has a mystery opponent tonight.

Raw Moment: McMahon training for the 1999 Royal Rumble match. Ego much?

Alberto Del Rio v Sin Cara

Scrap that, as Sin Cara is attacked and beaten down by Del Rio before the bell even rings. No match. Del Rio looking strong here heading for his world title match in two weeks.

Bryan tries to suck up to AJ with a flower but fails miserably.

Recap of the challenge by Triple H to Brock Lesnar and Heyman saying no on Lesnar’s behalf. Via live satellite, Heyman says Lesnar will answer the challenge on the 1000th episode of RAW. Jeeez way to swerve the audience guys, saying the decision is tonight!

Big Show vs Kane in a No DQ match later in the show. Sheamus/AJ vs Ziggler/Guerrero in a tag team match next.

Sheamus/AJ Lee v Dolph Ziggler/Vickie Guerrero

Your standard mixed tag match here…. wait it’s more like a singles match with Sheamus and Ziggler in there most of the time. How many times have these two faced each other on the past month? I don’t recall Ziggler winning once against the Great White! Anyway, Shining Wizard by AJ to Vickie ends this. Decent match, which was only to set up what happens next.

Winners: Sheamus and AJ Lee

Rating: C-

AJ is distraught in the back that Punk missed her match. He was on the phone, give the man a break!

Heath Slater v Doink the Clown

Doink is this weeks blast from the past. Short match, neckbreaker from Slater… AND HE WON!! Holy Crap that was not expected. Ah screw that, as DDP came down and did the Diamond Cutter on Slater. Damn it was good to see DDP in the ring again!

No Disqualification Match: Kane v Big Show

What is it with WWE wanting these two to fight every so often? Every time these two fight, it was never a good match. Saying that, this was a short match mercifully, with Big Show dominating in a squash essentially. Chokeslam on the chair ended this.

Winner: Big Show

Rating: D+

Eve gets embarrassed by Teddy Long (surprise!) and gets humiliated by a psycho AJ. I am LOVING this AJ character more and more every time I see her!

RAW Moment: DX invading WCW. Awesome moment!

Tyson Kidd v Tensai

Rollup by Kidd ends this in 20 seconds. WHAT THE HELL?? Finally, Kidd is getting some recognition around here! Tensai beats up Sakamoto after the match.

Chris Jericho/Daniel Bryan v CM Punk/John Cena

Kidd got beaten up by Tensai in the back before the match started. Standard tag team main event match here, with Cena playing the face in peril for once, which seems a nice change of pace. Really, this match was to set up the ending, which (YES!) involved AJ again. Cena/Jericho fought to the back and AJ decided to grab attention….. by threatening to jump through a table she set up! Seriously? Match is thrown out I believe at this point.

Rating: C (match was ok up to the ending anyway)

Bryan/Punk stops her but AJ kisses Punk and pushes both guys through the table to end the show.

Overall: C- To be honest, this show was missable, aside from the whole Punk/Bryan/AJ story. Seriously, nothing of note happened, aside from the Kidd upset, but that won’t mean much over the long term likely. The ending makes the WWE title match at Money in the Bank more interesting, as we still don’t know who AJ is going for now. Good advancement of that story, but a wasted episode tonight.


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