WWE Network: Soooo much to watch

So the WWE Network is old news and over a million people (allegedly) are currently subscribing to this new service after one year. However, it wasn’t until January of this year that this network finally made it to British shores. Continue reading


WWE Network Delayed… AGAIN!

WWE-Network-6Not the headline I wanted to write or even read.

But a mere TWENTY MINUTES before the launch of WWE Network in the UK on Monday Night, WWE sent that message across their website, Facebook and twitter feeds. To say this has infuriated the UK WWE fans is an understatement. This is old news, but it messed up my plans for future reviews. Continue reading

WWE Network: It’s coming!!

WWE-Network-6Wow this blog has has more comebacks than Terry Funk.

But FINALLY the WWE Network is set to debut in the United Kingdom on 3rd November, so I can finally check out everything it has to offer. I’ve been excited about the Network since I found out what it would contain in February, so the fact its 24 hours away fills me with happiness! Continue reading

I didn’t want to do a Ric Flair, but…..

You might have noticed my previous post saying this blog has been retired.

Well that was before I checked the stat’s out of curiosity and saw there is still some interest in this blog, to which I must say a massive thank you to all my readers and subscribers. You truly made the difference to this blog over the last two years. Continue reading